[what I ate.] 8-14. October 2018

8. October

A delicious cup of coffee before work @ The Living Room café. I had the Guatemala one. It was divine.

A slice of mushroom-bacon pizza and some chickpea-veggie soup with sour cream.

Almond-cardamom pastry.

Japanese style pork curry with rice and some pickles.

Some delicious candies.

9. October

I had a crappy morning, thus coffee and candy in a dreary bust stop on my way to work.

Chili sin carne with brown rice.

Coffee and a banana-chocolate muffin.

Japanese style pork curry with rice.

10. October – Concert in Helsinki

Yummy blueberry-raspberry yoghurt and a crappy salmon-shrimp salad on our way to Helsinki.

Chicken tofu bowl for lunch. Hubby had beef.

Dinner @ Zetor. I had sautéed reindeer with mashed potatoes, lingonberries and pickles. It was absolutely delicious. The meat was super soft and the flavour lush.

A peanut butter-chocolate chip filled taiyaki. So good!

11. October – Back to Tallinn

Epic buffet on the boat: croissants, mini doughnuts, coffee, beer, bulgur-edamame salad, ham, cold smoked salmon, some tomato and cucumber, pickles, meatballs, beetroot-oatmeal balls, scrambled eggs, pancakes, bacon, baked salmon. Everything was super good, except the bulgur-edamame salad which was flavourless and the meatballs that were a bit dry.

More coffee, chocolate mousse, vanilla ice cream and chocolate ice cream. I added some strawberry jam which was yummy and bean “crisps” that were not so very good xD

Japanese style pork curry with rice.

12. October

A caffé latte and a red velvet coconut ball @ Surf Café

Salmon soup.

Coffee and a cookie-hazelnut-chocolate truffle.

Bacon-garlic-cheese pastry.

Tonkotsu soy ramen and Midori Illusion cocktail (Midori Liqueur, Triple Sec, vodka, lemon juice, pineapple juice) @ Washoku Story.

Shared this cheesecake with Kerttu @ a neighboring café of which I can’t remember the name of 8D

A yuzu mocktail and a crappy-ish coffee at the same place.

More coffee and a couple of these cookie-hazelnut-chocolate truffles.

13. October

Wheat crackers with tuna. Also had some coffee.

Boiled potatoes with chanterelle sauce and some pickled cucumber. Also had a grape-banana smoothie.

14. October

Boiled potatoes with chanterelle sauce.

Coffee, a grilled sandwich with cheese and sausage.

Toast and scallop carpaccio at my parents’ house.

Pasta with scallops and chorizo.

Berry triffle.

[Coffee.] Yamamoto Coffee regular coffee beans

My friend Eva brought these beans for me as a gift from Japan. She asked me if there was anything I would like from Tokyo and I asked for coffee beans roasted in Japan that would be suitable for filter brewing. The beans are from a coffee and tea specialized store in Shinjuku called Yamamoto Coffee.

Information from the package:
Beans: Ethiopia, Columbia, Brazil

Not much information on the package other than bean origin and the manufacturer information. Not a big fan of the clear non-resealable package the beans came in, but eh. I transferred the beans to a jar after I opened them, so they wouldn’t spill from the plastic bag or lose their aroma.

When I opened the bag, I was greeted by a strong, almost sweet smell- kind of like chocolate toffee, very pleasant. The beans are all different shapes and sizes (thinking it’s because it’s different beans from 3 different places, yes?), but the beans are whole and there is no dust or other refuse among the beans. The roast is on the lighter side.

Brewing method – Chemex.

The brewed coffee had a very weak unremarkable smell. I expected a more distinct smell considering how aromatic the unground beans were. The taste however was rich and the mouthfeel slightly creamy. I tasted strong plum flavour. No aftertaste of note. A simple straightforward coffee flavour, not very complex.

Also, my new colourful piggy mug is cute, yes? I have a mug hoarding problem :p

Is it still drinkable when the coffee gets cold? – Yep. The sweet plum turns slightly bitter cinnamon and nutmeg-y, but it’s still nice enough to drink.

Would I buy/drink this coffee again? – Sure, it was alright coffee. Wouldn’t go seeking it out specifically, but when offered, would not turn it away.

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