Gene donor… 7. May 2018

 Coffee, some salad and skyr with cherries.

 Pasta Bolognese and green ice tea @ Vapiano.

 Some grapes and some tea.

 Grilled chicken.

 Honey cake.


I went and donated blood for the Institute of Genomics, so scientist can map and study my genes. If I leave nothing else behind in my life, at least I’ve helped science in a small way. It will be also interesting to get some feedback about my genes one day.

In the evening it was Ebe’s birthday party that we attended.

Level 32… 9. April 2018

 Oatmeal and rice porridge with grapes, chocolate orange slices, chia seeds and butter.

 Some grapes and coffee.

 Chicken gyoza @ Washoku Story

 Tonkotsu soy ramen which was so so so good. I also had two glasses of plum wine.

 My lovely date amazed with his food ❤

 Matcha cheesecake.

We got married!… 28. March 2018

Sorry for being absent for a while, but life got busy and then I wasn’t at home for a long period of time. My boyfriend of 8 years and I got married on our anniversary 😀

 Quick morning breakfast was rice and miso soup.

After I picked up our wedding cake and boyfriend went and got me a bouquet of flowers, we headed to the cornily nicknamed Happiness Palace to get married. It was just the two of us as it’s how we wanted to do it. It was our anniversary which has always been a private event for us.

Before the ceremony we had a photographer take some photos for us at the waiting room:

 Me and my love.


 I loved the colour of the roses so much.


After the photography session, we had a short meeting with our wedding officiator about the proceedings. Apparently a simple ceremony is customary for everyone even if you just are there to sign the papers :p We agreed on a few sweet words and then for the marriage contract to be read to us as the ceremony proceedings.

A sweet touch that we added was that we brought our own music for the ceremony (because apparently if you didn’t you would get Beatles on a pan flute xD). We picked this song – Dir en grey “Ain’t afraid to die” – and it gave us many a giggle when it started playing in the ceremony room:

 Feeling giddy.

 I was so nervous I hardly remember what was said to us during the ceremony xD

 Mrs. and Mr. Paas 😀


After the ceremony we went to a restaurant called Mimosa to have lunch.

 Kali and a mimosa.

 Snack selection – hummus, smoked fish mousse, two-fish cheviche, beef tartar, cheese. All of this was super delicious.

 Hubby ate their daily special (cutlets and vegetable gratin) and I had a green salad with fried mushrooms, crispy carrot and an oven-baked tomato sauce which was also very tasty.

After lunch we drove to Laulasmaa Spa for a day of bathing and relaxation. First we started by eating some of our wedding cake at our hotel room:

 Raspberry-cream cheese brownie cake from Killuke Kooki.

 There was also a fruit and chocolate platter waiting for us in our room 😀

Anyhow, then I got a foot procedure and afterwards there was a massage session for the both of us. All super relaxing. Later we enjoyed the rest of the spa- bubble baths, an onsen, salt sauna and steam sauna etc.

 Our day ended with a three-course meal in their local restaurant called Wicca. Hubby’s mocktail and my cocktail.

 This was a greeting appetizer Baltic herring. Sadly, it wasn’t very good, but mostly because I don’t enjoy this type of fish very much.

 Main appetizer- slow-cooked beef liver, spicy plum jam, pickled red onion, sea-buckthorn meringue and rhubarb meringue. The liver was oh so tender and lovely.

 Main course- potato and leek croquettes, mushroom cream and wild mushrooms. This was delicious, albeit the croquettes being a bit too oily for my liking.

 Dessert was coffee and an ice-cold cream cheesecake on raspberry cookie with raspberry sauce. Super yummy. Indrek had a crumbly pastry basket with vanilla cream and currant compote.

It was a lovely and a memorable day 😀

Starting the year with work… 1. January 2018

 Cheesecake with strawberry jam and a chocolate cake we shared with my boyfriend. We actually got them for dessert for New Year’s Eve, but we were too full for dessert xD

 Kuma kombucha and some persimmon.

 Some chocolate my pen friend sent me and a cup of coffee.

 Leftover shrimp risotto.

I would say that 2017 was a pretty good year for me. It feels good to be able to say this after having quite a few crappy years before that. My mental health got better in 2017, I got to travel a bit, did many cool things like going to a muddy metal festival, spent time with my friends and loved ones, got a job and did good at it etc. I’d say it was good. I mean crap and hardship did happen, but I can mostly remember the good bits 🙂

My resolutions for last year were to attempt to produce less garbage and learn how to bake my own bread and make kimchi. I kind of failed at producing less garbage, because it’s really difficult to buy unpackaged things in Estonia unless you have whole days free to drive from store to store. However, I started recycling more, separating my garbage and dragging it to the appropriate collection sites. Not sure how much it realistically helps, but there is always hope that the trash there does in fact get recycled instead of going to some landfill.

I do try to use paper bags and reusable net bags for vegetables when possible and I try to carry my own reusable cloth bag with me when I go shopping, so I think I have managed to reduce the number of plastic bags I used.

I also switched tampons and other one time use feminine hygiene products for a menstrual cup and oh my gosh, best decision ever! Not only is it a money saver, because let’s face it, feminine hygiene products cost A LOT, but also reduced the amount of trash I sent to landfills with this small change in my life.

As for bread, I make a pretty decent yeasted white bread and my rye bread is quite decent already too. I failed at sourdough white bread several times as I couldn’t make a proper starter for it. My attempts at sourdough rye bread have been better, because Loviise gave me her starter xD Sadly the first batch she gave me went bad, as I was too busy with work and had no time to bake for a while, but now I got a new batch :p I dream of managing to keep a starter alive for years, that would be awesome.

Now kimchi… I made water kimchi once that turned out nicely, but that’s about it.

This year, my resolutions are:

    • Work on my art and handicraft business.
    • Try to accept and make peace with the person that I am, instead of unrealistically hoping to burst out of my skin as a completely new “better” person one day.

Sounds good, no?

Cake!… 9. November 2017

 Tesco Malt Wheats Raspberry Cereal with milk and a cup of coffee. The cereal was pretty alright, but a bit too sweet for my likes.

 Mango-chocolate cake.

 Baked chicken with rice and mushroom sauce with a side of some salad.

 Coffee and a salad with leftover pasta sauce from last night.

 Cranberry red velvet cake and Napoleon cake.

Kohuke… 22. October 2017

 Coffee and sandwiches for breakfast

 Chocolate cheesecake. Yum!

 Coffee and nuts-seeds in dark chocolate

 Pelmeni with sour cream and some carrots

 I spent most of the day sleeping away my exhaustion. At some point my boyfriend came and dropped a small cat on top of me and straight into my heart. Apparently, about a month ago, some asshole had thrown several kittens all over the village. One kitten got dropped near our relative’s farm. Unfortunately, the dog scared the kitten, so it fled up a tree and then they couldn’t catch it for almost a month. The poor thing was so dirty, hungry and scared. Our relatives couldn’t keep her, so there was talk about a pet shelter, but these places only keep the cats a certain period and then put them to sleep. I felt really bad for the kitten, so I talked my boyfriend into taking her with us back to Tallinn and trying to find her a home there. He agreed, so now we have a small house guest. I named her Kohuke.