[what I ate.] 25. February – 3. March 2019

25. February

Rye bread with salted salmon, raspberry quark smoothie.

A fennel pastry, some orange, almonds and pistachios.

Fried pork with coleslaw salad, some tomato and garlic sprouts.

Coffee, fried veggies with chicken and pine nuts.

26. February

An apple and some peanut butter.

Some watermelon.

Chicken soup with sour cream.

Nettle smoothie.

Chicken soup.

27. February

Coffee, steamed green beans with mayo and a beetroot patty.

Miso soup with wakame and konnyaku noodles.

Some carrots.

A semla with cream cheese and lingonberry jam from Killuke Kooki.

Celery-arugula soup with sour cream and a slice of rye bread.

28. February

Coffee, celery-arugula soup with sour cream.

Some carrots, walnuts and cheese-seaweed snacks I shared with hubby.

Japanese style minced meat curry with sour cream and pearl barley.

1. March

Coffee, Japanese style minced meat curry with sour cream.

Greek yoghurt with puffed millet, chia seeds and coconut flakes.

Carrot soup with sour cream.

2. March

Had three pieces of this strawberry chewy candy. Very yummy!

Carrot soup with sour cream and a slice of rye bread.

Coffee, ugli fruit and some peanut butter.

Boiled chicken, some tomatoes, avocado and carrot soup with sour cream.

Hubby opened a pack of plum chewing candies. I had a piece. It was kind of boring tasting and not particularly chewy at all.

3. March

Rye bread with salted salmon and avocado + coffee.

Some walnuts, pine nuts and a pineapple-spinach-cucumber smoothie.

Coffee, fried tofu with bok choy and egg.

[what I ate.] 1-7. October 2018

1. October

nākd. lemon drizzle raw nut and fruit bar. It was okay.

A banana.

Beef borscht with sour cream.

Fried seaweed with sudachi from Hiroshima prefecture.

2. October

Beef borscht with sour cream.

Rice noodle soup @ Kohvik Must Puudel. Didn’t like the soup very much.

Beef borscht with sour cream.

3. October

Coffee, beef borscht with sour cream.

Vegetable lasagna.

Beetroot brownie with hazelnuts.

Coffee and some chocolates my co-worker brought from Russia.

Buckwheat with beef liver, salad and sour cream.

4. October

Spinach smoothie, café latte and porridge with strawberry jam.

Pumpkin risotto with cold smoked salmon, pumpkin seeds and tomatoes.

Turkish delight.

Coffee, salmon pastry.

Buckwheat with beef liver and sour cream; pita bread sandwich with cold smoked salmon.

Coffee, a sweet pastry roll.

5. October

Buckwheat with beef liver.

Orange juice, baked potatoes with bacon and mushrooms.

Omelette with tuna, veggies and mayo.

Beer and beetroot brownie with hazelnuts.

6. October

Coffee, strawberry-passion fruit quark.

French fries and berry pastry from McDonalds.

Fried potatoes, boiled wieners and some salad.

Ice cream.

7. October

Coffee, fried eggs with potatoes and salad.

Coffee and banana bread.

Movie night, watched “Thor” (2011). We had cookies, coffee, mini doughnuts, gummy candy and plums.

Before the movie we assembled some mini building block figures: Thor, Batman and Loki 😀

Out and about… 8-10. September 2016

8. September – we drove to Pärnu in the evening to spend the night there. I had a doctors appointment in the morning, so I couldn’t eat any breakfast and a 2 hour drive from Tallinn on an empty stomach would have been awful.

 Somen with wakame and wasabi-sesame spice.

 A shrimp salad that was kind of meh.

9. September – after my doc’s appointment we had breakfast in my fave restaurant in Pärnu, stopped by my grandmother and drove back to Tallinn. In the evening we visited Marit and her boyfriend. We made sushi and played board games. It was really fun 😀

 Baileys cocoa @ Steffani.

 Mamma Mia pizza: tuna, shrimp, ham, egg, champignons.

 Some doughnuts and tea.

 Some ice cream from Gelato Ladies: a scoop of pistachio, then salty peanut and watermelon. I loved the pistachio one the best, bf liked the salty peanut… watermelon was odd, it wasn’t bad, but it just tasted a bit weird to us. Sure was interesting though.

 Sushi at friend’s house 😀

10. September – we went to Uulu to help transport firewood for my parents. Bf and my dad did the firewood thing while I picked/harvested some raspberries, apples, tomatoes, mushrooms, carrots and potatoes. Productive day.

 Veggie soup (potato, carrot, rutabaga, cauliflower) with sour cream, white bread with mashed avocado and a cup of coffee.

 A delicious delicious apple from my grandparent’s garden.

 I had several of these bacon and tomato sandwiches with some coffee.

 Veggie soup (potato, carrot, rutabaga, cauliflower) with sour cream and white bread with mashed avocado.

Warcraft… 8. June 2016

 A soup with glass noodles and wakame

 Boiled mini pelmeni and salad with cottage cheese

Frozen yoghurt and beer


We went to see “Warcraft” with my boyfriend and his friends. It turned out to be the premiere of the movie, so there were press photographers snapping photos of people (I probably look like a frightened deer on the photo they took of me, because they caught me in a surprise), a lottery where they gave away copies of World of Warcraft and Overwatch, and a local “famous” youtuber who did a quick introduction to the movie. They also offered everyone free Monster Energy drinks, which was terrible, because these things stink like fuck. Thankfully not many people actually opened them in the movie theatre.

Now, as someone who has never played Warcraft, I quite enjoyed the movie. Sure it wasn’t a perfect movie, but it was beautiful and coherent enough for me to like it. Can’t say I was bored at any moment. The orcs looked awesome and I really liked the world and the fantastic in it. It absolutely doesn’t deserve the crap reviews it has been getting from critics. Critics are ridiculous these days, because it almost feels like it’s fashionable to be uber-negative about absolutely everything.

I was however a bit confused at a couple of instances and it felt to me that some scenes were missing that would have explained a few things. At a couple of times, it felt as if some middle-scenes were cut out, like some scenes between two others that would have… how to explain this? Hmm. Let’s say in the first scene, a guy says he is going to do a thing… then there is a scene missing… and in the next scene he is doing something completely else? What happened in-between the two scenes that changed something? What led from one scene to the other?

I also would have preferred if they had opted for a unified style for the movie. Either made the entire thing with mo-cap and digital or had created the orcs with prosthetics and then tuned everything up a bit digitally. The digital orcs and the actor played humans clashed too much in style.

But eh. I personally enjoyed “Warcraft” a lot more than I did for instance “Star Wars: The Force Awakens.” I would watch the former again, given a chance, but probably wouldn’t be bothered with the latter.

Korean food… 16. March 2016

 Last night’s rice dinner cooked into an omelette + some tomatoes, cottage cheese and cup of coffee

 Dinner “ Gotsu, Kyuho’s Kitchen with Liia and my boyfriend. I had rice noodles with shrimp, Liia had bibimbap and my boyfriend had garlic and chili fried chicken. We also had seaweed salad, pickled radish and onion, and peanuts in some sauce. All was delish!

 Ice cream with blueberry jam

Otsuse Anatoomia… 3. December 2015

 Multigrain cereal with quinoa in milk

I had lunch with Marit and Maarja @ Kohvik August:

 Café latte

 Pumpkin and shrimp pasta

Banana-toffee cake and peppermint tea

Then it was my boyfriend’s company Christmas party:


 Snacks with wakame and some other seaweed

 Rye bread with smoked salmon

 Mozarella cheese and pesto bite

 Hitachino Nest Red Rice Ale. I had 2 of these.

 Stuff: roast pork, blood sausages, fish that was so disgusting I didn’t eat it, bread with herbed butter, quinoa and bean casserole, fish salad, tomato and mozzarella salad, baked potatoes. Most of the food wasn’t very good…

 Miyagikyo single malt whisky, 12 years old. This was pretty good as far whiskies go. This was the most expensive drink on the menu xD


It was a pretty awesome day, first I met up with two of my friends for some coffee/lunch. Our first idea had been to check out the new café next door to my house, but the place changed their opening hours/days overnight and it was closed. After some brainstorming and meandering round old town, we ended up in Café August, which was pretty nice. It was a pleasant rainy afternoon.

In the evening it was my boyfriend’s company Christmas party. First we went to see a play by Cabaret Rhizome in Erinevate Tubade Klubi called “Otsuse Anatoomia” (The Anatomy of Choice). The entire performance was like a choose your own adventure game. The actors performed in front of a green screen and we watched it in small companies from television screens near our tables. After every short while a dilemma rose up in the play, a choice had to be made and this was up to the audience. The choice could be made via a console on the table; sometimes you just had to choose yes/no or beat a minigame with your table to get a certain option. Basically we, the audience, held the power over one boy’s life. The decisions ranged from choosing his name and type of school he attended to whether he would try drugs or not.

The second half of the play we could choose whether we would like to continue the boy’s story or go back to some choice we had made earlier and change it to see a different outcome. The funny part of it all was that we went back and seemingly we made “better” choices for the boy, but his life turned out worse… which seemed shocking to some people, because we had sent him to an elite school this time and given him confidence etc. Some women in the audience were especially outraged about it, because “all my children went to elite school and it’s not like that at all!” Rather a very interesting experience.

After the theatre performance, it was food and dance and lots of alcohol :p I had fun! The only terrible part was that I got splashed with a fair amount of pork lard when getting food, so I stank half the evening :/ Pretty gross.

Beer with a friend… 5. April 2014

Porridge with strawberry jam, coffee

Vanilla kohuke

Had some beer and chips with Kadi @ Pudel
My beer was called Black Hole and it sure looked like one :p It was yummy.

Õllenaut Suitsu Porter. This beer tasted like smoked bacon xD

Tempura seaweed crisps

Original Swenska LantChips. We went a bit nuts with snacking :p

A beer called Wainwright. Was pretty decent.

Tomato and mozarella cheese crackers

Draakon raspberry flavoured marmalade candies. Not very good.

Vegetable and meatball stew with sour cream, bread with cream cheese and meatballs 😛

Pissuaarid?… 6. April 2013

 Barley porridge with butter

 Linnupiim. The box was really pretty.

 Candy omnomnom

 Spicy black bean and quinoa soup with avocado, baby tomatoes and a drop of sour cream

 Cloudberry ice cream

 Some orange

 Sweet seaweed snack. It was okay, but I prefer the salty version more.