I deserved this smoothie… 23. November 2017

 Coffee, kohuke

 Potato-bacon pastry

 Pork goulash with potatoes and salad

 Avocado-peppermint smoothie

 Pelmeni with sour cream and some sourdough bread


Flatbread… 27. October 2017

 Coffee and brownie quark.

 Glass noodles with sour cream and soy sauce.

 Pokémon wafer.

 Potato and black rice curry with sour cream. I wanted to bake beetroot bread, but my dough didn’t rise so I made beetroot flatbread instead to go with the curry.

Tuda Blinn… 21. October 2017

We drove to Southern Estonia in the morning, so my boyfriend could go riding his enduro bike and in the evening we were planning to celebrate his birthday.

 Nuts and seeds in dark chocolate and a vanilla kohuke

 Some brownies

 Coffee and some pastries we shared with Loviise. Funny thing about that coffee- I spilled most of it all over myself :s And just that one time I decided not to bring a proper change of clothes XD It was pajamas for me for the rest of the day.


 Pühajõe Brewery Tuda Blinn stout. Really lovely beer.

 Some potatoes and salad with cottage cheese. Nom.

Frosty mushrooms