[what I ate.] 8-14. October 2018

8. October

A delicious cup of coffee before work @ The Living Room café. I had the Guatemala one. It was divine.

A slice of mushroom-bacon pizza and some chickpea-veggie soup with sour cream.

Almond-cardamom pastry.

Japanese style pork curry with rice and some pickles.

Some delicious candies.

9. October

I had a crappy morning, thus coffee and candy in a dreary bust stop on my way to work.

Chili sin carne with brown rice.

Coffee and a banana-chocolate muffin.

Japanese style pork curry with rice.

10. October – Concert in Helsinki

Yummy blueberry-raspberry yoghurt and a crappy salmon-shrimp salad on our way to Helsinki.

Chicken tofu bowl for lunch. Hubby had beef.

Dinner @ Zetor. I had sautéed reindeer with mashed potatoes, lingonberries and pickles. It was absolutely delicious. The meat was super soft and the flavour lush.

A peanut butter-chocolate chip filled taiyaki. So good!

11. October – Back to Tallinn

Epic buffet on the boat: croissants, mini doughnuts, coffee, beer, bulgur-edamame salad, ham, cold smoked salmon, some tomato and cucumber, pickles, meatballs, beetroot-oatmeal balls, scrambled eggs, pancakes, bacon, baked salmon. Everything was super good, except the bulgur-edamame salad which was flavourless and the meatballs that were a bit dry.

More coffee, chocolate mousse, vanilla ice cream and chocolate ice cream. I added some strawberry jam which was yummy and bean “crisps” that were not so very good xD

Japanese style pork curry with rice.

12. October

A caffé latte and a red velvet coconut ball @ Surf Café

Salmon soup.

Coffee and a cookie-hazelnut-chocolate truffle.

Bacon-garlic-cheese pastry.

Tonkotsu soy ramen and Midori Illusion cocktail (Midori Liqueur, Triple Sec, vodka, lemon juice, pineapple juice) @ Washoku Story.

Shared this cheesecake with Kerttu @ a neighboring café of which I can’t remember the name of 8D

A yuzu mocktail and a crappy-ish coffee at the same place.

More coffee and a couple of these cookie-hazelnut-chocolate truffles.

13. October

Wheat crackers with tuna. Also had some coffee.

Boiled potatoes with chanterelle sauce and some pickled cucumber. Also had a grape-banana smoothie.

14. October

Boiled potatoes with chanterelle sauce.

Coffee, a grilled sandwich with cheese and sausage.

Toast and scallop carpaccio at my parents’ house.

Pasta with scallops and chorizo.

Berry triffle.

A Christmas Party… 15. Dec 2016

 Oat bran porridge with a banana and some butter

 Really good pumpkin soup and a glass of white wine

 Some shrimp and a scallop


 Fish with wine sauce, some rice, mashed potatoes and broccoli

 Coffee and chocolate cake


So, it was Indrek’s work Christmas party. It was held in Kernu manor and the theme was 20’s fashion. We got all dressed up and it was pretty awesome. Sadly, the dressing up part was the only fun part this year, they didn’t really do anything else with the theme. I think this was the most boring Christmas party the company Indrek works for has held so far. The ones before this one have been all great fun. This year the food was kind of not good (except for the pumpkin soup and the shrimp, which were great) and the entire thing felt unorganised. For instance, the first course was served at the table, but the second course was served as a buffet in another room and no one bothered to announce it for everyone to know… eventually the information spread word to mouth that there was food in the other room. There were quite a few such instances during the entire evening.

The first band was terrible; they were two girls with electric violins and one with a saxophone. The sound was awfully loud and since the electric violins sounded through a computer and the saxophone did not, the sounds clashed terribly. Plus, they played a medley of “bad” pop songs and nothing original. The second band was much better, but since both bands were way too loud for the tiny room we were in, we had to fled the main event room and enjoy the tunes from two rooms away. The second band too played mostly only covers of pop songs, but at least they were performed nicely. It would have been cool to have a thematic band playing 20’s music, even if the music had been modernised old.

I mean I still had fun, but I mostly spent time with Indrek. I guess the organisers idea had simply been to come together, all dressed, up and then just hang out with music and food, but sadly this could only work with your own knit group, not with everyone bringing their dates and spouses, because then you have a bunch of strangers in the mix who have nothing to do when the work group starts talking about, well, work. And this happened a lot. None of the previous years was this a problem in any way, but I guess it can’t be all great every year. I’m still happy I got to dress up and get my hair done and that I got to look pretty for a change 😛

Some photos we took:

Stylish bathroom selfies.

Loud band

Gangsta Christmas


Tihane… 8. March 2016

 Cocoa quark (kohupiim) and coffee

 Chicken and mushroom pasta with some salad

 Scallops and toast at my parent’s place

 Mom made some cookies and we had some tea too

 Toasted pumpkin bread with bovine liver paté


Aitasin vennal kodutööd teha. Tuli kirjutada jutuke nii, et iga sõna algaks ühe ja sama tähega:

Talvine Tallinn

Tige tihane tuterdas talvises Tallinnas. Talle tekitas tänaval talvitumine tohutult tuska. Tihane tahtnuks talvituda tunduvalt turvalisemas Tuneesias. Teinud Tallinnas tusase tiiru, tundus talle tulutu trammide taga taielda. Tagatipuks tüütasid teda tobedad targutavad turuvarblased. Tõsiselt talvisest Tallinnast tüdinud tihane tutvus Tartust tulnud turteltuviga. Tuvi tekitas tusasele tihasele tunduvalt toredama tunde.

Pagana keeruline oli. Ma küll ei oleks suutnud esimeses klassis midagi sellist kokku kirjutada.

Manna La Roosa… 22. November 2014

 Fried eggs, grilled ribs, coffee

 Boiled pelmeni, some banana and kiwifruit. Had some bouillon to drink.

 We had dinner @ Manna La Roosa to celebrate Miss K’s birthday. Pictured are my boyfriend’s mocktail, a special Manna La Roosa beer brew by Vormsi Õlu (which was really tasty), and … whatever Miss K was having :p

 Bread and herb butter. Nom.

 Different steak tartares. They have either changed their menu or it’s outdated, but I can’t really find that exact set there anymore. Was good tho.

 I had Pan-fried scallops, deep-fried octopus & black risotto

 Miss K ate a pan fried salmon fillet with potato, egg yolk confit and trout roe sauce… and veggies. Really most of the dishes we ate don’t quite match the things in the menu. I like how it was served on a frying pan though 😀

 Boyfriend had grilled beef entrecote with porcini cream and romanesco cabbage

 My not so good Mojito and other stuffs

 Had a quark pancake (sõrnik) in sour berry sauce for dessert

 Mis K’s bourbon vanilla crème brulee with pecan praline and sea buckthorn foam came served in this cute lil suitcase 😀

 It was pretty adorable

 Boyfriend ate some cheesecake