Two unmemorable days… 24-25. November 2016

24. November

 Polar bread with ham and avocado, cereal with milk, and a cup of coffee.

 Tom yum flavoured instant noodles with sour cream.

 Potato curry and some salad.

 A pumpkin bun sandwich with ham and avocado, and a cup of tea.

25. November

 Potato curry, some tomato and a pumpkin bun sandwich with beef paté and avocado.

 Coffee, a chicken pastry and a cherry pastry.

 Polar bread with ham and tomato, mushroom soup with sour cream and roasted pumpkin seeds.

 Apple-halva pie with some ice cream on the side.

Piksepini… 29. October 2016

 Coffee and some beef pastries.

 A banana.

 A very dry cheese and ham pastry.

 Jam cookies and some cheese cookies later.

 Jägermeister Spice.

 Some tortilla chips with fish salad.

 Pumpkin-banana bread with pumpkin seeds.

 Salad, baked highland cattle beef with vegetables and cheese sauce.

 All that I mentioned above with some cherry beer.



It was a weird day for me. We drove to Southern Estonia in the morning, because Indrek and Liivar had an enduro race there they wanted to participate it. I was actually looking forward to the trip this time and was in a good mood, because I knew I’d get to hang out with Liia. I’ve been really whiny and not in the mood for the past few times we have been to South Estonia.

Anyway, the race was a bit boring for the audience, because the track was long and we had no idea where any good spots would be where to camp out to see guys struggle in the mud or where to snap more interesting pictures. It was still fun though, because the company was good. We ended up standing near one obstacle for a while where most racers ignored the track markings and took the easier route up a hill. We spent a while standing there, bitching at the racers and filming it all :p The video if you are by any miracle interested:

After the race was over, I left with Liia and Ly to go and do some errands. I got sick in the car and ended up throwing up on the roadside. I spent a few hours shivering and feeling sick in bed in Kiuma later. Thankfully it passed, whatever it was, but I hurt my throat when throwing up and it hurt to swallow even water for the rest of the evening.

Anyway, we ended the day in Karula, where we had dinner and belatedly celebrated my boyfriend’s birthday with his family. Ly had ordered him a cake with a hilarious photo on it :p That’s my boyfriend at the Klaperjaht race last summer, dead tired and stuck in a mud ditch xD

I have access to Photobucket again (for now at least), so let’s catch up with food and life, shall we?… 25-26. October 2016

25. October

 Pumpkin banana bread with pumpkin seeds and peanut butter nibs and a cup of coffee.

 Rice with sprats and soy sauce.

 Mashed potatoes with pumpkin, tomato-cucumber salad with sour cream, grilled chicken thighs. I only ate one of the chicken thighs, because the second one tasted off.

 Pureral gummy. These gummies were okay-ish. I wouldn’t really ever buy them myself, but would not refuse if offered to me somewhere.


I spent most of the day in bed, having anxious thoughts about the approaching job interview I have and just worrying over potentially terrible jobs in my future. Not a good day I guess.

26. October

 Vanilla quark with some oat cereal and an apple. Also had a cup of coffee.

 Spicy and sour soup with rice noodles, carrots, champignons and zucchini.

 Kefir bread with peanut butter and some banana.


I was doing somewhat better that day, even managed to drag my ass to the gym in the evening. So, yay?

Pumpkinlicious… 24. October 2016

 Kefir bread with butter and sprats, fried eggs, a leftover blood sausage from last night’s dinner and some tomato-cucumber salad with cottage cheese.

 Fizz Cider Sorbet Lemon Taste. I got this because it sounded interesting, but it ended up being disappointingly bad again. Meh, why do I even bother with these drinks?

 Mashed potatoes with pumpkin, boiled sausages and tomato-cucumber salad with cottage cheese.

 Tea and pumpkin banana bread with pumpkin seeds and peanut butter nibs.

… 30. March 2016

 Mentos Choco & Mint

 Pancakes. I had them with raspberry jam and peanut butter.

 Toasted pumpkin bread with beef ham and avocado

 Coffee and royal chocolate biscuit cake

 Salad and a boiled egg

 Cherries in chocolate

Lazy… 29. March 2016

 Toasted rye bread, barley porridge with raspberry jam and a cup of coffee

 Toasted pumpkin bread with cream cheese, beef ham and sõir + a cup of coffee

õ Fried potatoes, boiled eggs and salad with garlic sprouts. Garlic sprouts are awesome!

 Some weird candy