[what I ate.] 15-21. October 2018

15. October

Strawberry quark.

A banana and some coffee.

Sausage sandwich.

Rice with tuna, potatoes, cabbage, sour cream and soy sauce.

Nougat chocolate bar.

16. October

Vegetable soup with sour cream.

Coffee, some chocolate truffles and mini scones.

Mashed potatoes with pearl barley and grilled chicken legs.

17. October

Coffee, scrambled eggs, mushrooms and some salad.

A banana bread muffin.

Chicken soup with sour cream.

Rich cream cheese flavoured Umaibo.

18. October

Semolina porridge with strawberry jam and butter; a croissant with smoked salmon.

Rye bread with mashed avocado and poached eggs + some salad.

A cheese pastry.

Had dinner with Kadi in Washoku Story: started with some karaage.

Seafood ramen. It was okay, I wasn‚Äôt big into the salmon, so I traded that for some salmon croquettes with Kadi ūüėÄ

Matcha ice cream with a matcha cookie and some azuki bean paste.

19. October

A wonky poppy seed pastry ūüėÄ

Rice noodle salad with green beans, cabbage and carrots.

I think I forgot to photograph my dinner…

20. October

Coffee, chocolate brownie quark.

Konnyaku noodles with seafood, broccoli, cauliflower and mayonnaise.

Cola gummies.

21. October

Coffee, cocoa cereal with milk.

It was my husband’s birthday so I bought a cake: passion fruit-pistachio cheesecake. It was lush and so delicious.

We also had dinner at NOK NOK. We started with some marinated prawn patties with plum sauce.

A glass noodle salad with prawns, squid and mussles.

I had stir-fried crispy duck with pork. It was very delicious. Oh yes, all dishes came with a side of rice.

Shared dessert no.1- sticky rice with mango and sesame seeds. This was absolutely delicious!

Shared dessert no.2- coconut ice cream with longan, jackfruit, palm seed heart and peanuts.

In Tartu‚Ķ 19. May 2018

Porridge with butter, scrambled eggs, wieners, some salad, bacon and croissant with smoked salmon.

Cocoa pudding.

An apple.

Delicious pancake with strawberry jam.

Strawberry mojito (mocktail).

Garlic beef, veggies in cashew sauce, curried chicken with rice.

Crappy doughnuts.

Kohuke‚Ķ 22. October 2017

 Coffee and sandwiches for breakfast

 Chocolate cheesecake. Yum!

 Coffee and nuts-seeds in dark chocolate

 Pelmeni with sour cream and some carrots

 I spent most of the day sleeping away my exhaustion. At some point my boyfriend came and dropped a small cat on top of me and straight into my heart. Apparently, about a month ago, some asshole had thrown several kittens all over the village. One kitten got dropped near our relative’s farm. Unfortunately, the dog scared the kitten, so it fled up a tree and then they couldn’t catch it for almost a month. The poor thing was so dirty, hungry and scared. Our relatives couldn’t keep her, so there was talk about a pet shelter, but these places only keep the cats a certain period and then put them to sleep. I felt really bad for the kitten, so I talked my boyfriend into taking her with us back to Tallinn and trying to find her a home there. He agreed, so now we have a small house guest. I named her Kohuke.

Potato pizza‚Ķ 18. March 2017

 Leftover rice omelette with some fried bacon and marinated cucumber

 A slice of apple-pear cake with halva

 Potato pizza with smoked salmon and horseradish-cream cheese sauce. Shared it with my boyfriend.

I had a slow Saturday. I did some cleaning, baked a pie while listening to podcasts and that was about it. Nice and relaxing.

Punishments for being so scatter-brained‚Ķ 6. December 2015

 A mishmash salad

 Breaded fried squid I shared with my bf


I forgot to unpack the shopping bags, so the frozen squid rings melted and I had to bake them even though it wasn’t what I had planned for dinner. I also forgot the chicken legs in the bag and well, Loki, one of my cats, destroyed them. I guess this is what happens when you forget to do things properly.

Otsuse Anatoomia‚Ķ 3. December 2015

 Multigrain cereal with quinoa in milk

I had lunch with Marit and Maarja @ Kohvik August:

 Café latte

 Pumpkin and shrimp pasta

Banana-toffee cake and peppermint tea

Then it was my boyfriend’s company Christmas party:


 Snacks with wakame and some other seaweed

 Rye bread with smoked salmon

 Mozarella cheese and pesto bite

 Hitachino Nest Red Rice Ale. I had 2 of these.

 Stuff: roast pork, blood sausages, fish that was so disgusting I didn’t eat it, bread with herbed butter, quinoa and bean casserole, fish salad, tomato and mozzarella salad, baked potatoes. Most of the food wasn’t very good…

 Miyagikyo single malt whisky, 12 years old. This was pretty good as far whiskies go. This was the most expensive drink on the menu xD


It was a pretty awesome day, first I met up with two of my friends for some coffee/lunch. Our first idea had been to check out the new café next door to my house, but the place changed their opening hours/days overnight and it was closed. After some brainstorming and meandering round old town, we ended up in Café August, which was pretty nice. It was a pleasant rainy afternoon.

In the evening it was my boyfriend‚Äôs company Christmas party. First we went to see a play by Cabaret Rhizome in Erinevate Tubade Klubi called ‚ÄúOtsuse Anatoomia‚ÄĚ (The Anatomy of Choice). The entire performance was like a choose your own adventure game. The actors performed in front of a green screen and we watched it in small companies from television screens near our tables. After every short while a dilemma rose up in the play, a choice had to be made and this was up to the audience. The choice could be made via a console on the table; sometimes you just had to choose yes/no or beat a minigame with your table to get a certain option. Basically we, the audience, held the power over one boy‚Äôs life. The decisions ranged from choosing his name and type of school he attended to whether he would try drugs or not.

The second half of the play we could choose whether we would like to continue the boy‚Äôs story or go back to some choice we had made earlier and change it to see a different outcome. The funny part of it all was that we went back and seemingly we made ‚Äúbetter‚ÄĚ choices for the boy, but his life turned out worse‚Ķ which seemed shocking to some people, because we had sent him to an elite school this time and given him confidence etc. Some women in the audience were especially outraged about it, because ‚Äúall my children went to elite school and it‚Äôs not like that at all!‚ÄĚ Rather a very interesting experience.

After the theatre performance, it was food and dance and lots of alcohol :p I had fun! The only terrible part was that I got splashed with a fair amount of pork lard when getting food, so I stank half the evening :/ Pretty gross.

So much food‚Ķ 22. November 2015

 Coffee and berry cheesecake

 White bread with butter and a fried egg

 Chamomile tea and some persimmon

 Carpaccio on white bread with cherry tomatoes and rucola

 Battered fish with cucumber sauce

 Boiled potatoes, steamed broccoli and cauliflower, smoked salmon

I also drank a whole bottle of sparkling wine


It was my mom’s birthday, so we visited her for dinner. So much food!
I gifted her a vegetarian cook book for ideas and ‚ÄúSalt Sugar Fat: How the Food Giants Hooked Us‚ÄĚ by Michael Moss. I hope she liked her present.

I feel awkward about gifting books. It‚Äôs a gift that I always like to receive, but lately I have the feeling that others don‚Äôt really appreciate getting books as a gift that much, but maybe my gut feeling is lying to me? I’m usually terrible at choosing gifts, so I always worry a lot about whether people actually like my gift or not. I fear they are simply making a good face out of politeness.