[what I ate.] 1-7. April 2019

1. April

Coffee, some chocolates.

Potato latkes with spinach and a poached egg. Also, half a bagel with salmon and half with beef.


2. April – Flying to Catalonia

Coffee and a banana.

Instant noodles.

Strawberry smoothie.

Chicken pasta.

Hot cocoa on the plane.

Ice cream, water and potato chips.

3. April

Coffee, pa amb tomata (toast with tomato and garlic), omelette, some ham and a fig yoghurt.

Coffee and some pastry.

Plain yoghurt and some apple.

Nuts in dark chocolate as a mid-hike snack.

Couscous with meatballs in tomato sauce + some salad and bread.

Apple cake.

4. April

Coffee, yoghurt with honey, grains and nuts; pa amb tomata (toast with tomato and garlic), fried eggs and bacon.

Double chocolate Questbar.

Pasta carbonara and salad.

Some chicken.

Strawberries with sugar.

Dulce de leche ice cream.

5. April

Coffee, yoghurt with honey, grains and nuts; omelette and toast with chocolate spread.

A sports drink, a banana and some yōkan.

Asparagus soup.

Paella with rabbit, pork and sausages.

Pineapple cake.

6. April – flying back home

Coffee, orange juice, yoghurt with honey, grains and seeds; fried egg, some sausage and toast with chocolate spread.

Crappy airport food: a shitty tuna sandwich and even shittier pasta. Fucking expensive too.

Coffee, gummy bears, chicken nuggets and fries.

Gross. But I was in a bad mood.

Naked burger and salad.

7. April

Tuna salad and overcooked broccolini.

Greek yoghurt with passion fruit and seeds.

Quinoa with chicken, pesto, arugula, sprouts and seeds.

Some grapes.

[what I ate.] 25-31. March 2019

25. March

No pictures. Idk?!?!

26. March

Orange drinking skyr, coffee, some walnuts.

Spirulina lemon fruit bar.

Mashed potatoes with pork sauce and some salad.

27. March

Rye bread and a boiled egg.

Some marmalade candies.

Yuzu-lemon Calpis.

Minced meat soup with sour cream.

28. March


Some blood orange, plums and walnuts.

9 year anniversary dinner with hubby @ Haku. This was a sakura latte.


My love ❤

I had a pork cutlet with salad. Hubby ate beef.

Dessert for me was plum wine jelly.

Hubby had a mathca pudding.

29. March

Strawberry-banana smoothie.

Soba and steamed broccoli.

Fried halloumi with rhubarb chutney and some salad.

Strawberries with yoghurt and coconut flakes.

30. March

Oatmeal-chocolate chip Questbar.

Mashed potatoes, roast pork, beetroot-spinach salad, some baked rhubarb.

Vana Tallinn liqueur, coffee and chocolate cheesecake.

Some orange.

31. March

“Sushi salad.”

A couple of pastries I shared with Kerttu.

Wakame-potato miso soup.

Seaweed snack.

[what I ate.] 4 – 10 February 2019

4. February

Quail eggs with basil, toasted rye bread and a cup of coffee.

Wakame salad.

Sushi I shared with hubby and sis.

5. February

Forgot to take pics… 😦

6. February

Greek yoghurt with chia seeds and honey.

Spinach-avocado-mint smoothie.

Curried cauliflower soup.


7. February

Coffee, some apple and peanut butter.

Baked chicken, potatoes and broccoli.

8. February

Blueberries, coffee.

Some grapes, grapefruit and sunflower seeds.

Berry smoothie.

Konnyaku noodle wok with green beans, broccoli, mayonnaise and pine nuts.

Tea and almonds in chocolate.

9. February

Salad with tuna.

Some honey cake, peanut butter, apple and a cup of coffee.

Sauerkraut soup.

10. February

Coffee, two fried eggs, some cherry tomatoes and boiled beef tongue.

Greek yoghurt with raspberries.

Sauerkraut soup with sour cream, rye bread with liver paté.

[what I ate.] 28 January – 3 February 2019

28. January

Oatmeal porridge with puffed millet and chia seeds.

Minced meat soup. I forgot to take a photo of my portion, so this is what the soup looked like in the pot xD

Plain yoghurt with frozen black currants.

Turkey meatballs and garlic roasted broccoli.

29. January

Nettle rye bread with salted salmon and cold meds… oh so many cold meds this week…

An apple and some peanut butter.

Miso soup with mung bean sprouts and wakame.

More miso soup, some turkey meatballs and cucumber.

30. January

Nettle rye bread with salted salmon.

An apple and some peanut butter.

Sour cream and onion pringles flavoured instant noodles xD These were funny tasting. Not bad, but not good enough to buy again.

31. January

Creamy lemon quark and nettle rye bread with salted salmon.

Chickpea curry with quinoa and some coffee.

1. February

Coffee and some blueberries

Matcha latte @ Gotsu

Kimchi stew with pork and a bit of rice. Best cure for illness ever.

Shared these kimchi mandu with hubby. They were delicious!

Some chickpea curry and nettle rye bread. I didn’t finish all of the curry.

2. February

An apple some and peanut butter.

Pocari Sweat and a couple of boiled eggs.

Hubby brought some chicken spring rolls and spicy shrimp soup for dinner.

3. February

Bitter caramel Pukupuku Tai monaka. So good!

A rice bowl with tuna from Yui Sushi Burrito.

[recipe.] Potato Curry

Liia and Agu brought us some curry powder from Vietnam a few months ago and I thought it was about time I did something with it. I decided to try and whip up some potato curry with it and since the end result was pretty awesome, I decided to share the recipe 😀


  • 1,2 kg potatoes
  • A small piece of ginger (around 5cm)
  • 1 jalapeno pepper
  • 2 tsp cumin seeds
  • 1 tsp sugar
  • 2 tsp of curry powder
  • Salt to taste
  • Juice from half a lemon
  • Some oil for cooking
  • 5dl of water (or more if you feel it’s needed)
  • Plain yoghurt and Indian bread for serving (optional)

Boil the potatoes and peel them once they have cooled down enough. Cut half of the potatoes into bite-sized pieces and set aside. Mash the other half of the potatoes thoroughly with a masher.

Next chop the chili and the ginger into almost a paste. I used a mezzaluna to do this, but you may probably use a food processor or any other method for this as well.

Heat some oil in a bigger pan and add the cumin seeds when the pan is hot. Saute the seeds until they start to brown. Some of the seeds may pop and jump out of the pan, so be careful not to burn yourself!

Next add in the chili and the ginger. Saute for a minute.

After that add the cut up potatoes with 5dl of water, mix well, bring it to boil and let it simmer for 2-3 minutes.

Then add in the potato mash and simmer for another minute. If the curry feels too thick to your taste, add in more water.

Add in the curry powder, teaspoon of sugar, some salt to taste and squeeze in the lemon juice. Let it simmer again for a minute or so. And it’s done!

Serve the curry with a couple of spoonsful of plain yoghurt over it and with some Indian style bread. I tried making my own naan bread this time and it didn’t turn out very naan-ish, but it was still pretty nice with the curry 🙂

I hope you’ll enjoy!

A birthday party… 18. June 2016

 Coffee and corn flakes with milk

 Potato curry with plain yoghurt and homemade garlic naan bread

 A banana with cashew butter

 Party snacks: beer, wiener pastries, sweet cherries, potato chips, carrots…


We went to Kadi’s birthday party in the evening. I bought myself three beers for the party but only managed to drink about one and a half xD Three beers used to be fine for an evening, but since I don’t really drink much anymore, I guess my tolerance has gone down.
I also really should stop buying potato chips. I love potato chips, but every time I eat them, I end up with my hands and legs all itchy 😦 I guess my body doesn’t like some additive they are putting in the chips.