[what I ate.] 22-28. October 2018

22. October – Venom

A banana.

Some vitamin water and a doughnut after working out. I took the second doughnut to Kerttu at her work place.

Coffee with my love in my favourite café The Living Room Café.

Popcorn. We went to see “Venom.” While not a perfect movie, it was still really fun and enjoyable. Not sure why most of the internet seems to be complaining over it. I had a blast and wouldn’t mind watching it again.

Salmon soup at my parent’s house.

Some cookies and tea.

23. October – from Tallinn to Girona

An almond pastry.

Quite crappy pelmeni with sour cream. The pelmeni were flavourless. I hadn’t bought this brand before, so it was a disappointment.

A grilled sandwich with cheese and sausage.

A latte and a chocolate croissant at KOHVer Café. Both were mediocre. I was disappointed, because I had over the top good memories of this place from the last time I was at the airport. No exquisite latte this time 😦 I mean it wasn’t bad, it was alright as far most coffee drinks go in Estonia, just I was hoping for a repeat wonderful experience.

Coffee on the plane. This was something new for me. They prepared this coffee by pouring hot water over fresh grounds in the cup. I mean I have made coffee like that at home many a time, but never have I seen such coffee being served in an establishment and with specialized disposable cups like these. Interesting and the coffee was good.

Some bread and ham late at night.

24. October

Fried eggs and bacon, some tomato, toast with cream cheese and ham. Coffee, a walnut-cereal yoghurt.

Coffee and a banana with a magnificent view. The kind of bananas I ate in Catalonia tasted different from the ones we usually can buy at home. I loved the flavour a lot and I hope I can find similar ones in Estonia too. Perhaps I should try to look in some organic food stores.

Pasta carbonara for dinner. There was also salad and baked chicken-vegetable skewers. I only remembered to take a photo midway dinner xD

Beer and ice cream.

25. October

An omelette and pa amb tomata which is a traditional Catalan breakfast staple. Basically it’s “bread with tomato” xD First you rub the toast with garlic, then with tomato and then pour some olive oil on top. Quite a tasty breakfast 😀

Some yoghurt, orange juice, coffee and cake.

Some orange and tomatoes, toast with hazelnut-milk spread and a cup of coffee.

Some cookies, brioche and a lemon muffin.


Roast chicken with onions, plums, garlic and cinnamon, with a side of some salad and garlicy potatoes. Apparently, this type of meat dish is a typical Catalan Christmas food, but it was made for us as a special occasion 🙂 It was extremely delicious!


A French style apple pie for dessert.

26. October

Orange juice, yoghurt, coffee, pa amb tomata, fried eggs, bacon.

A cappuccino and some complimentary olives. I almost never eat olives in Estonia, because most of the ones sold here taste gross. These were quite lovely tasting!

Bread and anchovies. I am not too sure about the anchovies, they weren’t bad, but I can’t say that I particularly liked them either.

Snails in spicy sauce. These were yummy!

Beer and a banana.

Vegetable puree soup with croutons and some funky French bread other guests from France shared with us.

Salad, some fried sausages (a bit too salty for my likes) and a macaroni dish with pork ribs that was oh so delicious.

Nice chocolate cake with crappy canned whipped cream.

27. October – going back to Estonia

Coconut yoghurt, coffee, omelette, bacon, pa amb tomata.

Some orange juice and chocolate chip cake.

A sugar doughnut and some coffee.

Roasted giant corn. So yummy!

Some potato chips and a cappuccino on the plane. I like the text on the cup: “Please attend to your own cappuccino before attempting to steal your neighbour’s” xD A funny twist on the airplane safety tips xD

Chicken tikka masala. It looked and smelled awful but tasted alright.

28. October

Coffee, chocolate chip bread.

Buckwheat with beef liver, sour cream and some salad.

Pocari Sweat. Good hydrating drink :p

Infinity War… 8. May 2018

 Oat-rice porridge with slices of chocolate orange, chia seeds and roasted sunflower seeds.

 Homemade lemonade @ Gotsu

 Hubby had some bulgogi and ssambap.

 I had kimchi stew with pork and some rice.

Also had popcorn at the movies…

 Banana bread.

We went to see “Avengers: Infinity War” in the evening with hubby and Miss K. Wheesh, that movie was a ride… I was quietly muttering “oh no no no no” to myself a lot when watching the story unfold. It was just heart-breaking how many of my favourite characters died D: I mean, some of them will most likely return, but still…

It was confusing. The movie was quite upsetting to watch, but it was also very very good… and funny! Despite the horribly heavy subject matter. I also didn’t expect to sympathize with the main villain :/ I mean I felt for him, just did not agree with his methods etc. It was weird and unexpected.

I was quite peeved however that my hope of my OTP having some screen time together again never happened… that hope disappeared very quickly, because they killed one of them off in the first 5 minutes of the film 8D

Anyway, I am so looking forward to the next one!

Suicide Squad… 25. August 2016

 Toasted rye bread with cheese spread and tomato + a cup of coffee.

 A banana.

 A couple of boiled eggs with flavoured salt and a sandwich with cheese spread, smoked pork, cucumber and tomato.

 A warm meat salad @ Tommi Grill.

 Fried chicken wings to share with everyone.


We went to see “Suicide Squad” with my boyfriend and Miss K. The movie was alright I suppose. It wasn’t what I expected it to be and the storyline was pretty confusing and full of weird plot holes, but most of the characters were pretty lovable. It had fun action and it was pretty funny at times, but they had tried to cram so many characters and back stories to one movie that it was all a bit meh in the end. I did love Harley Quin a lot. The Joker was… meh… too forcefully stylised and not working for me. I didn’t hate the character; I just wasn’t impressed by him either. The Enchantress was cool visually and the rest of the bunch was great too… except for Katana. I think she could be an interesting character on her own, but in the movie she felt so out of place.

Altogether I think it was a fun movie to watch if you don’t take it too seriously or are not overly invested in the characters.

Warcraft… 8. June 2016

 A soup with glass noodles and wakame

 Boiled mini pelmeni and salad with cottage cheese

Frozen yoghurt and beer


We went to see “Warcraft” with my boyfriend and his friends. It turned out to be the premiere of the movie, so there were press photographers snapping photos of people (I probably look like a frightened deer on the photo they took of me, because they caught me in a surprise), a lottery where they gave away copies of World of Warcraft and Overwatch, and a local “famous” youtuber who did a quick introduction to the movie. They also offered everyone free Monster Energy drinks, which was terrible, because these things stink like fuck. Thankfully not many people actually opened them in the movie theatre.

Now, as someone who has never played Warcraft, I quite enjoyed the movie. Sure it wasn’t a perfect movie, but it was beautiful and coherent enough for me to like it. Can’t say I was bored at any moment. The orcs looked awesome and I really liked the world and the fantastic in it. It absolutely doesn’t deserve the crap reviews it has been getting from critics. Critics are ridiculous these days, because it almost feels like it’s fashionable to be uber-negative about absolutely everything.

I was however a bit confused at a couple of instances and it felt to me that some scenes were missing that would have explained a few things. At a couple of times, it felt as if some middle-scenes were cut out, like some scenes between two others that would have… how to explain this? Hmm. Let’s say in the first scene, a guy says he is going to do a thing… then there is a scene missing… and in the next scene he is doing something completely else? What happened in-between the two scenes that changed something? What led from one scene to the other?

I also would have preferred if they had opted for a unified style for the movie. Either made the entire thing with mo-cap and digital or had created the orcs with prosthetics and then tuned everything up a bit digitally. The digital orcs and the actor played humans clashed too much in style.

But eh. I personally enjoyed “Warcraft” a lot more than I did for instance “Star Wars: The Force Awakens.” I would watch the former again, given a chance, but probably wouldn’t be bothered with the latter.