[what I ate.] 13 – 19. May 2019

13. May

Some watermelon

Chia-chocolate pudding

Coffee, bread and an oven omelette with veggies

Olive oil mantecado

Matcha mochi

14. May

Coffee, Greek yoghurt with raspberries, almonds and chia seeds

Chicken soup

Asparagus soup with sour cream and a cheese roll

15. May

Some bread and asparagus soup with sour cream

A smoothie

Meatballs with mashed potatoes and some salad

Chocolate ice cream

French fries

Gnocci with marinated octopus

16. May

Physalis, blueberries and hazelnuts


Salmon soup

Instant noodles and crab sticks

17. May

Brownie protein bar

Greek yoghurt with raspberry kama and blueberries

Baked chicken and potatoes with some salad

18. May

Baked chicken and salad

Minced meat pastries

A chocolate muffin and coffee

Chocolate ice cream

Coffee and a cinnamon apple pie Umaibo

Sushi and shrimp tempura


19. May

Greek yoghurt with raspberry kama, physalis and blueberries

Bread and tuna

Coffee and chocolate

Asparagus wrapped in bacon and some salad

[what I ate.] 15-21. October 2018

15. October

Strawberry quark.

A banana and some coffee.

Sausage sandwich.

Rice with tuna, potatoes, cabbage, sour cream and soy sauce.

Nougat chocolate bar.

16. October

Vegetable soup with sour cream.

Coffee, some chocolate truffles and mini scones.

Mashed potatoes with pearl barley and grilled chicken legs.

17. October

Coffee, scrambled eggs, mushrooms and some salad.

A banana bread muffin.

Chicken soup with sour cream.

Rich cream cheese flavoured Umaibo.

18. October

Semolina porridge with strawberry jam and butter; a croissant with smoked salmon.

Rye bread with mashed avocado and poached eggs + some salad.

A cheese pastry.

Had dinner with Kadi in Washoku Story: started with some karaage.

Seafood ramen. It was okay, I wasn’t big into the salmon, so I traded that for some salmon croquettes with Kadi 😀

Matcha ice cream with a matcha cookie and some azuki bean paste.

19. October

A wonky poppy seed pastry 😀

Rice noodle salad with green beans, cabbage and carrots.

I think I forgot to photograph my dinner…

20. October

Coffee, chocolate brownie quark.

Konnyaku noodles with seafood, broccoli, cauliflower and mayonnaise.

Cola gummies.

21. October

Coffee, cocoa cereal with milk.

It was my husband’s birthday so I bought a cake: passion fruit-pistachio cheesecake. It was lush and so delicious.

We also had dinner at NOK NOK. We started with some marinated prawn patties with plum sauce.

A glass noodle salad with prawns, squid and mussles.

I had stir-fried crispy duck with pork. It was very delicious. Oh yes, all dishes came with a side of rice.

Shared dessert no.1- sticky rice with mango and sesame seeds. This was absolutely delicious!

Shared dessert no.2- coconut ice cream with longan, jackfruit, palm seed heart and peanuts.

To Tartu and back… 8. April 2016

 Barley porridge with butter


 Sushi time: tempura salmon and wakame futomaki and baby octopus hosomaki + some green tea to drink.

 Some Raffaello confectionery

 Green tea mango mantra Boost

 Chicken salad and moussaka


I went to Tartu with my mom, sis and brother. We went there because my brother had an ice-skating competition there. It was pretty awesome to see my little brother dancing on ice like a pro 😀

Crimson Peak… 12. November 2015

 Banana-honey yoghurt drink and a cup of coffee

 Miso soup with bok choy and eggs


 A banana

 Baked a zucchini-tomato quiche and had a slice of it too

 Apple pasry


We went to see “Crimson Peak” with Miss K and my boyfriend in the evening. Such a gorgeous movie; I loved the aesthetics of it a lot. I hid my face against my boyfriend’s shoulder during the very violent parts, but mostly it wasn’t too scary. I simply can’t stand graphic depiction of violence. Thankfully it was just a couple of scenes like that in there.

But mmm such a fantastic twisted ghost story, amazing actors (Tom Hiddleston!) and beautiful imagery. I was rather pleased with it.

Manna La Roosa… 22. November 2014

 Fried eggs, grilled ribs, coffee

 Boiled pelmeni, some banana and kiwifruit. Had some bouillon to drink.

 We had dinner @ Manna La Roosa to celebrate Miss K’s birthday. Pictured are my boyfriend’s mocktail, a special Manna La Roosa beer brew by Vormsi Õlu (which was really tasty), and … whatever Miss K was having :p

 Bread and herb butter. Nom.

 Different steak tartares. They have either changed their menu or it’s outdated, but I can’t really find that exact set there anymore. Was good tho.

 I had Pan-fried scallops, deep-fried octopus & black risotto

 Miss K ate a pan fried salmon fillet with potato, egg yolk confit and trout roe sauce… and veggies. Really most of the dishes we ate don’t quite match the things in the menu. I like how it was served on a frying pan though 😀

 Boyfriend had grilled beef entrecote with porcini cream and romanesco cabbage

 My not so good Mojito and other stuffs

 Had a quark pancake (sõrnik) in sour berry sauce for dessert

 Mis K’s bourbon vanilla crème brulee with pecan praline and sea buckthorn foam came served in this cute lil suitcase 😀

 It was pretty adorable

 Boyfriend ate some cheesecake

Power outage… 25. October 2012

Tuna salad, pumpkin pastry

Maccha and azuki bean daifuku.
I love both maccha and azuki beans, but I don’t think they mix well together :s

Grilled octopus sushi with mayo and spring onion, green tea


Grilled salmon sushi with mayo

Pumpkin cake

Doughnuts (pumpkin ring, chocolate and coconut doughnut, honey glazed doughnut) and coffee @ Mister Donut

A couple of tangerines