Costa Rican Night… 15. September 2017

 A wiener pastry and a quark pastry. Fresh from the oven in the morning and so delicious.

 A nectarine.

 Brownie quark. My new favorite! It had tiny bits of brownie in it.

In the evening, we had a Costa Rican event at work, celebrating Costa Rican Independence Day, with amazing chefs in the kitchen preparing delicious food. The house was packed with people, so me and my boyfriend, we ate in the back office xD

 Our chefs for the night- Ráu and François. I am pretty happy to have made their acquaintance this year… and to think this happened by a mere chance 🙂

 Mixed seafood ceviche we shared with my boyfriend

 Boyfriend had a pulled beef casado with gallo pinto (refried rice with black beans), plantain slices and salad.

 I had a vegetarian casado which had creamy zucchini and corn stew instead of beef.

 Chilera (spicy pickle)

 Churros with dulce de leche

I was so happy and full after all of this!

Panda cookies… 21. November 2016

 Coffee and some cocoa quark.

 Virgin mojito. Froosh. It was quite tasty.

 Coffee and a couple of sandwiches with beef paté and avocado.

 Sauerkraut soup with pork.

 Black currant tea and I shared a tiny pack of Sakusaku Panda cookies with my boyfriend.

 Look at these cookies, they are so cute!

Tihane… 8. March 2016

 Cocoa quark (kohupiim) and coffee

 Chicken and mushroom pasta with some salad

 Scallops and toast at my parent’s place

 Mom made some cookies and we had some tea too

 Toasted pumpkin bread with bovine liver paté


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