Still feeling eugh… 22. March 2018

 Corn flakes with milk.

 Coffee and an apple.

 Red curry with beef and some rice from Konteiner. Too sweet, not good at all. Ate maybe a quarter of it?

 Mushroom and tofu pho. This was meh, but at least it didn’t taste bad per se. Ate maybe half of it.

 Hot cocoa.

Hanging with friends… 10. March 2018

 Chickpea curry with sour cream, nettle rye bread with butter and ham, a cheese roll and a cup of coffee.

 A vanilla kohuke and coconut chocolate.

 Minced meat pastries and cheese rolls at Kadi’s place.

 Grapes, juice, beer, rye bread crisps, tiny Tosca cakes…

 Chinese chop suey and fried bread from Kathmandu Hill

 I had a hot and sour chicken soup, boyfriend had a chicken wonton soup.