Back to Tallinn… 7. April 2018

 Coffee, fried potatoes and a fried egg with some pickled cucumber.

 Potato wafers and hot cocoa.


 Couscous salad with garlic sprouts and flatbread with sausage.

Vacation over. We drove back to Tallinn and I spent most of evening taking an online food hygiene course for work. Most of the information in the course was self-evident, but there were some interesting new bits as well when it came to different bacterial infections. For instance I learned that salmonella can also spread via spices and especially with black pepper. I used to think that salmonella was always bound to eggs and chicken meat, but I guess not. At the end I had to take an exam, did quite alright in it and got my certification that certifies that I know to wash my hands :p

Nanana… 19. March 2017

 Oatmeal porridge with pumpkin seeds, some butter, honey and a banana

 A slice of apple-pear cake with halva

 Fried potatoes with horseradish-cream cheese sauce, baked breaded fish and some salad with garlic sprouts

Disappointed… 1. February 2017

 Fried potatoes and salad with garlic sprouts

 Sandwiches with bacon and avocado. I also allowed myself a beer, because of reasons.

 Chicken and orzo casserole with salad

I didn’t get the job I went in for an interview some weeks ago, so I was feeling pretty bummed out the entire day. I had already been daydreaming about working in that place, so the disappointment was great. It wasn’t that I was not qualified, but instead, after a bigger meeting, they decided a different direction for their establishment and thus they could not hire me. No hard feelings or anything, just disappointed. I did however get some neat recommendations from them for some other cafés and coffee shops, I had never heard of before, where to try and apply for a position. So, giving that a try.

The worst part about this is that it probably means more trips to the unemployment office for me and I absolutely hate going there. They always make you feel as if you are the most worthless scum of the earth, wasting “their” money and time. I have been thinking of applying to change my unemployment agent, but this could mean repercussions and I’m not sure I want to risk losing my health insurance. I really hope I’ll find a job before my next mandatory meeting. That however still doesn’t mean that any random job would do. I know what I want to do and I’ll continue searching for that.

Uh… 7-9. October 2016

7. October

 Duck flavoured instant noodles with sour cream.

 Cheese buns with liver paté and avocado.

 Really terrible take-away sushi from Prisma. The California rolls were dry and most of the maki rolls had a weird overwhelming sweet taste to them. Ew.

 Puccho Hoppe-chan gumi. Cherry flavoured gummy candies.

8. October

 Some Bounty chocolate.

 A cocoa pudding.

 Rice with cheese sauce, smoked chicken and some tomato salad.

I also had a salad in the morning, but I forgot to snap a photo. The salad tasted somewhat off and sometime after eating it I got a bad stomach ache. I ended up sleeping most of the day, because I felt quite sick. I guess it’s not a very good idea to buy a salad from the grocery store salad bar if you are not planning to eat it on the same day.

9. October

 Coffee and porridge with honey.

 Sõrnikud (quark pancakes).

 Moist senbei.

 Chicken and mushroom gyoza with some salad and sour cream.

A glitch in the system… 6. October 2016

 Oat cereal with milk + coffee.

 Tom yum flavoured instant noodles with sour cream.

 Cheese bun.

 Pelmeni with sour cream and salad (cucumber, tomato, lettuce, radish, garlic sprouts)

 Tea and a banana.


An odd glitch happened in my brain when I was just about to fall asleep the day before: I suddenly thought: “Oh! But it’s September, so I still have 3 months to get my work done! I am going to be completely fine!” It was such a good feeling, all the anxiety drained away, I felt light and good. And that continued when I woke up and for half a day or so… until I remembered, no, it’s actually October already. After that everything was downhill again, but for a half a day I felt good, because I was so certain it was still the beginning of September.

Unemployed… 5. September 2016

 Somen in chicken broth with some wakame. Also had a cup of coffee.
… and look at me so ignorantly sticking my chopsticks right into my food :/

 A salad with garlic sprouts, broccoli and fried champignons.

 Rice and heavenly spicy kimchi stew.


I went and registered myself at the unemployment office now that I am no longer officially a student. I don’t really want to find a job until January next year, but it is good to get acquainted with the job market again and get my cv in order. If I do find something good before January then I guess I’ll take it and try to be extra good somehow with my thesis still. I do have pretty strict parameters for my future job however, so I doubt I’ll find anything that quick.