[what I ate.] 13 – 19. May 2019

13. May

Some watermelon

Chia-chocolate pudding

Coffee, bread and an oven omelette with veggies

Olive oil mantecado

Matcha mochi

14. May

Coffee, Greek yoghurt with raspberries, almonds and chia seeds

Chicken soup

Asparagus soup with sour cream and a cheese roll

15. May

Some bread and asparagus soup with sour cream

A smoothie

Meatballs with mashed potatoes and some salad

Chocolate ice cream

French fries

Gnocci with marinated octopus

16. May

Physalis, blueberries and hazelnuts


Salmon soup

Instant noodles and crab sticks

17. May

Brownie protein bar

Greek yoghurt with raspberry kama and blueberries

Baked chicken and potatoes with some salad

18. May

Baked chicken and salad

Minced meat pastries

A chocolate muffin and coffee

Chocolate ice cream

Coffee and a cinnamon apple pie Umaibo

Sushi and shrimp tempura


19. May

Greek yoghurt with raspberry kama, physalis and blueberries

Bread and tuna

Coffee and chocolate

Asparagus wrapped in bacon and some salad

[what I ate.] 29. October – 4. November 2018

29. October

Coffee and doughnuts. Shared the doughnuts with Kadi.

Instant noodles.

Blood sausages and salad with edible flowers.

A marron glacé I bought in Catalonia. The texture was interesting.

30. October

Baked potatoes with Chinese cabbage, mushrooms and blue cheese.

Roasted corn and some chestnuts I took to work to share. The corn is epic delicious, but the chestnuts were a bit of a disappointment. I expected the chestnuts to be crunchy, because the package said they were peeled and toasted, but instead they were soaked in something and soft. Oh well.

I forgot to take a pic of dinner. I had a tuna cutlet with some salad.

Sister came for a visit and brought some ice cream.

31. October

Some freshly squeezed juice, coffee and a kama-black currant smoothie bowl with yoghurt, granola and fruit.

Chicken-cauliflower lasagna (I had some leftover scraps) and salad.

Rice cereal with milk and a quark pastry.

1. November

Kama-black currant smoothie bowl with yoghurt, granola and fruit.

Eggplant curry and brown rice.

Spinach pancakes and some salad with edible flowers and marinated pumpkin.

2. November

Coffee, some rye bread with butter.

Tuna pie with coleslaw salad.

Half a spinach pancake, a slice of tuna pie, some marinated pumpkin and vegetable soup with leafy greens.

A lemon mantecado. It’s a type of very crumbly shortbread that is usually made using pig fat. Delicious and the texture was super funny, reminding me of powdered sugar when it crumbled.

3. November

A peach kefir dessert.

Coffee, baked apple smoothie (shared with hubby) and tuna sandwiches. The smoothie was tasty. I don’t dislike cinnamon the way I used to anymore and find myself actually enjoying the taste on occasion.

Shared some snacks with hubby: Apple Cramel Yakkoi Sable (from Aomori prefecture) and a Sweet Potato Galette (from Osaka). The chewy sable was really yummy and so was the sweet potato cookie. It was adorable how the sweet potato cookie looked like an actual slice of Japanese sweet potato.

Dadu Moonlight Black ice cream 😀 This was cool looking and yummy! The ice cream was cherry flavoured.

Lamb stomach and other innards soup with sour cream and parsley. Good stuff! And some rye bread with butter.

White bread with beef liver paté.

Slow cooked beef, mashed potatoes and carrots with beef gravy and some marinated cucumber.

Banana bread with dried cranberries.

Delicious raspberry cake.

4. November

Coffee, rice porridge and some banana bread.

Raspberry cake.

Sandwiches with beef sausage and marinated cucumber.

Coffee, slow cooked beef, baked potatoes and marinated cucumber.

Shared with hubby some ice coffee chocolate sandwich cookies (from Saitama prefecture). They were really tasty.

Duck flavoured Cup Noodles. A nostalgic taste for me.

Some melissa tea and pumpkin pancakes.

Good times… 10-11. June 2017

10. June

 Coffee and three strawberry kohuke

 Magus Mull apple-lemon lemonade

 Pancake with banana and chocolate syrup

 Churros and cold brew coffee by Café y Churros at Tallinn Street Food Festival. So good! One churro was with dulce de leche and three with spicy cheese sauce. It was my first time trying churros, I am in love.

 Crispy chicken by Gostu, Kyuho’s Kitchen. Nom!

 A waffle cone with kama fluff by Vahvlihaldjad

 Bacon pizza by Street pizza

 Some grapes and pastries @ Ebe’s birthday

Foodgasm! I was at work in the morning and afterwards we popped by the Tallinn Street Food Festival. My intial idea was only to get churros, but there was so much tempting food that we ended up eating a lot xD Later in the evening we went to Ebe’s birthday party, so yeah, we totally overate xD But all was fantastic.

11. June

 Coffee, bacon-potato pastry and apple-cinnamon pastry that I shared with my bf

 Pancake with banana and honey

 Oven baked potatoes, cutlets, some salad

 Nettle marmalade. It sadly tasted mostly like sugar.

 Water kimchi! I used this recipe to make it. Turned out great, however I think it needs to sour for another couple of days.

 Potato-barley curry with mayonnaise

Boyfriend was a sweetheart and came to work with me in the morning. We had coffee and pancakes ♥ After work I popped by @ Koht. Elvira treated me to some fantastic passionfruit beer.
When I got home, boyfriend had cleaned the apartment floors. Bless him! I hate vacuuming so much. We had dinner and watched “American Gods”. Good day, good day.

A slower day… 21. September 2016

 Coffee and some kama I shared with my boyfriend.

 An apple.

 Lunch at Rataskaevu 16. Amazing restaurant this place! I started with this amazing latte.

 Aww 😀

 We shared a pumpkin soup with the boyfriend.

 Complimentary delicious bread and butter. Also tiny snacks with horseradish I think they were.

 Slow-roasted duck leg, hulled barley with leeks and a cherry sauce. This was so good! The duck meat was super tender and the cherry sauce was spot on with everything.

 Warm chocolate cake with vanilla ice cream and raspberry-lime sauce. Omnomnom!

 Hot cocoa @ Café More

 A cucumber and gin cocktail @ Scotland Yard Pub

Thick meat soup and bread with butter @ Olde Hansa. I also had a jug of mead! Olde Hansa is a fantastic place really. I really enjoyed the meat soup and the atmosphere there.

 Strengthened house coffee with whipped cream and St.John’s cake. The coffee was great, but the cake was a bit too gingerbready for me, so boyfriend got to eat that :p


Oh gosh. We took a bit of a slower day with our guests without so much walking xD We visited Tallinn City Museum and after that we mostly sat in different cafés and restaurants and did some light souvenir shopping in between. I was in a complete blissful food coma by the end of the day 😀

 Good company 😀

 Pub time. Photo by boyfriend. I look so tired.

Great atmosphere and amazing live music @ Olde Hansa

  Mead time! Photo by Sempi.

Flea market… 27. August 2016

 Coffee and some tuna onigiri.

 Home-made ice cream @ the flea market. One scoop was kama flavoured, the other one basil-orange flavoured. Delicious stuff!

 A luscious pulled pork burrito. It was super juicy and tasty.

 Shepherd’s pie with some cucumber and tomato.


We spent the day at a big flea market trying to get rid of our excess stuff we no longer needed. I had lots of clothes, books and doodads with me and boyfriend brought along some of his ancient computer stuff. I was skeptical about the computer parts selling well, but eventually these sold much better than my things xD Guys, who looked stereotypically nerdy, flocked around and went all: “oh, this is the exact piece of cable I’ve been needing!” or “oh wow, of course I will buy this 10 years old mouse, it’s awesome!” etc. It was funny.

It’s kind of awesome when your old junk becomes someone else’s treasure. My highlight of the day was a young guy who found “Almost Transparent Blue” by Murakami Ryū from my box of books. Apparently he had been trying to find that book for ages as it’s out of print these days. I asked 3 euros for it and he sprinted off to get money. When he returned, he gave me 6 euros instead, because he was just so happy about the find xD

We got rid of almost half of the stuff we had brought along and the rest we donated to a re-use centre, because honestly- we just wanted to get rid of it all xD

Smoothies are expensive… 22. July 2016

 Some kefir with kama flour and corn flakes

 This Innocent Smoothie Plus antioxidant smoothie was on sale, so I thought I’d give it a try. It had kiwifruit, lime, wheatgrass and flax seeds in it among other stuff. It was pretty delicious.

 Carrot-celery risotto. Recipe that I roughly used can be found here.

Sometimes you have to do things you don’t like… 18. July 2016

 Kefir with kama flour and some raspberries.

 Some blueberry-banana smoothie with chia seeds and oats; salad with eggs, sausage and radish sprouts.


I went and registered to a sports club. I picked a “free use” package which means I can go there whenever I want to when they are open, do whatever I choose out of what they offer and however long I like. I’m kind of hoping this will somehow work better for me instead of signing up for a few classes that happen only at certain times during the week. This way I can’t be all: oh I missed the class on Tuesday, welp next class is on Friday and then when Friday arrives maybe  I won’t feel like going. Maybe I’ll manage to make myself go swimming or walk on a treadmill instead occasionally when I don’t feel like going to a group practice.

This is going to be difficult for me, because I truly hate exercise. But it needs to be done I guess.

I’m probably not going to write much about how the entire gym thing goes, because that’s, no offence to my friends who are crazy enthusiastic workout people or have a fitness blog, super boring to me. I’ve dropped so many blogs in the past two years that have turned from great reads to boring workout recaps :/ I still only read the ones of my friends, because that’s what friends do. In general, however, I have trouble believing that anyone actually enjoys getting all sweaty and tired or running around aimlessly for kilometres. People must be lying to themselves and their inner masochists must be really gullible. Maybe I’ll drop a note about it if this all fails or if I’ve been doing extremely well xD

Fun extra fact about me: I tried going out for a jog some years ago, but ended up not running much, because there were always people around and being caught running, with my face all red and sweaty, felt as embarrassing to me as getting caught having sex. Ever since my brain made that connection, I always feel uncomfortable when I spot someone running xD There is however some awe and respect mixed in that feeling as well, because I could never do something like that in public. I simply don’t exercise in public, ever. I haven’t even ever done any sit-ups or hula hooped etc. when my boyfriend is at home. No, in my mind, things like that should only be done in private. Gyms are not in public however, being gross and sweaty there is kind of acceptable, because everyone does that there. Does that make sense?

No offence meant to anyone, really. Do what makes you happy. It’s just that I personally don’t neither like to do the same things nor read about such things. It’s  simply a weird quirk of mine.

Epic rain and hail… 10. July 2016

 Kefir with kama flour and some sugar

 Coffee and a croissant with tuna salad at mom’s place

 Mashed carrots and potatoes with some cucumber and tomatoes


There were heavy rain and hail showers outside for the bigger part of the day. I really wanted to go to a local second hand store and later pick up my bike from mom’s place, but the weather was really not good for a walk. It cleared up in intervals and turned all sunny and warm for a few minutes before it started either raining or hailing again. We did go to the second hand store and visit my mom, but we did so by car and I didn’t get my bike. We mostly managed to avoid getting wet, until at one point when we were at a local grocery store and it started hailing really heavily (see video on my instagram), so the store actually flooded (see the flood happening on my instagram). When the hail finally turned into rain, we escaped the flooded store and into our car to go to my mom’s place xD

On another note, follow me on instagram! 😀 Let me know if you do, so I will know to follow you back 😀 I don’t always follow everyone back, but I wouldn’t mind following my fellow bloggers 🙂

Anyhow, when we left my mom’s place, I apparently forgot both my hat and my bag there and didn’t even notice until mom called me about it hours later xD Good thing she noticed, because I would have been unpleasantly surprised the next morning when realizing I didn’t have neither my wallet nor my keys. She was awesome and dropped the things off for me 😀

Well there goes the detox… 8. July 2016

 Kefir with kama flour

 Saku Manchester beer and a peach

 Food: salads, carrots, potato chips, different types of cheese and some ham, cheese pastry, veggies for grilling…

 Some cheese pastry, boiled potatoes with dill, salad and a freshly pickled cucumber

 A couple of beef sausages

 Had half of this grilled beef slice

 Campari with orange juice 😀

 Grilled sweet potato and zucchini

 Another sausage and I ate about half of that chicken piece

 Cake, whipped cream and strawberries for dessert


Soooo… I am a weak human being obviously 😀 Anna was in Estonia so she invited us for a garden party at her mother’s house and of course I couldn’t not eat :p The evening was awesome though with good company, a sauna interlude and great food 🙂