Nanana… 19. March 2017

 Oatmeal porridge with pumpkin seeds, some butter, honey and a banana

 A slice of apple-pear cake with halva

 Fried potatoes with horseradish-cream cheese sauce, baked breaded fish and some salad with garlic sprouts

Kong… 14. March 2017

 A banana and soured milk pancake; oatmeal porridge with pumpkin seeds, butter and honey

 A vanilla kohuke

 Fried potatoes with eggs, boiled sausages and some marinated cucumber

I spent the day with Miss K shopping at my favourite second-hand store which went really well as I found myself 5 new dresses, new leggings and a skirt 😀 Plus, the company for the usually tedious task of shopping was great too. In the evening we went to see “Kong: Skull Island” with her which was an amazing monster movie 😀 It was visually stunning and in general really good entertainment. Also, my very first reaction I had in the beginning of the movie was kind of hilarious to me. I turned to my friend two minutes into the movie and went: “Wait, is that… Miyavi?!?!?” And behold, it was xD So, the movie had pretty men to look at (Miyavi and Tom Hiddleston) and giant monsters fighting visually epic battles. Also, a certain scene with an octopus made me crave for sushi xD Good movie, go see it when you get a chance 🙂

Sweet potatoes… 8. March 2017

 Oatmeal porridge with raspberry jam, puffed rice and chia seeds

 Sweet potato fries, fried egg, bacon and some salad @ Koloniaal. I don’t usually like the taste of sweet potatoes, but they are quite delicious in a fry form 😀

 Fried potatoes, panko crusted baked fish and come cucumber salad

Kimi no Na wa… 17-18. November 2016

17. November

 Ice cream with cocoa cereal.

 Oatmeal porridge with honey.

 Glass noodles.

 Stewed chicken and potatoes with some avocado salad and beetroot.

18. November

 Stewed chicken with avocado salad and some beetroot; rice with chicken sauce.

 Some shrimp spring rolls and lamb sauce with some rice that I shared with my boyfriend.

 A slice of apple-halve pie.

We went to see an anime called “Kimi no Na wa” in the evening. It was a part of the PÖFF Asian programme and it was the only PÖFF movie we saw this year. No other movie really grabbed my fancy from the list and most of the Japanese movies this year seemed either ultra violent or depressing, so I had no desire to see them. Anyway, “Kimi no Na wa,” was super beautiful and a very sweet anime. It was about a boy and a girl occasionally switching bodies while they slept and about the shenanigans that ensued… but don’t be fooled, despite it having its funny moments, it most definitely wasn’t a comedy. It had a bit of everything: funny moments, sadness, fairy tale elements, fluff, tragedy. Also, the music was beautiful:

I loved it. Watch it if you get a chance.

Café cat… 15-16. November 2016

15. November

 A banana.

 Salad, fried eggs, ham sandwiches.

 A ham sandwich and buckwheat soup with cheese.

 Sweet potato chocolates. They were super sweet, but went surprisingly well with tea.

16. November

 Oatmeal porridge with honey and some persimmon.

 Minced meat pie and a café latte @ Nikolay

 Another slice of the minced meat pie and then some quark pie.

I met up with Marit in the evening and we got some pie @ Nikolay bar-buffet. The place was really nice with delicious pies, cheeky Russian boys behind the counter and they even had a giant red fluffy cat living in their establishment. I think more cafés and restaurants need a cat or a dog 😀 There is a photo of the cat on my Instagram if you’d like to see.

Coffee and cake… 13-14. November 2016

13. November

 Oatmeal porridge with a banana and some tangerine slices.

 Coffee and a slice of pistachio-orange cake @ Ristikheina Kohvik.

 Coffee and a tangerine kohuke.

 Noodle wok and a sandwich with venison roulade.

 Apple bread pudding with milk and a cup of tea.

Met up with Josie at Ristikheina Kohvik for some coffee and cake. I finally delivered her the book I had promised to give her for ages. It was a really nice time had 🙂

14. November

 Venison roulade sandwich and coffee.

 Instant noodles and a grilled chicken legs.

 Noodle wok with salad.

 Apple bread pudding with milk and a cup of coffee.