[what I ate.] 13 – 19. May 2019

13. May

Some watermelon

Chia-chocolate pudding

Coffee, bread and an oven omelette with veggies

Olive oil mantecado

Matcha mochi

14. May

Coffee, Greek yoghurt with raspberries, almonds and chia seeds

Chicken soup

Asparagus soup with sour cream and a cheese roll

15. May

Some bread and asparagus soup with sour cream

A smoothie

Meatballs with mashed potatoes and some salad

Chocolate ice cream

French fries

Gnocci with marinated octopus

16. May

Physalis, blueberries and hazelnuts


Salmon soup

Instant noodles and crab sticks

17. May

Brownie protein bar

Greek yoghurt with raspberry kama and blueberries

Baked chicken and potatoes with some salad

18. May

Baked chicken and salad

Minced meat pastries

A chocolate muffin and coffee

Chocolate ice cream

Coffee and a cinnamon apple pie Umaibo

Sushi and shrimp tempura


19. May

Greek yoghurt with raspberry kama, physalis and blueberries

Bread and tuna

Coffee and chocolate

Asparagus wrapped in bacon and some salad

[what I ate.] 6 – 12. May 2019

6. May

Coffee, boiled eggs, rye bread with sprats in oil

Some hazelnuts

Chicken soup

Some radishes

Minced meat soup with sour cream and sesame seeds

7. May

Rye bread with sprats in oil

Minced meat soup with sour cream and sesame seeds

Ice cream

Cookie balls in chocolate

Beef chili with sour cream and rice

8. May

Coffee, hazelnut rye bread and some apple

Borscht with sour cream and some dried apple chips

Vanilla kohuke

No idea what I had for dinner…

9. May

Rye bread with sprats in oil

Bubble tea

Tuna salad

Baked white fish, green beans with beetroot and some avocado

10. May

Baked white fish, green beans with beetroot

Kinako sticks

Minced meat soup

Baked potatoes, beef and some fish salad

11. May

Raspberry, pear and aronia smoothie

French fries, kebab wraps and passion fruit cider

Some raspberries

12. May

Berry smoothie

Some crab sticks


Macaroni with minced meat and some salad

Rhubarb cake

Tuda Blinn… 21. October 2017

We drove to Southern Estonia in the morning, so my boyfriend could go riding his enduro bike and in the evening we were planning to celebrate his birthday.

 Nuts and seeds in dark chocolate and a vanilla kohuke

 Some brownies

 Coffee and some pastries we shared with Loviise. Funny thing about that coffee- I spilled most of it all over myself :s And just that one time I decided not to bring a proper change of clothes XD It was pajamas for me for the rest of the day.


 Pühajõe Brewery Tuda Blinn stout. Really lovely beer.

 Some potatoes and salad with cottage cheese. Nom.

Frosty mushrooms

Out and about… 8-10. September 2016

8. September – we drove to Pärnu in the evening to spend the night there. I had a doctors appointment in the morning, so I couldn’t eat any breakfast and a 2 hour drive from Tallinn on an empty stomach would have been awful.

 Somen with wakame and wasabi-sesame spice.

 A shrimp salad that was kind of meh.

9. September – after my doc’s appointment we had breakfast in my fave restaurant in Pärnu, stopped by my grandmother and drove back to Tallinn. In the evening we visited Marit and her boyfriend. We made sushi and played board games. It was really fun 😀

 Baileys cocoa @ Steffani.

 Mamma Mia pizza: tuna, shrimp, ham, egg, champignons.

 Some doughnuts and tea.

 Some ice cream from Gelato Ladies: a scoop of pistachio, then salty peanut and watermelon. I loved the pistachio one the best, bf liked the salty peanut… watermelon was odd, it wasn’t bad, but it just tasted a bit weird to us. Sure was interesting though.

 Sushi at friend’s house 😀

10. September – we went to Uulu to help transport firewood for my parents. Bf and my dad did the firewood thing while I picked/harvested some raspberries, apples, tomatoes, mushrooms, carrots and potatoes. Productive day.

 Veggie soup (potato, carrot, rutabaga, cauliflower) with sour cream, white bread with mashed avocado and a cup of coffee.

 A delicious delicious apple from my grandparent’s garden.

 I had several of these bacon and tomato sandwiches with some coffee.

 Veggie soup (potato, carrot, rutabaga, cauliflower) with sour cream and white bread with mashed avocado.

Writing… 5. November 2015

 Coffee, a couple of crab sticks

 A couple of apple muffins

 Spicy pork stew and jasmine rice

 Ben & Jerry’s Karamel Sutra Core – caramel and chocolate ice cream with chocolate chunks and soft caramel. Had a bit of this ice cream.

 Black tea and an apple muffin

Whining… 2. November 2015

 A persimmon, some leftover sushi from day before and a cup of coffee

 French fries

 Chicken soup

Apple pie with ice cream, black tea


I took a walk again and worked out a bit. Didn’t manage to write anything however, so feeling overly guilty about that. Also mom called and asked if I could take care of my brother the next day, so I am guessing I won’t get any writing done again. I’m just not very good at multitasking and I need to be in my own pace to be able to write. I envy people who seem to be able to write whenever: in between other tasks, for 15 minutes on their lunch break, a few sentences while just passing the computer etc. I got all sad and frustrated about all of it, so I ate two servings of apple pie and ice cream. I guess that completely rendered null my exercise that day too…

A baking clutz… 1. November 2015

 I baked a caramelized apple pie. It could have used about 5 minutes less in the oven I guess. The taste was okay, but it would have looked prettier.

 Coffee, sandwiches with lettuce, cheese and smoked sausage

 Apple pie with ice cream and coffee

 A lemon flavoured zefir

 Sushi and beer. It’s funny how you can now buy Asahi Super Dry in almost every corner store in Estonia. I wish they imported some better beers from Japan though.


I made some progress with my paper. I wrote 2 pages of semi-coherent text. Go me!

I also watched another short-form anime called “I Can’t Understand What My Husband Is Saying” about a woman with an otaku husband. Can’t say I was over the moon about the entire thing, but it was adorable and funny in its own way and kept me company when I was hula hooping. I especially liked the husbands “little sister” xD I think I will watch the 3rd season as well if it should ever come out.

What else? I took a long walk which is good. Currently I am listening to a “Left Hand of Darkness” by Ursula K. Le Guin audiobook when I go for walks. So far I quite like it.