Tihane… 8. March 2016

 Cocoa quark (kohupiim) and coffee

 Chicken and mushroom pasta with some salad

 Scallops and toast at my parent’s place

 Mom made some cookies and we had some tea too

 Toasted pumpkin bread with bovine liver paté


Aitasin vennal kodutööd teha. Tuli kirjutada jutuke nii, et iga sõna algaks ühe ja sama tähega:

Talvine Tallinn

Tige tihane tuterdas talvises Tallinnas. Talle tekitas tänaval talvitumine tohutult tuska. Tihane tahtnuks talvituda tunduvalt turvalisemas Tuneesias. Teinud Tallinnas tusase tiiru, tundus talle tulutu trammide taga taielda. Tagatipuks tüütasid teda tobedad targutavad turuvarblased. Tõsiselt talvisest Tallinnast tüdinud tihane tutvus Tartust tulnud turteltuviga. Tuvi tekitas tusasele tihasele tunduvalt toredama tunde.

Pagana keeruline oli. Ma küll ei oleks suutnud esimeses klassis midagi sellist kokku kirjutada.

Will it pie?… 1. February 2016

 Raspberry-pomegranate quark (kohupiim)

 Rice with wakame and seeds

 Wheat cracker with cold smoked bacon

 Pastry feast for friends: blueberry muffins, quark pastry (that unfortunately were undercooked, there was raw dough still in the middle), Karelian pastries, cinnamon buns, trout pastries, noodle-bacon pie. + coffee

 Noodle-bacon pie. Boyfriend asked me to make noodle pie, so I did. It was surprisingly tasty :p

Doing okay… 20. January 2016

 Some pastries I brought from Pärnu: a cinnamon pastry, meat pastry and a quark (kohupiim) pastry

 A persimmon

 Two wakame onigiri and some vegetable-tofu soup with mushrooms

 Coffee and CadburyDairy Milk Marvelous Mix-Ups with Maynards: this candy pack was a mix of chocolates and gummy candy. Was pretty alright, though I like a similar mix that is sold in Estonia a bit better.

Kombucha… 27. November 2015

 Kama quark (kohupiim) and coffee

 Slice of apple pie

 Salted salmon sushi rolls

 Mushroom risotto and fresh salad with lamb’s lettuce and tomatoes. I found out that lamb’s lettuce is also called rapunzel :p I always wondered what rapunzel actually was, so now I know.

 Equinox Wild Berry Kombucha. It was a weird sour tasting drink. I liked it.

 Tea and Zefir

Not so fun taxi adventures… 28. October 2015

 Vanilla quark (kohupiim) with vanilla curd

 Cabbage and minced meat stew with sour cream

 Two zefirs: one was lemon-ginger flavoured, the other one was supposed to have a different flavour as well, but I couldn’t really tell what it was. Also had a cup of coffee.

 Messy cheese and live paté sandwiches


I had the worst luck with taxies that day. I was supposed to go and pick up my little brother from his ice-skating practice, so I ordered a taxi to come and pick me up at a certain time. I went outside when the time was right, but the taxi was no where. Okay, sometimes they can be late due to traffic, so I waited 5 minutes, waited 10 minutes, 15 minutes. Since I was by then starting to run late, I called the taxi company to ask about the holdup. The receptionist lady totally freaked out and said she had accidentally booked the taxi for me for two hours later, but she could get a taxi to come and pick me up in 8 minutes.

So I wait for the replacement taxi. 8 minutes pass, then 10… 15 minutes and still no taxi. It’s cold outside and I am getting really irritated, because I am by now really late. Also I can’t reach my little brother, because his phone is off. So I call the taxi company again and the receptionist is baffled that there still is no taxi for me. She looks in to the issue and it turns out that the taxi has been waiting for me in the beginning of the street instead of driving up to my house… I mean, sorry, but where is the logic in that?

I finally get my taxi and we are off to pick up my brother. The taxi driver takes a wrong turn, curses loudly and we end up doing a huge circle around the block to get back to the direction we need. He was also driving super recklessly, so by the time we picked up my brother and got to my parents house, I was feeling quite sick and had to lie down and wait for my stomach to stop whirl-winding.