[what I ate.] 18-24. March 2019

18. March

Coffee, oatmeal porridge with chia seeds, rye bread with salted salmon.

Cauliflower and broccoli stuffed meatloaf with cream sauce and some salad.

An apple and some sunflower seeds.

Cauliflower and broccoli stuffed meatloaf with cream sauce and rye bread with beef liver paté.

19. March

A salad with cottage cheese and tuna.

Borscht with sour cream and rye bread with beef liver paté.

A couple of chocolates from my co-worker.

Grapefruit and sunflower seeds.

Baked salmon and some salad.

A cinnamon roll, because I am weak.

20. March

Some pear with chia seeds.

I had lunch with Maarja J. at Gotsu. Started with a matcha latte.

Shared some kimchi mandu.

Pork kimchi stew and some rice.

Coffeeeeeh @ The Living Room Café

Baked some wholegrain banana muffins with walnuts and ate one too.

Baked salmon and some rye bread.

21. March

Coffee and a wholegrain banana-walnut muffin.

Rye bread with salted salmon and a boiled egg.

Some potato balls @ Kompressor I shared with Kadi.

A pancake with minced meat and cheese. I couldn’t finish it all.

Nashi pear and nuts in dark chocolate.

22. March

Nashi pear and some peanut butter.

Coffee, rye bread with avocado and salted salmon.

Some walnuts and a smoothie with spirulina and basil seeds.

Konnyaku noodles with vegetables.

23. March

Instant curry udon noodles.

Konnyaku noodles with vegetables.

An apple and some walnuts.

Fried beef liver and some salad.

24. March

Fried beef liver, a couple of boiled eggs, some rye bread and a cup of coffee.

Some kiwi fruit and walnuts.

Fried halloumi with rhubarb chutney my mom made, some steamed green beans, tomatoes and cucumber.

Salade niçoise… 6. June 2018

Wellbar Chocolate Crisp bar. This was disgusting and bitter, I manage to only eat half of it and threw the rest away.

Kombucha, coffee, a black currant-chocolate pastry and a banana-coconut pastry.

Baked burbot (luts in Estonian) and some salad.

Some nizza salad (or salade niçoise as I learned today), rice with chicken-lemon sauce and a grilled bun with pumpkin hummus.

Noms in Stavanger day 4… 2. December 2017

I have been ill twice over the past two weeks and I have been busy with work, so I have been super tired and haven’t gotten to blogging. *sigh* I’ll try to catch up…

 Passionfruit-melon yoghurt and more lefse flatbread with butter and cinnamon


 More coffeeeeh

 Frannziskaner Hefe-Weissbier Naturtrüb. Good beer.

 Creamy shellfish soup with shrimps and fennel; Duck terrine with beets, cherries and green stuff. We shared these between myself, Indrek and Anna.

Traditional Norwegian Christmas foods at N.B. Sørensen:

 I ate lutefisk: lye fish with steamed peas, potatoes, bacon and mustard sauce. This fish was good. I did the mistake of smelling it xD It smelled really bad, but the taste was great. The texture of it was mighty weird.

 Indrek had pinnekjøtt: lamb ribs with mashed swede, potatoes and gravy. This was also interesting as the ribs were dried first and then rehydrated for the dish. A tad bit salty for my taste, but pretty cool.

 Anna had ribbe: roasted pork with Christmas sausage, red cabbage, Brussel sprouts, potatoes and gravy. The pork was so crispy and nice!

 Good times ❤

 Dessert was rice pudding with raspberries and caramelised almonds. This was so delicious, holy milky way!

Coffee and cake… 13-14. November 2016

13. November

 Oatmeal porridge with a banana and some tangerine slices.

 Coffee and a slice of pistachio-orange cake @ Ristikheina Kohvik.

 Coffee and a tangerine kohuke.

 Noodle wok and a sandwich with venison roulade.

 Apple bread pudding with milk and a cup of tea.

Met up with Josie at Ristikheina Kohvik for some coffee and cake. I finally delivered her the book I had promised to give her for ages. It was a really nice time had 🙂

14. November

 Venison roulade sandwich and coffee.

 Instant noodles and a grilled chicken legs.

 Noodle wok with salad.

 Apple bread pudding with milk and a cup of coffee.

Downward spiral… 27-28. September 2016

27. September

 Tom yum flavoured instant noodles with a couple of sausages. I am stuck in the instant noodle trap again; I crave for them constantly.

 An apple.

 A Jäämari chocolate popsicle treat.

 Vegetable soup (potato, carrot, corn, peas, spinach) with sour cream.

 Apple cake and tea. Recipe I used for the cake (in Estonian) can be found here.

I went to check out a job fair, because the unemployment office told me I should. As expected it was mostly very big companies there recruiting and they weren’t really offering anything I’d be interested in. I kind of hoped that there would be some kind of training companies there offering their services, but I couldn’t find any. I figured a barista training or some seminar on customer service would be good, but yeah, nothing like that was there. I’ll probably ask my unemployment agent about where to maybe find something like that the next time I go to meet her.

28. September

 Udon noodles with wakame (had 2 servings).

 What the Fruit? Black currant and Cherry smart snack + coffee.

 Vegetable soup (potato, carrot, corn, peas, spinach) with sour cream + rye bread with butter.

 Tea and Karl Fazer Salty Toffee Crunch in Milk Chocolate.

I had a really bad day. One of these days where everything is bad and goes wrong. I couldn’t write, so I was frustrated. I decided to take a nap to clear my head and ended up missing the one hour window I had to call my doctor to get my blood test results. On top of that the nap was awful, because I had a nightmare and woke up to my own voice screaming for help. I can’t remember what the dream was about, thankfully? Then I somehow managed to take my daily medication twice… also I ate too much and had a headache for most of the day. And in the evening I got the news that my mom had fallen down the stairs and had torn her ankle. Thankfully nothing worse happened to her, but it was still scary news. I ended up having a pretty bad and embarrassing mental breakdown in the evening. Ughhh… I still haven’t quite recovered.

Junky foods, kitty, a good movie and a dream… 25-26. September 2016

25. September

 Pear halva cake.

 Tom yum flavoured instant noodles.

 An apple.

 Vegetable gratin, toasted rye bread and some pumpkin juice.

 Boyfriend took a nice photo of Loki.

26. September

 Oatmeal porridge with different seeds and some honey.

 Fried sausages and tom yum flavoured instant noodles.

 Raspberry lemonade @ Mack Bar-B-Que

 Fried chicken with guacamole

 Pulled pork pizza. I only had about half a slice, because the pizza turned out to be extremely sweet tasting and it was disgusting.

 I ate some fries instead. They were overseasoned and too salty 😦

We went to see “The Magnificent Seven” in the evening. I had no expectations for the movie, because it wasn’t a movie I had particularly wanted to see in the first place. I ended up enjoying the movie a lot. It had fantastic characters and a pretty straightforward storyline which was good. Honestly, I fell in love with ALL of the characters, even though most of them were pretty awful people. I bet the social justice warriors are giving this movie a lot of flak due to blatant racism in it etc, but in my eyes it was the most racially diverse movie with a strong female character I had seen for ages. I was also surprised later that the movie had managed to avoid so many clichés this type of movies usually have. The most notable missing clichés were flashbacks and a corny romance storyline. So if you want to watch something action packed and fun with great characters, I really recommend this western.

Also, Chris Pratt’s smug face for the win! 😀 I had a dream about him kissing me the following night xD Unfortunately the dream me is still faithful to my boyfriend, so I rejected him xD What the heck of a dream was that!?!?

Lazy cooking… 23-24. September 2016


 Coffee and blueberries in dark chocolate.

 Rice with tomato, eggs, Chinese cabbage, meatballs and black roasted sesame seeds.

 Some of the rice we had for lunch with white roasted sesame seeds and a couple of fried beef cutlet. Also had some milk.


 I baked this amazing halva pear cake and had quite a few slices with some coffee. The recipe for the cake (in Estonian) can be found here.

 A fried beef cutlet.

 Some potato chips.

 Matchbata matcha tea lemonade. This was super nice!

 Veggie gratin with potatoes, carrots and other stuff.

Omurice… 17. September 2016

 Apple pie (I had two slices) and coffee.

 Omurice (omelette rice) with ketchup and some salad (radishes, tomatoes, cucumber).
While watching “Sweetness and Lightning” the other night an interlude screenshot with omurice flashed by and my boyfriend said he had no idea what that exactly was, so I explained what it was and promised I’d cook it for him. The omelette is stuffed with chicken, vegetables (corn, green peas, red bell pepper) and rice that have been seasoned with ketchup and soy sauce. It was pretty difficult to stuff the omelette and flip it over to the plate. I messed up my own completely, so pictured above is the one my boyfriend got, because that one actually turned out okay-ish 😛

 Another slice of apple pie and a cup of chamomile tea.


We spent the day cleaning our apartment. It hasn’t been this clean for a while and it’s super nice. Too bad it won’t stay like this for long 😦

Stranger Things… 4. September 2016

 A warm cheese roll.

 Keema curry and chicken-coconut milk curry.

 A kama bar with raspberry and black currant. Also a cup of coffee. The kama bar was a pretty interesting one with the berry additions.

 Somen noodles with an onsen egg and some plum furikake + some fiery kimchi.

 Chocolate ice cream to kill the kimchi burn.


It was a lazy Sunday. I didn’t get any work done, but it’s okay I think. At least I had a good time?

In the morning we went out for a walk at the Uue Maailma Street Festival. Our main idea was to get some street food breakfast and the curry we decided on was fantastic. Also, during our walk I noticed that I didn’t get out of breath nor a pounding heart anymore; plus I haven’t noticed my hands and feet aching anymore, so I guess the Lyme disease is finally over 😀 Yay! I still need to finish my antibiotics though, so just a bit more to go.

We bought a jar of spicy kimchi from the festival market that became the core of our dinner. During and after dinner we watched “Stranger Things” which was absolutely amazing. I loved the visual part of it to bits, also most of the characters were fantastic… I really recommend it if you want some scary suspense with mind-blowing retro and Silent Hill-like aesthetics. Kind of reminded me of the “monster of the week” stories from “The X-Files” too, but in a so much better way 😀