[what I ate.] 19-25. November 2018

19. Nov

Fried eggs and sourdough bread.

Coffee and some candy.

Spicy garlic and mushroom soup with some sour cream and hazelnut rye bread.

Honey cereal with milk.

20. Nov

Some orange.

Salmon soup.

Coffee and pear cheesecake.

Rice with garlic-mushroom sauce and sourdough bread with cheese.

Fran double chocolate pocky.

21. Nov

Coffee, figs in chocolate.

Tuna salad and rye bread with butter.

Quark pastry.

Boiled wieners, French fries and ketchup.

Bounty chocolate.

22. Nov

Potato salad with blue cheese and champignons.

A tangerine a co-worker gave me.

Warm bread with butter.

Dinner at parent’s place: fried chicken, potato salad, French fries and other snacks.

23. Nov

Pumpkin risotto with pumpkin seeds, parmesan cheese, some tomato and avocado and bread with butter.

Quark pastry.

Beef pasta and pomegranate red tea at Vapiano.

Popcorn at the movies. This movie room was epic and had lounge chairs 😀 Never been I this comfy in a movie theatre before.

Honey cereal with milk.

24. Nov

Some persimmon.

Multigrain porridge with jam and butter from a convenience store.

Borscht with sour cream.

So yummy!


A vanilla kohuke.

Some citrusy senbei snacks.

A chocolate heart.

A chicken nugget wrap and some fries from a convenience store.

25. Nov

Coffee, bread with cheese and a fried egg.

A warm salad with chicken liver and potatoes.

Veggie soup with sour cream, grilled sandwich with cheese and sausage.

[what I ate.] 1-7. October 2018

1. October

nākd. lemon drizzle raw nut and fruit bar. It was okay.

A banana.

Beef borscht with sour cream.

Fried seaweed with sudachi from Hiroshima prefecture.

2. October

Beef borscht with sour cream.

Rice noodle soup @ Kohvik Must Puudel. Didn’t like the soup very much.

Beef borscht with sour cream.

3. October

Coffee, beef borscht with sour cream.

Vegetable lasagna.

Beetroot brownie with hazelnuts.

Coffee and some chocolates my co-worker brought from Russia.

Buckwheat with beef liver, salad and sour cream.

4. October

Spinach smoothie, café latte and porridge with strawberry jam.

Pumpkin risotto with cold smoked salmon, pumpkin seeds and tomatoes.

Turkish delight.

Coffee, salmon pastry.

Buckwheat with beef liver and sour cream; pita bread sandwich with cold smoked salmon.

Coffee, a sweet pastry roll.

5. October

Buckwheat with beef liver.

Orange juice, baked potatoes with bacon and mushrooms.

Omelette with tuna, veggies and mayo.

Beer and beetroot brownie with hazelnuts.

6. October

Coffee, strawberry-passion fruit quark.

French fries and berry pastry from McDonalds.

Fried potatoes, boiled wieners and some salad.

Ice cream.

7. October

Coffee, fried eggs with potatoes and salad.

Coffee and banana bread.

Movie night, watched “Thor” (2011). We had cookies, coffee, mini doughnuts, gummy candy and plums.

Before the movie we assembled some mini building block figures: Thor, Batman and Loki 😀

Working on getting my life in order… 30-31. October 2016

30. October

 Pumpkin-celery risotto and rye bread with butter and conserved lamb.

 Coffee and a vanilla cream pastry.

 Tupla Roasted Corn.

 Macaroni with conserved elk + some salad.

A couple of weeks ago I found myself a really nice parka from H&M. I was so happy with it, it had a removable lining and it was just so comfy and warm. Then it’s zipper broke 😦 I took it back to the store, hoping I could replace it for a different one, but they didn’t have any in my size anymore, so they just gave me my money back. They also said they have no way of checking if any other H&M stores in town would carry it and the only way would be to go to each store myself. BLAGHHHHH. So I don’t have any warmer outerwear again.

31. October

 Macaroni with conserved elk + some salad.

 Cocoa pudding.

 Baked potatoes, stewed chicken, bacon, blue cheese and salad.

 Spicy and sour soup made with tom yum paste + shrimp, rice noodles and champignons.

Busy day. Went to see my mom, then went to see my family doctor and got a referral to a psychiatrist, then checked another H&M store if they had the parka available (they didn’t) and went to BodyBalance class. I had such an urge to cancel the workout, but since it was past the cancellation time and I didn’t want a black mark on my account, I dragged my ass there anyway. Proud of myself for doing that, but otherwise felt like complete crap throughout the entire thing.

I was thinking maybe I should take a hiatus from blogging until I get my life a bit more in order, but boyfriend thought that it’s a bad idea. So I guess I’ll try to continue.

Also, yes, I have problems with Photobucket again.

Noms… 27-28. October 2016

27. October

 Coffee, very liquid oatmeal porridge and some kefir bread with butter an dgooseberry jam.

 Hot cocoa, a couple of kefir bread sandwiches with butter, tomato and black pepper. Also had a kohuke with cranberry jam filling.

 Spicy and sour soup with zucchini, carrots, rice noodles, a couple of boiled eggs and some wasabi-sesame spice. Also had a couple of kefir bread sandwiches with butter and tomato-garlic filled ham.

 Another kohuke with cranberry jam filling and a cup of coffee.

28. October

 Coffee and a kohuke with cranberry jam filling.

 Pasta with beef stroganoff and some cheese.

 Pumpkin and celery risotto.