Salade niçoise… 6. June 2018

Wellbar Chocolate Crisp bar. This was disgusting and bitter, I manage to only eat half of it and threw the rest away.

Kombucha, coffee, a black currant-chocolate pastry and a banana-coconut pastry.

Baked burbot (luts in Estonian) and some salad.

Some nizza salad (or salade niçoise as I learned today), rice with chicken-lemon sauce and a grilled bun with pumpkin hummus.

Keeping a routine is difficult… 4. June 2018

Chocolate brownie ice cream and a mug of coffee.

Instant porridge with chanterelles and some puffed wheat.

Pearl couscous with chicken-lemon sauce and some salad.

Snaaaaaks I shared with hubby. The spicy noodles were tasty, the strawberry cookie was not very good, the azuki-matcha balls were good, the pea senbei was delicious and the more regular senbei was really great too.

Potato-veggie crisps. We were in a snacky mood.

Recently my life seems to be a series of falling into a hole and trying to climb out again over and over again. But eh, at least I still have the will to climb, right? 😀
So yeah, this is me climbing out of a hole again and trying to catch up with this blog.

I am back… 1. September 2017

I found myself a new place to host my photos and even though I haven’t restored all my blog posts yet, I thought I could continue posting new things while working on the backlog. For a while I was so angry at the entire Photobucket bullshit that I couldn’t even read anyone else’s blogs without becoming upset again. I didn’t take any photos of my food either.

Anyhow, I’ve found motivation again to continue my project. I think the small break did me good actually.

 Rice with tuna, assorted nuts and seeds, and soy sauce

 Cardamom biscuits

Rice with chicken sauce, beef sauce, vegetable sauce + some spring rolls @ Josie’s place. There was board games and food. I watched others play as I am not too fond of playing board games, especially games like Catan etc. I was also a bit out of it, feeling tired, because of the two 15h shifts I had pulled on the previous days. It was fun though just watching others play while I sipped my beer (of which I forgot to take a photo).

 Blueberry cake


How have you been, dear readers, while I was gone?

Kimi no Na wa… 17-18. November 2016

17. November

 Ice cream with cocoa cereal.

 Oatmeal porridge with honey.

 Glass noodles.

 Stewed chicken and potatoes with some avocado salad and beetroot.

18. November

 Stewed chicken with avocado salad and some beetroot; rice with chicken sauce.

 Some shrimp spring rolls and lamb sauce with some rice that I shared with my boyfriend.

 A slice of apple-halve pie.

We went to see an anime called “Kimi no Na wa” in the evening. It was a part of the PÖFF Asian programme and it was the only PÖFF movie we saw this year. No other movie really grabbed my fancy from the list and most of the Japanese movies this year seemed either ultra violent or depressing, so I had no desire to see them. Anyway, “Kimi no Na wa,” was super beautiful and a very sweet anime. It was about a boy and a girl occasionally switching bodies while they slept and about the shenanigans that ensued… but don’t be fooled, despite it having its funny moments, it most definitely wasn’t a comedy. It had a bit of everything: funny moments, sadness, fairy tale elements, fluff, tragedy. Also, the music was beautiful:

I loved it. Watch it if you get a chance.