Neruneru… 4. January 2017

 Leftover seafood pizza and ramen noodle and mushroom soup made with tom yum paste

 Nakayoshi Neruneru DIY candy. It was fun mixing this thing together. The green grape candy was really sour. The pink fluff was strawberry flavoured. The toppings were popping candy and soda flavoured pellets. I can’t say I was crazy about the taste, but it sure was a fun experience xD

I made a video of the candy making process. I liked a lot how the candy goo puffed up into its fluffy form :p I put the music over the video to muffle out my camera noisily changing the focus point and I also need to figure out an angle for the future where my hands wouldn’t be in the way all of the time xD But maybe this is a bit interesting to watch anyway?

 A persimmon and some kiwifruit

 Basil pesto risotto

 Huge cheese stuffed meatballs and some salad

I got really fed up in the grocery store, because most vegetables were prepackaged into plastic. Originally the risotto was supposed to be served with roasted zucchini, but since it was covered in plastic in one of the stores (I will not buy zucchini if I can’t nick a taste to make sure it isn’t bitter) and was half rotting in the other store I went to, I got angry and bought the meatballs instead… which were also in a plastic package, but at that point I didn’t really care anymore. Who the hell packages a zucchini anyway? Well, apparently a company called I ♥ Eco, which is simply ironic.

I made dinner and then we watched an episode of “Sweetness & Lightning,” which continues to be adorable, and “Yuri on Ice,” which is quite entertaining, with my boyfriend.

Slow healing… 1-2. January 2017

1. January

 Pancakes with chocolate spread

 Coffee and chocolate cake that my mom made

 Mashed potatoes with duck meat, some salad and marinated pumpkin

2. January

 Leftover breakfast: a couple of fried eggs, some mashed potatoes with duck meat and a pancake

 We had dinner @ Da Vinci, because I felt too groggy to cook. I had a cappuccino with whipped cream and cocoa powder.

 Pizza with mozzarella and seafood

 Another one with ham and mushrooms

My idea was to eat at the restaurant not to get take away so we wouldn’t have to get disposable plastic containers. However, I ended up not managing to finish my entire pizza, so we had them pack it for us to go… so yeah, fail xD

This illness, I and my boyfriend got struck with, seems to be long winding. It has been way over a week now and we are still both struggling with the symptoms. Granted, it has gotten so much better, but I am still snotty and get a headache when I move more and my boyfriend still sometimes has a small fever.

Beer with a friend… 5. April 2014

Porridge with strawberry jam, coffee

Vanilla kohuke

Had some beer and chips with Kadi @ Pudel
My beer was called Black Hole and it sure looked like one :p It was yummy.

Õllenaut Suitsu Porter. This beer tasted like smoked bacon xD

Tempura seaweed crisps

Original Swenska LantChips. We went a bit nuts with snacking :p

A beer called Wainwright. Was pretty decent.

Tomato and mozarella cheese crackers

Draakon raspberry flavoured marmalade candies. Not very good.

Vegetable and meatball stew with sour cream, bread with cream cheese and meatballs 😛

Postponing the vacation… 1. July 2013

 Coffee, a banana

 Pancakes with jam

 Seafood pizza

 Theakston, Old Peculier, The Legend… Hm, I really don’t remember if I liked this beer or not.

 Minced meat curry with rice

 Trying out some Yakima Valley Dry Hopped Cider. It was strange.

 Reese’s dark chocolate peanut butter cups

 Skinny cow candy bar xD

 Peanut butter chocolate chip Lärabar. My favourite thing forever! I am so sad that they don’t sell them in Estonia 😦

 Cherry flavoured candy