[what I ate.] 22-28. October 2018

22. October – Venom

A banana.

Some vitamin water and a doughnut after working out. I took the second doughnut to Kerttu at her work place.

Coffee with my love in my favourite café The Living Room Café.

Popcorn. We went to see “Venom.” While not a perfect movie, it was still really fun and enjoyable. Not sure why most of the internet seems to be complaining over it. I had a blast and wouldn’t mind watching it again.

Salmon soup at my parent’s house.

Some cookies and tea.

23. October – from Tallinn to Girona

An almond pastry.

Quite crappy pelmeni with sour cream. The pelmeni were flavourless. I hadn’t bought this brand before, so it was a disappointment.

A grilled sandwich with cheese and sausage.

A latte and a chocolate croissant at KOHVer Café. Both were mediocre. I was disappointed, because I had over the top good memories of this place from the last time I was at the airport. No exquisite latte this time 😦 I mean it wasn’t bad, it was alright as far most coffee drinks go in Estonia, just I was hoping for a repeat wonderful experience.

Coffee on the plane. This was something new for me. They prepared this coffee by pouring hot water over fresh grounds in the cup. I mean I have made coffee like that at home many a time, but never have I seen such coffee being served in an establishment and with specialized disposable cups like these. Interesting and the coffee was good.

Some bread and ham late at night.

24. October

Fried eggs and bacon, some tomato, toast with cream cheese and ham. Coffee, a walnut-cereal yoghurt.

Coffee and a banana with a magnificent view. The kind of bananas I ate in Catalonia tasted different from the ones we usually can buy at home. I loved the flavour a lot and I hope I can find similar ones in Estonia too. Perhaps I should try to look in some organic food stores.

Pasta carbonara for dinner. There was also salad and baked chicken-vegetable skewers. I only remembered to take a photo midway dinner xD

Beer and ice cream.

25. October

An omelette and pa amb tomata which is a traditional Catalan breakfast staple. Basically it’s “bread with tomato” xD First you rub the toast with garlic, then with tomato and then pour some olive oil on top. Quite a tasty breakfast 😀

Some yoghurt, orange juice, coffee and cake.

Some orange and tomatoes, toast with hazelnut-milk spread and a cup of coffee.

Some cookies, brioche and a lemon muffin.


Roast chicken with onions, plums, garlic and cinnamon, with a side of some salad and garlicy potatoes. Apparently, this type of meat dish is a typical Catalan Christmas food, but it was made for us as a special occasion 🙂 It was extremely delicious!


A French style apple pie for dessert.

26. October

Orange juice, yoghurt, coffee, pa amb tomata, fried eggs, bacon.

A cappuccino and some complimentary olives. I almost never eat olives in Estonia, because most of the ones sold here taste gross. These were quite lovely tasting!

Bread and anchovies. I am not too sure about the anchovies, they weren’t bad, but I can’t say that I particularly liked them either.

Snails in spicy sauce. These were yummy!

Beer and a banana.

Vegetable puree soup with croutons and some funky French bread other guests from France shared with us.

Salad, some fried sausages (a bit too salty for my likes) and a macaroni dish with pork ribs that was oh so delicious.

Nice chocolate cake with crappy canned whipped cream.

27. October – going back to Estonia

Coconut yoghurt, coffee, omelette, bacon, pa amb tomata.

Some orange juice and chocolate chip cake.

A sugar doughnut and some coffee.

Roasted giant corn. So yummy!

Some potato chips and a cappuccino on the plane. I like the text on the cup: “Please attend to your own cappuccino before attempting to steal your neighbour’s” xD A funny twist on the airplane safety tips xD

Chicken tikka masala. It looked and smelled awful but tasted alright.

28. October

Coffee, chocolate chip bread.

Buckwheat with beef liver, sour cream and some salad.

Pocari Sweat. Good hydrating drink :p

A day at work, our anniversary and another day at work… 27-29. March 2017

Oh boy, adult life is tiring. I am still getting used to working again, so I have been even more tired lately than usual, so I have either been busy doing stuff or napping and haven’t found a moment to update my blog xD I am a weak human being compared to so many people, whom I know, who get so much more done in their days without a fuss.


27. March – Just a regular day at work. It’s tough waking up 6:30 in the morning, but at the same time I love the morning atmosphere in the café.

 Coffee, an apple and a Sakupan Choco Monaka which was cute and yummy.

 Fried egg, some bacon, sweet potato fries and salad @ Koloniaal

 Chicken soup with sour cream, rye bread with a slice of ham

28. March – I had work in the morning and in the evening, we went out on a date to an Asian fusion restaurant with my love, because it was our 7th anniversary. Lovely times were had and great food was nommed and hopefully we will have many more amazing years together 😀 Some onigiri (with feta cheese, tuna and mayo) and a cup of coffee

 Feijoada with minced meat and rice @ Koloniaal. Feijoada is a Portugese style bean stew 🙂

 Dinner @ Tai Boh. Pictured are my coconut mojito and boyfriend’s passion fruit mocktail

 Appetizers: dim sum (shrimp flavoured) and ming kham (aka one bite wraps with shrimp, peanuts and other stuff)

 Boyfriend had a lamb rack with pistachio that was absolutely delicious.

 I had tender deer bonsu which was really yummy. I’ve never eaten deer meat before properly, so it was quite an experience. I liked the taste a lot. Also, apparently bonsu refers to the part if the deer I was eating idk.

 Dessert was “silk cake” which was divine.

 I also had a cappuccino

 Camera wars 😀

 The place had a really cool wacky atmosphere

 Moosivarga nägu 😀


 Mandatory bathroom selfies :p

 Oppan Moomin style 😀

29. March – I was working the evening shift, so I got home maybe around 11pm xD Bf was sweet enough to come and pick me up from work, so I didn’t have to commute back home alone ♥

 Coffee and two cherry pastries

 Pasta Bolognese and complimentary bread @ Da Vinci

 Coffee and some zefir

 Feijoada with vegan wieners and rice @ Koloniaal. The vegan wieners tasted exactly like the real stuff to which I was surprised xD

Slow healing… 1-2. January 2017

1. January

 Pancakes with chocolate spread

 Coffee and chocolate cake that my mom made

 Mashed potatoes with duck meat, some salad and marinated pumpkin

2. January

 Leftover breakfast: a couple of fried eggs, some mashed potatoes with duck meat and a pancake

 We had dinner @ Da Vinci, because I felt too groggy to cook. I had a cappuccino with whipped cream and cocoa powder.

 Pizza with mozzarella and seafood

 Another one with ham and mushrooms

My idea was to eat at the restaurant not to get take away so we wouldn’t have to get disposable plastic containers. However, I ended up not managing to finish my entire pizza, so we had them pack it for us to go… so yeah, fail xD

This illness, I and my boyfriend got struck with, seems to be long winding. It has been way over a week now and we are still both struggling with the symptoms. Granted, it has gotten so much better, but I am still snotty and get a headache when I move more and my boyfriend still sometimes has a small fever.

A lot of good food… 28-29. November 2016

28. November

 A lemon kohuke and a cup of coffee

 A bit of leftover mushroom soup and a cheese and ham pastry

 Some gummy bears

 Dinner with my boyfriend, mom and sister @ Rataskaevu 16. Complimentary bread and butter from the house.

 Beef tenderloin with avocado + lightly salted fresh cucumber and a mustard sauce. Shared this with my boyfriend.

 Oven baked salmon with potato-chives cream, asparagus and sugar peas


 Warm chocolate cake with vanilla ice cream and raspberry-lime sauce

The dinner was a later birthday gift for my mom and it was a lovely time for all of us. I had such a huge food coma afterwards xD
I also had a family doctor’s appointment in the morning and I accepted her offer to prescribe me anti-depressants. My psychiatrist appointment is in February next year and felt I couldn’t just continue for another two months the way I tend to be right now. So I am hoping that the meds will help.

29. November

 Bran and seeds porridge with a chopped-up banana and chia seeds. Also, I ate a persimmon.

 Sloppy Joes (I had 2 of these) with cheese and guacamole and some cucumber with nuts and seeds

A small celebration… 22. November 2016

 Cereal with milk.

 A couple of avocado sandwiches and two boiled eggs.

 In the evening, we celebrated Miss K’s birthday in a place called TOA (Taste of Asia). Pictured above are her Apple Martini, my boyfriend’s coconut lassi and my matcha spritz.

 Starters that we shared: Crispy cod, beef rolls grilled in lime leaf marinade and grilled broccolini (???). The cod was delicious, the beef okay, but kind of boring tasting and… the broccolini were just chunks of broccoli. The broccoli was still tasty, but I was disappointed because I’ve never had broccolini before and was excited to try it.

 I had tonkatsu ramen noodles. It was alright as ramen in Estonia goes. The broth turned extremely salty at the end when it cooled, so that was a bit lame, but otherwise it was good. Tokumaru still has the best ramen in Tallinn imho.

 Boyfriend had beef stir-fry and Miss K had a sweet potato and mushroom curry with coconut milk.


 Gyoza pouches with Macha tea and pistachio filling. These were absolutely deliciousssss!

Temptations… 20. July 2016

 Coffee and a banana

 Wheat porridge with different seeds and honey

 A cappuccino and a slice of salmon quiche

 Chicken soup. I added some sour cream into it a bit later.

 Another banana with some peanut butter


I went out for a walk with Kerttu during the day. It was a good opportunity to try out Pokémon GO, that just launched in Estonia, and finally go check out Snikt– a local comic book store. Pokémon GO is pretty fun albeit slightly confusing on the mechanics side. I think I shall be going out for walks more often from now on xD

Going to Snikt was a big mistake, because it sells amazing stuff and I want it all D: I think I know where my monthly “free use money” will go from now on. The owner is a super cool guy as well and we had a blast talking with him.

I ended giving in to the temptation and bought this Deadpool Corps shirt 😀 It’s so awesome!

Lost in e-mail… 5. May 2016

 Mashed potatoes with cottage cheese salad

 Fazer Tutti Frutti fruity choco. These are the best things ever.

 Cappucino and a wiener pastry. Boyfriend had a wiener pastry also and a slice of delicious cake.

 Mojito @ La Tabla

Do you guys perhaps remember when I wrote about my fantastic birthday dinner that we had at La Tabla? Well things went a bit funny after we got back home. When we were paying for our dinner, my boyfriend didn’t really look over the check, that was brought to our table; he just glanced at the sum and paid. The waitress did ask us if we didn’t want to check whether everything was correct on the receipt, but we were in a good mood and boyfriend told her that we would trust her. We left her a tip and left.

At home, I picked up the receipt again so I could add it to an excel spreadsheet I created to keep track of our expenses and to my horror realized that none of the foods and drinks listed there matched what we had eaten in the restaurant. The price was about 15 euros too much. Well bummer. So I snapped a photo of the receipt and e-mailed it to the restaurant with my blog post that had photos of what we had actually eaten that evening. I waited for a week for a response, but none came, so I wrote to them again, saying that I would still like a response from them even if they decided not to pay back the 15 euros we overpaid and that their silence over the matter did not show them in a very good light. Another week went past and still no reply. By this point I was rather angry over the matter, I mean an apology the least would have been nice, so I did a mean thing and wrote my entire experience down in their facebook review.

A short while later I got contacted by the restaurant through facebook. Apparently they were aware of the mix-up and were waiting for us to contact them. It turned out they had been having trouble with their e-mail provider, so many people were complaining that they were not getting responses from the restaurant, but that was because they were not actually receiving any of the e-mails. Had I called the restaurant instead, the mess would have been fixed long ago. So they had no idea I had been trying to contact them. I forwarded my e-mails to the manager’s personal e-mail and he apologized profusely. At first I said I was just fine with an apology and that the matter is now sorted by my books, but the manager insisted we accept some sort of token of apology from them, so we agreed on the overpaid 15 euros becoming a voucher that was worth one three course dinner for two.

I know I should have called the restaurant instead of sending an e-mail, but I really hate talking to people on the phone and it didn’t even cross my mind that there was a possibility of my e-mails not going through. Also the entire ordeal was partly our own fault, because we didn’t check the receipt on the spot. So it was really very nice of them to offer us the dinner as a compensation for the upset we had felt. The food was amazing this time around as well and I really want to go back there when they renew their menu. I hope they’ll manage to figure out how to offer tamales, I’d love some tamales. Anyhow, our dinner:

 White marlin ceviche served with sweet potato puree. This was so delicious, holy guacamole!

 Guacamole, tomato salsa, bean puree, served with tortilla chips. These handmade tortilla chips were fantastic, no packaged tortilla chip will ever do again I feel xD

 I had chicken legs marinated in corn beer, with spinach orsoto, red onion-chilli-cucumber and coriander salad.

 Boyfriend ate grilled beef skewers served with a mixture of three rice and three homemade salsas.

 For dessert I had coconut pudding with avocado-banana cream which was amazing.

 Boyfriend had a super creamy Colombian cheesecake.

I fixed the facebook review afterwards. At first boyfriend wondered if doing that would be biased, because we did get an almost free dinner, but I don’t think so, because our initial reaction was very good to the restaurant, we loved the food and the atmosphere, it was just one person’s mistake and some technical glitches that soured the experience afterwards. It had nothing to do with the actual quality of the restaurant. So I too apologize for the hassle and I really hope they will get their e-mail service fixed if they haven’t already :p

Oops… 18-24 April 2016

Things happened. Well nothing really happened, I guess, but I was stressed and tired and somehow forgot to take photos about half of the things I ate, so I’ll just post some snippets from the past week. Just the prettier pictures, because who needs 4 photos of barley porridge in a row anyway, am I right?

Boyfriend had surgery on his broken hand on Tuesday and he is now about 0,001% Iron Man. The day was awful for me, because I worried about him and it didn’t help that he had to stay overnight at the hospital (originally he was supposed to be home the same day) and then my mom told me about the awful things that had happened to my little brother during his ice-skating practices, which left me even more upset and shaken, so I ended up having a full blown panic attack on my way home from the ice rink. I think it’s one of the worst I’ve ever had… 😦

The rest of the week felt like recovering from the panic attack. I slept a lot and listened to a lot of interesting podcasts. I also started a bit of a spring cleaning. I dug out and sorted out all my craft and art things and placed them to a more reachable shelf so I didn’t have to dig around for them when I finally needed them again. It’s been calm the rest of the week and I’m going to try and get myself on track again.

Setbacks like these feel harsh, as if you have failed, but they are just setbacks. It doesn’t mean one should give up after a relapse, just try again.

On to the food:

 Beef pasta and salad

I finally made this Polish sour rye soup called Żurek Wielkanocny. It was super tasty. The recipe can be found here if you are interested. I will definitely make this again in the future.

 Ugli fruit. This is an interesting hybrid of a grapefruit (or sometimes pomelo), an orange and a tangerine. It tasted really great, but it was rather on the expensive side, so not sure if I can buy it again in the near future or not.

 Sapporo Poteto Tsubutsubu Bejitaberu veggie potato chips. I really liked this for their nice mildly salty taste.


 Avocado goes well with pancakes

 Quark pastry

 Turkey chili with rice and sour cream

 Black currant flavoured zefirs, one regular and one covered in milk chocolate

 I had a chocolate ice cream and boyfriend had a zefir ice cream. I was hesitant to get the zefir ice-cream, because I thought it might be too sweet, but surprisingly it had a very nice mild taste instead.

 A bagel with tuna salad and a cappuccino

 LOOK Gaufrette Black Cacao chocolate wafers. These were good.

 Garlic mashed potatoes with cucumber, radish and cottage cheese salad + some milk

Oh and my thesis is, for now, on hold. I’ll do it one day. Just not right now.
I’m trying to not beat myself up over it, but it’s hard. At the same time, I don’t really care and feel a tremendous relief that I postponed it… I really didn’t want to do it and it just screwed with my head so much every time I tried. So it’s a relief and still a constant guilty nagging at the back of my head. What a confusing feeling.

I failed this, so I will try to be good at something else for a change. Try, emphasis on try.

6 Years ♥… 28. March 2016

 Omelette with leftover rice from the day before and some coffee

 It was our 6 years anniversary, so we had dinner at Cantina Carramba. I had a mojito to drink.

 We shared this beef taco

 I had chili con carne with tortilla chips

 He had chicken quesadillas

 A cappuccino, chai latte and a weird pastry @ Reval Café Kumu. Not sure why, but every time I’ve had a pastry at Reval Café it tastes really dry and a few days old. So disappointing.

 Delicious pistachio ice cream


We didn’t really have any plans for our anniversary this year. We were thinking that maybe we would go to the movies and grab a bite to eat somewhere not too expensive, but then Kadi called and offered us theatre tickets for the evening, because she had fallen ill and couldn’t go herself. A bit unfortunate circumstances, but yay, I got to go to the theatre again 🙂 We ended up grabbing a quick bite at Cantina Carramba before the play. It was a bit too rushed, I would have preferred a bit more time to enjoy the food and my date, but meh. I want to go back there to try their chimichangas :p We also had time to have some coffee and dessert at a café in Kumu where the play was performed.

The play was called “Õnne sünnipäevaks, Wanda June!” (Happy Birthday, Wanda June), written by Kurt Vonnegut, and it was pretty good. It felt a bit amateurish occasionally, but maybe the troupe performing was an amateur one, I am not sure. It wasn’t a big deal, I enjoyed the play none the less. The tagline for the play was: “This is a simple-minded play about men who enjoy killing, and those who don’t.” And it was exactly that. Thanks, Kadi for the tickets!