Rainy… 23. August 2016

 For breakfast I had a cup of coffee and some tuna-carrot rice wrapped in a nori sheet.

 Unchoko. Grape flavoured lucky/poop chocolate in a cute kappa box :p Since it was so quirky, I did a short video of it too:

The name is a wordplay where “un” can both mean luck and poop. It’s accurate as the little kappa “poops” out the choco-balls from its rear and you can tell your fortune by which coloured ball comes out first. Since it was a green ball for me, it means my popularity luck should go up :p A pink ball would have meant money luck and a purple one diet luck :p

 Nestle Cheerios Oats with milk.

 Dinner was roasted tomato soup with sour cream and grilled cheese sandwiches with pesto.

 Hot cocoa and a couple of these cookies. The hot chocolate was so good and warm, but the cookies were a tad bit disappointing. They had a very artificial strong smell that irritated me and their taste was just meh.


It was a tranquil rainy day with a bit of thunder. I wish things in my head could have been as tranquil.

Virtual training… 19. August 2016

 Nestle Cheerios Oats with milk and a cup of coffee.

 Innocent smoothie plus – defence: mango, orange, pumpkin and flax seed smoothie.

 Fried rice with eggs and ume furikake, bran crispbread with “crab” meat and cucumber.

 A peach.

 Potato and zucchini casserole with tomato.


I wanted to go to a workout in the sports club, but there weren’t any suitable group workouts where I usually go to schedule for the day. I noticed however that there was a BodyBalance class scheduled, but instead of an instructor name, it had a note next to it saying: virtual training. Now I was pretty sceptical, because I figured it would be a workout following a video, but without a better option, I decided to check it out anyway. To my dismay it actually was a video instruction workout without any instructor involvement at all.

First of all, the beginning was 20 minutes late, because the lady, who was supposed to turn on the video for us, forgot to come and do so. Then the entire thing was another 10 minutes late, because she couldn’t get the projector working. Finally, she left me and other 3 people alone to follow the video. It was super awkward and everyone was trying to pretend that the other people were not there. I’m not sure how, but the atmosphere was different from a regular, instructor led, workout and I couldn’t wait for it to be over.

Secondly, what annoyed me was that it was hard to follow the video. I couldn’t see properly to the screen without my classes and it’s kind of difficult to keep track what is happening on some screen above you when you are supposed to face downward in the exercises. It’s much easier to follow a person on the same level as you are for sure. It would have been kind of okay had it been the same program we usually do in the instructor led classes, but I think it was some older version of it.

So never again.

Also I was rather confused on why would anyone pay for such a practice? I mean you could do something like that at home, following instructions from youtube and it would be free to do so.