Ghost in the Shell… 10-11. April 2017

10. April

 Some cereal with milk

 A slice of rhubarb cake

 Mushroom soup with bits of bacon @ Koloniaal

 Rice noodles with veggie-smoked tofu sauce. There were only tiny bits of bell pepper in the veggie mix, so I thought it would be okay, but boy was I wrong 😦

 Rye bread with sausage

My second attempt of baking sourdough bread didn’t go too well either. The bread didn’t rise and was too mushy inside again, but this time it had formed some fermentation bubble-holes in it, so I guess it’s some progress at least 🙂 I got some tips from expert bread bakers in the family that I am going to try out next time.

11. April

 Coffee and a cranberry kohuke

 Four grain porridge with jam @ Koloniaal

 A giant chicken Kiev with some salad @ Koloniaal

 Apple juice, a pancake with ham and cheese + sour cream and salad @ Pannkoogimaja. Boyfriend gladly ate all the bellpeper in my salad.

We went to see the “Ghost in the Shell” movie in the evening. I absolutely enjoyed it. It was visually stunning and made me nostalgic for the anime. I am so glad that I saw in on the big screen, because of all the beauty and spectacle in it. Good times 🙂

Lovely birthday… 9. April 2017

It was my birthday 😀 I am now level 31. It was also my little brother’s birthday, he turned 10.

 For breakfast, I had half a pack of these cherries in chocolate.

Then my boyfriend and I went to a Japanese restaurant called YUI for lunch. We arrived about 10 minutes before they were officially open, because we messed up and looked up the opening hours for Saturday instead of Sunday. Oops. However, the waiting staff was super nice and didn’t send us back out of the door 😀

 My lovely lunch date ♥

We ordered a lot of food! xD

 First we shared some tempura (battered and deep-fried seafood/vegetables), which I must say is the best you can get in Tallinn as far as I am concerned. There was tempura prawns, salmon and assorted veggies with matcha and curry salt.

 Then we shared these tuna-mayo maki rolls.

 Prawn creamy croquettes which were oh so creamy and tasty!

 Miso soup

I had a tonkatsu o-bentou (fried pork lunchbox meal), which had rice with more tempura, wakame salad, breaded pork cutlet and a couple of sushi bites.

 Look how happy this food made me ;D

 A taiyaki (fish shaped cake with sweet bean filling) with honey and ice cream. Never did I imagine I could one day eat taiyaki in Estonia. It’s like a dream come true.

 Boyfriend had tofu blancmange with matcha ice-cream as a dessert.

 Yui was a great. The atmosphere was lovely, the service swift and polite, and the food delicious. The tastes were so nostalgic and made me miss Japan 😦

We took a hour long walk in Kadiroru park and the seaside after lunch.


 A pretty swan

 Mr. Spock

Later in the evening we went bowling with my family and a bunch of my brother’s friends. This was also fun 😀


 Having a celebratory drink

 I had a great birthday for sure 😀

Offline… 12. September 2016

 Fried rice with katsuobushi, nori shreds and wasabi-sesame spice.

 White bread with avocado and lemon salt.

 Tomato-beef stew over instant noodles with some sour cream.

 Vanilla quark with fresh raspberry jam.

 Estrella butter fried chanterelles flavoured potato chips. I was so hyped about these, but sadly, these were too salty and it was kind of hard to actually taste the chanterelles 😦


There was no internet connection at home for a few hours in the morning, so I just sat on the couch with my coffee and read a book (J.G. Ballard “High-Rise”). Usually my morning routine consists of getting a cup of coffee and checking my e-mail/social media/reading blogs… which I do many times throughout the day anyway. I think I spend a bit too much time behind my computer and don’t read enough books these days. Perhaps I should make reading a book my morning ritual instead? That would however mean I would have to somehow manage to keep my couch clean from all the stuff that tends to pile up there, because it would be such a bummer to have to clean up something first thing in the morning.

The food overdose continues… 24. June 2016

 Some Tosca cake

 A pancake with fresh strawberry jam

 Corn flakes with milk

 Plum wine and sandwich with sõir

 Ice cream


 A sandwich with sõir and another one with grilled meat

 We all snacked on some chocolate filled cookies

 Plum wine, lasagna, onion-sour cream sauce and some tomato-cucumber salad