Forgetful sometimes… 26. February 2018

 Same pic as yesterday, because I had the same thing – instant noodles with wieners and an egg – for breakfast and forgot to take a new photo. Oops.

 Miso soup with wakame and rice, warm sandwiches made with rye bread, ham, tomato and cheese.

 Roasted seaweed. This particular brand was a bit sweet tasting, so not one of my favorites.

Angry at this illness… 24. August 2016

 Bran crispbread with avocado and tomato; a cup of coffee.

 A slice of white bread with avocado and tomato.

 A motivational smoothie from Boost: watermelon-strawberry smoothie with chia seeds.
I wasn’t feeling too good, but I decided I should go for a walk anyway, so I promised myself I’d buy myself a smoothie from Boost if I went out anyway. I managed to walk to the town centre, but took the bus back home, because by the time I got my smoothie and wanted to head back I was feeling pretty dizzy. I’m usually all for properly sitting out all the illnesses and recovering before becoming more active again, but I guess I am just so angry at this Lyme disease that I just don’t want to give in to it. What do you mean my joints hurt and I start feeling out of breath and dizzy when I walk? Fuck this, I’m going for a walk anyway! It’s how this entire thing feels.

 Dinner was roasted tomato soup with sour cream and grilled cheese sandwiches with pesto, tomato and avocado.

 Black tea and about 3 of these lemon cookies. The lemon cookies tasted so much better than the cocoa ones we had the day before, but they still had a very strong and annoying artificial smell.

Rainy… 23. August 2016

 For breakfast I had a cup of coffee and some tuna-carrot rice wrapped in a nori sheet.

 Unchoko. Grape flavoured lucky/poop chocolate in a cute kappa box :p Since it was so quirky, I did a short video of it too:

The name is a wordplay where “un” can both mean luck and poop. It’s accurate as the little kappa “poops” out the choco-balls from its rear and you can tell your fortune by which coloured ball comes out first. Since it was a green ball for me, it means my popularity luck should go up :p A pink ball would have meant money luck and a purple one diet luck :p

 Nestle Cheerios Oats with milk.

 Dinner was roasted tomato soup with sour cream and grilled cheese sandwiches with pesto.

 Hot cocoa and a couple of these cookies. The hot chocolate was so good and warm, but the cookies were a tad bit disappointing. They had a very artificial strong smell that irritated me and their taste was just meh.


It was a tranquil rainy day with a bit of thunder. I wish things in my head could have been as tranquil.

Sister’s graduation… 17. June 2016

 Coffee, warm tomato and cheese sandwiches

 I also had a banana with cashew butter

 A spinach-feta pastry

 A delicious mille-feuille (Napoleon cake) @ Ristikheina Kohvik

 Café latte

 Nettle tea and some warm tomato and cheese sandwiches


My sister graduated middle-school. We went and attended her graduation ceremony with our parents, grandparents, little brother and my boyfriend. The ceremony was pretty nice and it was a far lovelier one than I had back in my day. My sister performed a song with one of her classmates at the ceremony and it was cool. First time I’ve heard my sister sing.
After the ceremony I played photographer for a while and then we had some cake at a nearby café. Pretty nice.

Half-empty packages… 4. March 2016

 Coffee and toasted pumpkin bread with mashed avocado and beef ham

 Warm sandwiches with tomato and cheese

 Himohimo candy

 Well that’s a disappointing quantity if I ever saw one. The idea was to taste the red string (red grape flavour) and yellow string (green grape flavour) separately at first and then combine them so they would taste like peach. I didn’t really like them neither separately nor combined, so boyfriend ate most of them.

 Rum and coke + some carrots

 Spaghetti with minced meat sauce

 Papagena filled hazelnut cookies. First of all, the pack was half-empty and secondly, the cookies were terrible. I only had one.


There was a lot of rum and venting our troubles with Miss K. It felt good.

At least it’s a start… 27. October 2015

 Wheat porridge with butter

 A banana

 Boyfriend brought home a huge bag of different flavoured zefirs. This one was rye bread flavoured. It was weird tasting. Not bad per se, but it didn’t make me feel like I’d like to eat another one.

 Warm sandwich with smoked sausage, tomato and cheese; cabbage and minced meat stew with sour cream


I started writing yesterday. Sure I only wrote like two sentences, but it’s a start I guess. Super slow baby steps.

Also, mom brought me a big box full of apples, so I need to figure out what to make with these.