Cake!… 9. November 2017

 Tesco Malt Wheats Raspberry Cereal with milk and a cup of coffee. The cereal was pretty alright, but a bit too sweet for my likes.

 Mango-chocolate cake.

 Baked chicken with rice and mushroom sauce with a side of some salad.

 Coffee and a salad with leftover pasta sauce from last night.

 Cranberry red velvet cake and Napoleon cake.


… 19. September 2017

 Potato and minced meat stew over brown rice

 A pancake with banana and honey

 Cherry-aronia skyr drink. This was way too thick to drink, most of it didn’t come out of the bottle.

 Dried strawberries

 Carrot soup

Rough day… 18. September 2017

 Cranberry kohuke

 Two bacon and cheese pastries straight out of the oven

 Miso soup @ Tokumaru

 Chicken katsu curry. I felt upset and tired after my doctor’s appointment, so I decided to treat myself to something nice. This truly hit the spot.

 Salad with lamb’s lettuce

 Potato and minced meat stew with sour cream

I went and opened the café before my doctor’s appointment in the morning. Then I had the appointment which was… difficult. So, after I had run a few more errands, I treated myself to some nice food and then went home to sleep. The evening was quite a lot more tolerable after my long nap. Sometimes nice food and sleeping the day away are just the answers you need.

Getting things off my chest… 14. September 2017

 Salmon and egg bagel and salted cucumber from a convenience store and a cup of hot lovely coffee.

 A couple of tangerine candies. I got these from Candy Japan and I was absolutely thrilled about how cute they were and how good they tasted.

 Beetroot latte.

 Clear vegetable soup with minced meat and a dollop of sour cream + some coriander bread.

 A couple of apples.

 Dinner with boyfriend. I had another beetroot latte and we shared some sweet potato fries.

 A pancake with honey.

 A chocolate pastry.

I have been unhappy with my work lately. I mean, I still enjoy the actual work part, I am just tired of running against walls and minor problems not getting solved for months and then us, the people behind the counter, getting blamed for things going wrong even though we have no control over any of it. It has been frustrating and stressful. I got the owners involved now, so hopefully all parties will get their proper say and changes will be made. If not, then… I will be very very sad.

Apparently, there was a huge magnetic storm… 8. September 2017

 Chickpea-zucchini salad and a chicken pastry

 Beef stewed in cream sauce with some potatoes and salad

 A bit of banana-blueberry smoothie

 A cheese pastry

 Rice with cabbage-minced meat stew and a chicken pastry

 Boon Kriek Mariage Parfait 2014. Pretty nice tasting lambic beer.

It was just one of THESE days where everything goes wrong and is terrible. There was nausea, almost throwing up at work, my sense of smell going wonky so EVERYTHING smelled strong and awful… and on top of that the drinks fridge at work broke when I closed the door on it after getting a pack of almond milk from there and I almost got hit by a huge ass absinthe bottle that fell down from the top of it :s I’m not quite certain what exactly or how it happened, all I know is that things broke and fell and I am quite happy that I didn’t get hurt.

I was so utterly exhausted by the end of my work day. I started making stupid mistakes with things already as well. I was so glad when my replacement shift arrived and I could go home… 8D