[what I ate.] 11-17. June 2018

11. June – Deadpool

Milk chocolate marshmallow with crunchy cashew; Cold kefir soup with beetroot.

Mashed potatoes with wild garlic and some salad.

Frozen yoghurt with chocolates and berries.

More mashed potatoes with wild garlic and some salad.

We went to see “Deadpool 2” in the evening. It was brilliantly funny!

12. June

Berry smoothie with raw buckwheat.

Mushroom cutlet, fried white fish and some salad.

Chocolate ice cream.

Wild garlic risotto and salad with sprouts.

13. June

No pics 😦

14. June

Chocolate cereal with milk.

Some kombucha, fresh orange-carrot juice and some watermelon.

Veggie stuffed zucchini with beetroot hummus in tomato sauce. Also some salad.

Quark pastry.

Macaroni with wieners and veggies + some salad with sprouts.

15. June

No pics 😦 This is where I was upset with my project and was considering quitting.

16. June

No pics again 😦

17. June

Coffee, rye bread with butter and beef ham.

Some zefir.

Ice cream coffee from Gelato Ladies. Nomom!

Coffee and a chocolate-quark cookie.

Fried veggie burgers and couscous salad.

Went for a long walk with Maarja on the Tallinn seaside and in the evening I went to our local clay studio with miss K. Fun times galore!

Midsummers Eve aka the National Day of Overeating… 23. June 2016

 Coffee, rye bread with butter, tomato and cucumber.

 Ate several pieces of fried fish.

 We picked a whole mug of wild strawberries 8D

 Chocolate ice cream

 Radler (beer mixed with lemonade)

 White bread with butter, tomato and pepper.

 Some chili flavoured tortilla chips with sour cream dip

 Plum wine

 Grilled sausages and white bread with butter

 Some grilled wieners too

Too.Much.Food.*groan* But it was good.

I am experimenting with trying to get brighter colours on my photos lately, but… are they instead too over exposed with light perhaps?

Runs In The Family… 16. June 2016

 What the Fruit? Raspberry Smart Snack. I am in love with these chocolate and berry bars. They have a really delicious berry taste and the texture is so creamy-smooth. Not the healthiest breakfast, but I felt I needed something good and it was super delicious with my morning coffee.

 French fries, because I can’t really control myself when I am having a bad day.

 Chicken wonton soup with Tibetan bread @ Kathmandu Hill. The wontons were amazing and I really liked the bread.

 Crispy fried fish that was just perfect. I also had a glass of orange juice.


The night before I got a phone call in the middle of the night that left me pretty upset and unable to sleep. Bad news. Family drama. I was verging between numb and upset the entire day, but I tried to keep up with my daily chores and plans. I managed up until I was about to cook dinner and my boyfriend came home. Then my will kind of deflated and I was really not up to cooking dinner anymore. We ended up cuddling and half sleeping on the couch for a couple of hours with my boyfriend and then one of his friends called to invite us out to dinner. I suppose the end of the day was kind of nice and comforting, but… my mental state is not very good right now and every little thing can trigger more upset and hurt. I hope things get better and I hope my family gets better.

A low point

I have not been doing well, which also means I have not been eating properly. There has been too much bad food and a lot of it on the worst moments. I’ve taken photos of most of what I have eaten, but going through the photos now, I don’t feel like posting them. It would be an honest thing to do I suppose, but… I don’t want to upset myself again, because it hasn’t been this bad for years. Does that make sense?

So instead, I will put here some of the prettier photos that I simply like or that show the food that I was feeling happy about.

Eating disorders suck, people. So does stress.

But I’m trying to get back on track again. Wish me luck.


 I tried making apple-cinnamon buns for the first time. Not sure why the recipe told me to put them into muffin cups to be honest, because the paper stuck to the buns and was a pain to get off. Maybe I did something wrong, I’m not very good at baking.

 Oatmeal porridge (made with rice milk) with some honey

 Beef stew with cheese

 Chocolate pencils

 Breaded fried fish. It had a shrimp and herb filling.

 Karl Fazer New York Iced Coffee & Mudcake milk chocolate. This chocolate was absolutely fantastic.

 Raspberry walnut brownies. Super delicious combination. Recipe from here.

 A peanut butter and strawberry jam sandwich and a cup of coffee

 Chicken karaage with spicy sauce @ Tokumaru

 Sushi @ Tokumaru

 A giant kinder Surprise

 Got a Peanuts themed toy from the giant chocolate egg. It was a bunch of rubbing stamps (you know, you put a paper over them and colour over them to reveal a picture?) and the dog house was a container for them.

 Potato and tomato casserole

 Yellow kiwifruit, a banana and coffee

 Chicken chimicahngas with homemade guacamole, some sour cream, lettuce and tomato. So greasy, but so good!

 We had chimichangas the next evening as well, because there were so many leftovers.

 Torotto maple syrup chocolates. These were yummy.

 Toasted pumpkin bread with mashed avocado

 Karl Fazer London Toffee Rocsk & Salty Cookie milk chocolate. This was good too, but I liked the other one better.

 Miso soup with shiitake, wakame and mochi slices

 Homemade poutine with mozzarella cheese, chicken and some tomato

 Coffee and mochi (black sesame, azuki bean paste and peanut butter filled)


I’ve also been meaning to write about a dream I had a while back. In that dream the light side of the force was attempting to breed the perfect Jedi, which meant they needed a perfect mindless puppet that would do exactly what they wanted it to. They were genetically engineering the Jedi and the last batch was a promising bunch, especially this one super dark skinned man. However, in the last stage of the training, the Jedi started showing unfavourable traits in his personality that made him imperfect. Among these signs were that he decided a lecture to be too boring for him and fell asleep (he was never supposed to do anything like that!), he playfully slapped a fellow Jedi’s bum and that was showing friendship which they were not supposed to have (they were supposed to be logical, not emotional), and when they were given energy cubes for sustenance, he liked to squish his flat between his fingers before popping it into his mouth (he was supposed to follow orders and that was a sign of reckless self-thinking). So the Jedi council deemed him defective and wanted to send him to be burned, because that’s what they did with the failed experiments. The guy however thought: “Fuck this!” and escaped.

This was very troublesome, so the Jedi council called in James T. Kirk to find him and bring him back to be destroyed. Kirk hurried back to the Enterprise, ordering his crew to be ready to take off immediately… but Spock and Uhura were missing. Apparently they were currently in the middle of a meeting with a social worker, because they wanted to adopt a child together. They already had a an adoptive daughter, maybe 10 years old. The little dark skinned girl had this skin condition where blotches of her skin were white (vitiligo). She was playing in a pillow fort near her parents while they had the meeting with the social worker.

The social worker was saying that since both Spock and Uhura had passed all the requirements with flying colours, she would accept their application to adopt another child. Uhura was overjoyed, hugged Spock and then excitedly ran to the pillow fort, pulled back the blanket covering it and lay down to hug her daughter exclaiming: “You will have a baby brother!” When she had pulled off the blanked from the fort, it revealed that the girl had been playing with some sort of tiny creatures in there that looked like a cross between an English bulldog puppy and a slug. The social worker was horrified, she stood up and screamed: “Oh my god, these things are disgusting! They are horrible and you must be horrible people to have these in your quarters! No way will I let you adopt another child and I will take away your daughter!” Uhura was shocked and tried to reason with the social worker, but she was hysterical. Spock just sat there.

That was an odd dream.

Wakakozake… 30. October 2015

 Coffee and a slice of apple pie

 French fries.
I often crave for fries. I searched out frozen fries with the simplest ingredient list (only potatoes and palm oil) from the store and sometimes simply fry them up on a frying pan with some salt and oil. Works well enough for me.

 Pumpkin rice noodles, salad and fried tilapia


I watched a short-form anime called “Wakakozake” while making dinner. It was about a woman called Wakako who enjoys going out to eat in different places after work to relax. The show was simply her enjoying her food and musing over the food and the drink combination. The episodes were all 2 minutes long, so I ended watching the entire first season. It was cute and there was food imagery and talk, so I quite enjoyed it.

Sauna is awesome… 19. September 2015

 Epic breakfast: coffee, mashed potatoes with meat sauce and tomato-cucumber sour cream salad. Liia makes the best coffee and Agu’s mom makes the best meat sauce ever.


 Finger food: garlic bread, popcorn, pickled onion and potato peels

 Fried fish

 Corn puffs, Kinder Schoko-bons, chocolate cookies and halva (that I didn’t like)