Comfort foods… 29. August 2016

 Sandwiches with smoked pork and tomato + a cup of coffee.

 Yakiimo (baked sweet potato) cookies.

 Mashed veggies (potato, carrot, broccoli) and boiled wieners with ketchup.

 Black tea and some more Yakiimo cookies. The cookies were super sweet, so they went perfect with unsweetened tea.

Illustrating the joke of the evening… 9. November 2015

 Instant noodles with smoked chicken

 Ben & Jerry’s Karamel Sutra Cora – chocolate and caramel ice cream with chocolate chunks and soft caramel core

 Gin & tonic

 Fried potatoes and boiled wieners


We went to see Dylan Moran’s show “Off The Hook” with some friends. It was pretty hilarious stuff, even though a few jokes were lost to me here and there. I think mostly it was the acoustics of the room that jumbled up some of the words and made it hard to catch what he was saying sometimes.

At some point he nagged on and made fun of his phase of depression and over eating. It was so damn funny! At the same time however it was painful and hit very close to home. It was still really funny though, because the ridiculousness of the entire thing was so familiar. Cheers on him for being able to joke about all of this though. I feel I kind of needed that.

Hangover from hell… 26. June 2015

 Quark (kohupiim) pastry

 Boiled wieners

 Strawberry kiss

 Lamb soup with sour cream; lavash with ham and cucumber


Last night I ended up drinking beer, prosecco and then some herb liqueur. That was not a smart thing to do at all xD I had the worst hangover ever.