Packing… 28. November 2017

 Goop. Literally. I just fried up a bunch of leftovers, I think these included egg curry and white bread among other stuff. Also had a sandwich with ham and avocado.

 Revive Vit-Hit, tea drink. It was okay.

 Pelmeni in broth with some sour cream.


Mushroom hunting… 23. September 2017

 Skyr with cherry jam

 Coffee and cookies

 A really crappy ham and cheese pastry. This was awfully dry.

 Brioche with honey

 Omg, look at this chicken!

 Stewed chicken and vegetables with some tomato salad

 A yummy rum pastry

 Rye bread with butter, some sült and tomato

We went to Southern Estonia for the weekend. When we got to our destination, we were greeted with a delicious chicken dish for lunch. After the glorious meal we went to the forest to hunt for mushrooms. I think we spent over 4 hours in the forests… sadly we didn’t get as many mushrooms as I had hoped, because the season for them is over, but it was still great as a long hike.



 A funky mushroom growth

 Looks fluffy, but it was not

 Old stump

 Fly amanita

 Look out?

 A drop of red

 Gloopy looking

 Mushrooms up a tree

After the mushrooms adventure, everyone else went to a party nearby, but I was too exhausted to join them, so I took a nap on the couch. Later when they were back from the party, we went to sauna which was really nice…. I’d say it was a day well spent.

Fish… 9. September 2017

 Coffee and onigiri. The onigiri were made with tuna seasoning, some ponzu and half of them were stuffed with leftover ham bits.

 A banana.

We went to Vapramäe Trout… farm? Anyway, to a place where you can catch your own fish and then the house will prepare it for you. There happened to be an Atlantic sturgeon in the basin as well and Agu managed to catch it :p I didn’t try catching the fish, I think the kids were having more fun with it anyway.

 Some Atlantic sturgeon and trout with various shapes of potatoes. Sadly, the sturgeon tasted like mud, so I ended up not eating it. The trout and the potatoes were good though.

After the fish event, we drove to Karula where general chill was planned. I fell asleep on the couch there for a few hours, because I was still tired. It did me good though.

 Some tea, sült and bread with butter.

 Pihtla Õlleköök Viljapuna (Irish red ale). This was drinkable, but the taste was altogether quite unmemorable and maybe just a bit too bland.

 Pihtla Õlleköök Ingveriõlu (ginger beer). This tasted nicely of giner and wasn’t too sweet, so I quite liked it.

 Breaded parasol mushrooms that were oh so yummy!

Therapy… 4. September 2017

 Two cucumber sandwiches for breakfast

 A milk chocolate trilobite that I got from the Estonian Museum of Natural History a while ago. Finally decided to eat the cute thing :p

 An apple and some cardamom biscuits

 Tomato soup with black rice, quinoa and sour cream; two sandwiches with cucumber, tomato and some ham

 Teekanne Lemon Cake tea and a sandwich with crunchy peanut butter. I am not a big fan of that particular tea, but I am a sucker for odd things and want to try weird flavours, so this is why I got it initially. The lemony flavour of it is okay, but there is another flavour nuance next to it that makes it taste off for me. Perhaps it’s the cake part of the tea that I don’t like xD

So, I am going to therapy now. Once a week for the foreseeable future. So far it doesn’t feel any different than going to a psychologist, but then again, I think the therapist is still getting to know me. We’ll see how it goes.

Paramparamparam… 18-19. June 2017

18. June

 Minced meat pastry, spinach pastry and coffee

 Sandwiches with avocado and ham

 Chicken, rice with broccoli sauce and some salad


19. June

 Pretzels in chocolate, cheese pastry and coffee

 Strawberry-fruit sorbet

 Burrito with cold smoked salmon and avocado