You better work… 17-18. April 2017

17. April

 Kiwifruit-gooseberry quark and a cup of coffee

 Some ham and cheese omelette

 A pancake with a banana and honey

 Spaghetti with vegan sausage-tomato sauce

The vegan sausage was weird xD But it was half off in the store, so I gave it a try. The spaghetti dinner was altogether delicious though. Does vegan sausage count as vegetables?

18. April

 Some fruit bread and coffee

 A piece of omelette with sweet potato in it

 My angry lunch. I had sweet potato fries, a schnitzel and a fried egg, because the chef refused to give me any soup D:

 Soothing my upset of not getting any soup with a Realist ginger-peppermint lemonade. I’m in love, this lemonade was so delicious!

 Spicy eggplant chili with rice and tortilla chips @ Koloniaal. This was so so so so good.

 PAI raspberry-beetroot-black currant smoothie

I worked from open until close in the café, because a co-worker fell ill, so I covered his shift, and boy was I tried when I got home. On one hand, I am thankful that there weren’t many customers, because otherwise I would have been dead, but on the other hand, it’s not good for business when there aren’t many customers. :s

Anyhow, here is a relevant blast from the past:

Great day… 16. April 2017

 A Karelian pastry, omelette with sausage, and a cup of coffee

 Burnt tasting coffee @ PEPS

 Their pancakes with mushroom sauce were delicious however

 Had several slices of this lemon cake at my mom’s place with some tea

 Scrambled eggs with some tomatoes, cucumber and marinated cucumber

It was an eventful day. In the morning I went to Snikt with Miss K and bought myself a Spider-Man comic. Then we had our second breakfast of pancakes and then I met up with Janice and her friend. I met Janice online in a dolling community maybe 15 years ago or so and we have been on and off penfriends over the years. It was fantastic to finally meet her in person.

We had some coffees here and there and I showed them around the town for a few hours too. It was so much fun. Later I walked them to the harbour and headed home to make dinner. Dinner got a bit postponed, because my boyfriend went to help my mom with some computer stuff and I tagged along. Good thing I did, because there was lemon cake xD

Oopsie… 24. March 2017

 My favourite way of dealing with leftovers- fry them into an omelette. So this is an omelette with some tomatoes, leftover dry bread and feta cheese.

 A banana. Cat for scale.

 Cherry pastry, coffee and a piece of raspberry What The Fruit?

I also had a mushroom stuffed pancake at work and had two more of these cherry pastries for dinner, but I got busy and forgot to snap photos D:

Potato pizza… 18. March 2017

 Leftover rice omelette with some fried bacon and marinated cucumber

 A slice of apple-pear cake with halva

 Potato pizza with smoked salmon and horseradish-cream cheese sauce. Shared it with my boyfriend.

I had a slow Saturday. I did some cleaning, baked a pie while listening to podcasts and that was about it. Nice and relaxing.

Seeing a doctor… 7. February 2017

 Rice cereal (+ a handful of puffed honey wheat on top) with milk and a cup of coffee

 An omelette with ham and a piece of baked fish

 Wheat crackers with mashed avocado and radish; chicken soup with sour cream

 Had some of this milk chocolate with raspberries

I finally had my long-awaited doctor’s appointment (I had to wait over 3 months for this) and I think it went well. I got an initial diagnosis and extra medication to combat some of the symptoms the other meds seem to be ignoring. I hope the new meds will work as good as the previous ones have been. I’m going to have a check-up in the beginning of April to see if the new meds are working the way they are supposed to and then in May I am seeing a therapy doctor for analysis and to set up a treatment plan. Quite long waiting times again, but I guess it’s better than no appointments at all. I need to be patient with all of this and not give up just because things are moving too slow.

I felt absolutely exhausted after the appointment, so I went back home and slept for a few hours. Well, before that I popped into the store and bought myself a new book (Tove Jansson’s biography) to raise my mood and the baked fish pictured above as a treat.

Chicken stock… 2. February 2017

 Leftover breakfast: dried white bread and bacon fried into an omelette

 A banana

 Some chicken bouillon, chicken and orzo casserole with some tomato and pickled cucumber

 Had this Nutella thing as a late-night snack. Got it from my sis some time ago.

I tried making my own chicken stock today. I think it turned out well 🙂

Otherwise I spent the day sending out application letters and making phone calls.