[what I ate.] 14 – 20 January 2019

14. January

Coffee, fish pastry with rice.

Cauliflower soup with roasted seeds and bacon crisps.

Coleslaw salad and some chicken.

Coffee and some dark chocolate with blueberries and nuts.

Sour plum flavoured gummies.

15. January

Curry udon with corn. So delicious!

Boiled wieners.

Roasted chicken and some salad.

Apple-berry pie.

16. January

A couple of bites of cheesecake.

A taste of some pastries.

Some beef stroganoff, beetroot salad and sugar snap peas.

Coffee, salad with roast chicken and mushrooms.

17. January

Roast chicken and salad.

Not sure if I ate anything else that day. I probably did, but apparently forgot to snap photos.

18. January

A couple of boiled eggs and some persimmon.

Rice with soy sauce and mushrooms.

Baked white fish with some tomato, cauliflower and garlic sprouts.

19. January

Buckwheat porridge with tuna.

Blueberries and coffee.

Some carrots and hummus.

Bubbly and Napoleon cake.

Instant noodles with chicken, broccoli and tomato.

Some chocolate-orange gelato.

20. January

A couple of boiled eggs, nettle rye bread with vegetable paste. Also, a cup of coffee.

Steamed cauliflower and green beans with katsuobushi and ponzu and a slice of nettle rye bread.

Boiled potatoes, salad and baked white fish.

Offline… 12. September 2016

 Fried rice with katsuobushi, nori shreds and wasabi-sesame spice.

 White bread with avocado and lemon salt.

 Tomato-beef stew over instant noodles with some sour cream.

 Vanilla quark with fresh raspberry jam.

 Estrella butter fried chanterelles flavoured potato chips. I was so hyped about these, but sadly, these were too salty and it was kind of hard to actually taste the chanterelles 😦


There was no internet connection at home for a few hours in the morning, so I just sat on the couch with my coffee and read a book (J.G. Ballard “High-Rise”). Usually my morning routine consists of getting a cup of coffee and checking my e-mail/social media/reading blogs… which I do many times throughout the day anyway. I think I spend a bit too much time behind my computer and don’t read enough books these days. Perhaps I should make reading a book my morning ritual instead? That would however mean I would have to somehow manage to keep my couch clean from all the stuff that tends to pile up there, because it would be such a bummer to have to clean up something first thing in the morning.

Marinating cucumbers… 14. August 2016

 Weird breakfast of rice, French fries and beef chili turned into a sauce.

 A banana.

 Some grilled chicken and tomato salad.

 Pickled cucumber and sausages for snacking.

 Coffee, rice with Chinese cabbage, eggs, katsuobushi and soy sauce.

 Karl Fazer London Toffee Rocks Salty Cookie infused milk chocolate.


We spent most of the day at my parent’s place making preparations for marinating cucumbers. Lots of washing stuff and chopping things.

Deadpool’s Art of War… 25 April 2016

 Garlic mashed potatoes with cottage cheese and dill + a cup of coffee

 A banana

 A bun stuffed with wieners and cheese and some green tea

 Onigiri (with avocado and mayo), radish salad and miso soup with wakame

 Peppermint tea and Alfort Mini Chocolate matcha chocolate cookie bites


I got a new comic book and I am so excited to read it 😀

Skiing… 15. March 2016

 Coffee and pancakes with blueberry jam

 More coffee and a banana

 Karl Fazer New York Iced Coffee & Mudcake chocolate

 Toasted pumpkin bread with avocado and lemon salt

 Tea, rice with tuna, veggies, soy sauce and katsuobushi


We went skiing in the evening with my boyfriend and Liia. It was fun, but a bit scary as well as it’s only the third time I’ve ever skied. The first time I was in elementary school and I broke my skies after maybe 30minutes in the forest with them. After that I never had skis again; second time I tried skiing on Kuutsemäe about 8 or so years ago: I managed to ski down the mountain twice and then decided that it was unnecessarily scary and that I never wanted to do that again. Sure there was the adrenaline rush and the excitement that I managed to get down the mountain in one piece, but it didn’t outweigh the fear and terrible feeling of not liking the process one bit. I was constantly mumbling: “oh shit, oh shit, I’m gonna die, I’m gonan die oh god” while descending the mountain; the third time was this time. I did so badly that it made me seriously wonder how on earth I managed to ski down a mountain twice without falling xD Beginners luck maybe? Had I tried it a third time back then perhaps I would have broken my neck, so good thing I didn’t :p

Skiing on flat ground is okay however. I wouldn’t mind trying it again next year I think.