[what I ate.] 13 – 19. May 2019

13. May

Some watermelon

Chia-chocolate pudding

Coffee, bread and an oven omelette with veggies

Olive oil mantecado

Matcha mochi

14. May

Coffee, Greek yoghurt with raspberries, almonds and chia seeds

Chicken soup

Asparagus soup with sour cream and a cheese roll

15. May

Some bread and asparagus soup with sour cream

A smoothie

Meatballs with mashed potatoes and some salad

Chocolate ice cream

French fries

Gnocci with marinated octopus

16. May

Physalis, blueberries and hazelnuts


Salmon soup

Instant noodles and crab sticks

17. May

Brownie protein bar

Greek yoghurt with raspberry kama and blueberries

Baked chicken and potatoes with some salad

18. May

Baked chicken and salad

Minced meat pastries

A chocolate muffin and coffee

Chocolate ice cream

Coffee and a cinnamon apple pie Umaibo

Sushi and shrimp tempura


19. May

Greek yoghurt with raspberry kama, physalis and blueberries

Bread and tuna

Coffee and chocolate

Asparagus wrapped in bacon and some salad

Why… is there water all over the floor?… 30. September 2017

 Potato gnocchi with tomato and meat from Attimo. These were divine tasting!

 Spaghetti with seafood also from Attimo

 Quark with praline

 Chanterelle soup with sour cream and potato vareniki also with sour cream

Our kitchen was closed at work due to an emergency, so I didn’t get to eat any breakfast. I hadn’t brought anything with me that day and had hoped for some porridge at work. It took me and the chef over four hours to eliminate the emergency and when we were done, I was ravenous. I ordered in some food and devoured it all xD

Unexpected roadtrip to get food… 19. April 2015

 Coffee and chocolate chip brioche

 Porridge with butter and raspberry jam

 Buckwheat cake with peanut butter and raspberry jam

 Seljanka soup with sour cream @ Põhjaka Manor

 Stewed wild boar in tomato sauce with potato gnocchi and beetroot. I was kind of hoping for more gnocchi, but there were like only fine pieces in the dish. I could have swapped half the meat for another 5 pieces xD It was delicious though, I was just craving more gnocchi than I did wild boar 😛

 Cream jelly with strawberry sorbet

 Shared a pack of cherries in chocolate with my boyfriend


We didn’t really have any plans on Sunday, but then one of my boyfriend’s friends suggested a roadtrip to get some food somewhere out of town. We decided on Põjaka Manor for that where none of us had been before. Since we ended up arriving during their one hour break, we went for a short walk in the neighborhood.

Deer tracks!

Odd looking mushrooms

Also met this adorable fellow in the manor 😀

Christmas with Maleficent and The Boxtrolls… 24. December 2014

 Buckwheat with some sort of sauce and salad

 Kohupiim (quark) with maracuja-passion fruit jam

 Pumpkin pie cheesecake brownies. Recipe can be found here.
I forgot to add the flour to the brownie mix *facepalm* so the cake was super soft, but tasted still wonderful. I really need to make this again properly.

 A simple Beef Wellington from a Jamie Oliver’s recipe

 Grapes, bananas, apples, kiwifruits, persimmons and a pomelo

 Sadly the pastry of the Beef Wellington was a bit undercooked 😦 I kind of failed with all of the foods this year. But it was still edible, so not a complete loss!

There was also pumpkin juice and kefir. And nuts!

 Brie cheese, gnocchi in cream cheese-curry sauce, fresh salad…

 Boyfriend got me a Limoncello Liqueur that was super sweet.

It was just the two of us. We decided to skip all the social stuff this year and instead watched “Maleficent” and “The Boxtrolls” instead.