Fragments of Stavanger

 Mountains in the distance

 A local kitty


 Anna and the ‘vengers


 Modern troll lass

 Troll grampa



 Cutest doggo


My favourite barista ❤



 Viking art

 Listening how Thor went fishing

 An amber fetus

 Ready to pillage and plunder

 Indrek with his new chums

 In an art museum

 Christmas bling

 Going back home

29.Nov-3.Dets 2017

That pastry must have been terrible… 4. July 2016

 Coffee, sandwich with beef tongue, tomato and cucumber

 A boiled egg with salt

 Ice cream. It had two types of ice cream inside, plus raspberry jam. It was pretty tasty.

 Fish with creamy onion sauce, fried potatoes and salad

 Lemon quark

 Rassolnik soup and bacon pastry

 Half a quark pastry and some chamomile tea

 Cinzano Bianco with lemon


A local dog, named Eero, usually hung around the camping site. Mom gave him a piece of sausage, because he made these “I have not eaten for three weeks, please feed me” eyes that dogs usually use when they want something. Later she offered him one of the bacon pastries we were having and Eero was so disappointed to say the least xD Not sure why, but he decided to go and bury the pastry xD I made a crappy phone video of the ordeal and the shamed dog.

Horsing around

A bunch of photos from 31.June-1. July 2014.

A baby great tit


Little fly

Ossu and Belle

Horse drift


Happy dog is happy

Lonni saying hi


Storks on the field

Kitty stroll

Horses going crazy

Alfi joined in the fun

*barkbark* angry little dog is angry *barkbark*

Pretty dancing girls