[what I ate.] 8-14. April 2019

8. April

Pesto chicken and quinoa with tomatoes and sprouts.

A banana with sunflower- and pumpkin seeds.

Coffee, hazelnuts.

Doughnuts, veggies with dip.

Strawberries and coffee.

9. April – Level up!

Rye bread with beef ham and a cup of coffee.

Sister brought me a slice of lemon cake and an éclair.

Coffee and a slice of raspberry-quark cake.

Roasted and salted corn.

Birthday dinner with hubby in Washoku Story. Started with some matcha latte.

Tuna tataki.

Chicken karaage.

Chicken soy ramen.

10. April

Coffee and raspberry-quark cake.

A green smoothie with chlorella, matcha and spinach.

Cheesecake flavoured kohuke. I bought it because the packaging was cute.

Beetroot soup with sesame seeds and rye bread with salted salmon.

Potato chips.

11. April

Greek yoghurt with passion fruit and seeds + coffee.

A pear and some peanut butter.

Pesto chicken and quinoa.

A smoothie. Heck if I remember what was in it xD

12. April

Pesto chicken and quinoa with some tomatoes; rye bread with salted salmon and then a cup of coffee.

Some tasty cookies and a few bites of these horrible horrible tasting doughnuts. Nobody could stomach the doughnuts, so we threw them away xD

Japanese style curry with rice.

Loviise made me some kringel 😀

13. April

Porridge with strawberry jam and some coffee.

Japanese style curry with rice.

Mushroom risotto.

14. April

Rye bread with salted salmon.

Soba noodles and salad.

Jiu-jitsu… 28. November 2015

 A delicious cherry chocolate

 Mushroom risotto with lamb’s lettuce, baby tomatoes and a cup of coffee

 Some more of these cherry chocolates and zefir in chocolate

 All the foods

 Mulled wine and fish pastry

 I nibbled on this and that


 Cake. The text reads: When you have a boyfriend whom you really like, then you can live until death. Odd text that one xD

 And more cakes


Our friend were celebrating their birthdays and their 10 year anniversary all together. First we went to a Brazilian jiu-jitsu demonstration that was somewhat homoerotic, but maybe that’s just me xD I mean there were men, simply hugging each other on the floor and forcing their partner into submission 😛 It was funny. And then there was a party at their place afterwards. Was a fun evening.

Kombucha… 27. November 2015

 Kama quark (kohupiim) and coffee

 Slice of apple pie

 Salted salmon sushi rolls

 Mushroom risotto and fresh salad with lamb’s lettuce and tomatoes. I found out that lamb’s lettuce is also called rapunzel :p I always wondered what rapunzel actually was, so now I know.

 Equinox Wild Berry Kombucha. It was a weird sour tasting drink. I liked it.

 Tea and Zefir