Lots of cake… 13. March 2018

 Coffee, baked vegetables with some egg.

 More coffee and some chocolate.

 Tea and chocolate cake at Josie’s place.

 Omelette with some nori, radishes and tomatoes.

 Honey cake. Ate about half of it.

 Rye bread pudding with milk.

Therapy… 12. March 2018

 Coffee and a bunch of corn puffs in milk chocolate.

 Seafood ramen at Tokumaru. It was okay, but after having had ramen at Washoku Story the one at Tokumaru just doesn’t cut it.

 Baked veggies with minced meat.

I have tried to be open minded and patient, but the truth is that I am not satisfied with my current therapist. I think I need to go see someone else, because after meeting with her for almost 6 months now, she can’t even explain to me how the thing we are doing is any different from just seeing a psychologist… and the psychologists I have seen in the past have been more engaged in the discussions than she has ever been… mostly it has been me talking at her every time whilst she is staring at the clock in front of her. She hardly ever asks me any questions, because apparently “she doesn’t want to be invasive,” but then puts the blame on me for only telling her about work and not much else. I mean… I get that therapy is a long process and the first few months are just getting to know your patient, but at half a year there should be something else already, right?

Hanging with friends… 10. March 2018

 Chickpea curry with sour cream, nettle rye bread with butter and ham, a cheese roll and a cup of coffee.

 A vanilla kohuke and coconut chocolate.

 Minced meat pastries and cheese rolls at Kadi’s place.

 Grapes, juice, beer, rye bread crisps, tiny Tosca cakes…

 Chinese chop suey and fried bread from Kathmandu Hill

 I had a hot and sour chicken soup, boyfriend had a chicken wonton soup.

Paperwork… 19. February 2018

 Breakfast at Pannkoogimaja: scrambled eggs, bacon, salad, toast and coffee.

 Syrniki with fresh strawberry jam which were delicious. Boyfriend had a pancake with halva and caramel syrup.

 Roasted seaweed. I have been craving this a lot lately.

 Sauerkraut soup with pork.

 Meiji Apollo strawberry chocolates.

In life news: in the morning we went and handed in the paperwork to get married. So I guess this is happening soon :p

[Noms.] Kalev Mesikäpp wafer candy with praline cream

Mesikäpp, or Honeypaw in English, is a cutesy nickname for a bear.

It’s a very old candy in Estonia. I remember it back from when I was still a tiny girl 😀 The packaging has changed several times over the years, but seems to have settled on this version of a cartoony bear nowadays. In fact, Kalev has turned “Mesikäpp” in to a general brand name, so several other products, for example cookies, ice-cream and chocolates, have made an appearance under the same name and advertised by the same “Mesikäpp” bear character.

Ingredients: Sugar, wafer 17% (wheat flour, rapeseed oil, emulsifier (lecithin), salt, raising agent E500, egg powder, stabiliser E414), cocoa mass, almond, cocoa butter, vegetable fats (palm, Shea kernel), emulsifier (lecithin), flavouring, vanillin. Chocolate 40% min.
Preservative free. May contain traces of nuts, peanuts, milk products and sesame seeds.

Nutritional value per 100g:
Energy – (kJ/kcal) 2135/511
Fat – 28g of which saturates 13g
Carbohydrate: 59g or which sugars 45g
Protein – 6,5g
Salt – 0,1g

It said on the back of the package that there are 15 pieces of candy in one package, but I counted 16, so win for me 😀

Even though this is supposedly an old flavour and I know I ate this candy as a child, but I don’t really have any memories of the taste with this one, so I can’t really tell if the taste has changed over the years or not. Doesn’t matter I suppose. It’s a crunchy wafer candy with sweet creamy filling between the wafers and everything coated in dark chocolate.

On their product page they claim that the praline filling is supposed to be almond and hazelnut flavoured (is that what praline means? xD), but to me it mostly just tastes like something sweet. I can’t particularly taste the nuttiness, but I like how the dark chocolate cover and the wafers balance out the quite sweet filling of the candy. I also like that the softness and the crunchiness of the candy is nicely in balance. The candy is neither too mushy nor is the wafer too hard.

It’s a nice crunchy treat to have with coffee for sure.

Will I buy/eat this candy again: I’m pretty sure I will.
Would I recommend this candy to others: It’s a simple traditional Estonian candy flavour, so yes, I think it would be a good thing to try if you are into wafer candies.