A work day and a birthday party… 14-15. April 2017

14. April

 Coffee and kinako flavoured Black Thunder chocolate

 A couple of biter of four grain porridge

 Sweet potato fries, fried eggs, bacon and salad @ Koloniaal

 Buckwheat-cabbage stew with a fried egg and sour cream

15. April

 Coffee, sandwiches with sausage

 I had friends over for a belated birthday party. On the table was: haggis flavoured potato chips, sour cream and onion potato chips, cheese, chocolate, different pastries, tuna onigiri, carrots, cucumber and marinated cucumber, bread crisps, grapes 😀

 Saku Antwärk cloudberry and lime cider that was super delicious, Saku Manchester beer

 Birthday candles 😀

It was great seeing all my friends ♥

Train to Busan… 9. March 2017

 Some fried potatoes I ate quickly before running off to my Bodybalance class

 Coffee and cake

 Had a couple of strawberries too

 Evening snacks: chocolate brownies, different bread crisps with dip and delicious delicious hummus, some crackers and melon-banana-raspberry smoothies

I had a busy day. Went to the gym in the morning, then had coffee with mom and grandmother. After that I got groceries and did some last-minute cleaning at home. In the evening, I had friends over, we had some smoothies and watched a Korean zombie movie called “Train to Busan.” It was interesting to see a Korean take on the zombie genre instead of the regular Hollywood stuff. I enjoyed the movie and the company a lot.

Yule celebrations and drunk people being idiots… 24-25. Dec 2016

24. December

 Coffee and porridge

 Yule dinner: blood sausages, pork schnitzels, boiled potatoes with cream sauce, sauerkraut, meat rolls

 Coffee and delicious delicious cake

Yule celebrations were fun this year. During the day, we helped to decorate the party rooms and I decorated a whole bunch of gingerbread cookies. In the evening, there was a huge feast and then Jõuluvana came and brought everyone gifts. Jõuluvana was awesome, he had an actual long white beard and awesome boots 😀

Sadly, the very end of the evening turned sour for me, as I got upset at some drunk people acting very rudely and then drunk people driving. Unbelievable! Apparently drunk driving is very common with some people in that part of Estonia. I ended up having words with some of them in the middle of the night, but it was no use, as they sat behind the wheel anyway. In hindsight, I should have just confiscated their car keys, but I was too sleepy back then to come up with that idea.

25. December

 Potato salad and coffee

 More of this amazing cake

 Berry jelly with ice cream. The family we were visiting has an interesting Yule tradition to always make jelly as a dessert.

 Berry gummies that smelled bad and tasted awful. No one in the car wanted to eat them.

 A ham and eggs baguette from a gas station

I didn’t sleep too well, because the room was too hot, plus I was super upset over the drunk drivers. I was in a pissy mood the entire day and had real trouble holding myself back so I wouldn’t start picking fights with people over the drunken driving. I kind of felt that they’d just laugh in my face and make me feel even more crap, because of my inability to hold a proper debate. I always end up babbling and forgetting what I want to say, so it wouldn’t have been any use anyway.

We got back to Tallinn very late at night, because people kept stalling our departure with random crap like going to the sauna in the middle of the day etc. I was annoyed to say the least, but eventually we got back home and gosh, there is no place like home. I think I calmed down instantly when I stepped through the door and then had the best sleep ever in my own bed.

Guildies… 19. September 2016

 Rye cereal with some added strawberry cereal from Candy Japan with milk.

 Complimentary bread and butter @ Kuldse Notsu Kõrts.

 Fried liver in creamy sauce served with Mulk’s porridge and beet salad. This was absolutely fantastic. The liver was super tender. I haven’t had properly cooked liver for a while, so I was overjoyed. Kuldse Notsu Kõrts was quite a positive experience in general. We stepped in by random and were not disappointed, all the dishes were great.

 A latte with cocoa powder and a pistachio chocolate chip roll @ Kehrwieder. I shared the pastry with my boyfriend.


 Duck salad @ Karja Kelder. The salad wasn’t too good 😦


My guildies from Rift, Sempi and Sylva (game nicknames) from England, came for a visit 😀 It was great to finally meet them. We spent the first day walking around Tallinn and enjoying the
sights around.

 Lunch at Kuldse Notsu Kõrts

 An apple tree high up

 Enjoying the view(s) 😉


 A fitting graffiti for us 😀

 Flying squirrel


The hanging tree… 14. September 2016

 Oatmeal porridge with a sliced up banana and some fresh raspberry jam; also had a cup of coffee.

 Leftover chanterelle pizza from the previous night.

 A strawberry-banana smoothie, because I was feeling queasy after my workout and I couldn’t find any snacks from the store that were not pastry or sweets.

 A soup with macaroni, meatballs and chanterelles plus a dollop of sour cream on top.

 Pear chocolate cake with some fresh raspberry jam and a cup of peppermint tea.


The first song in my BodyArt class was “The Hanging Tree” from the movie “The Hunger Games.” Well it was a mix of the song, but I still found myself pretty amused by it and thought it was an odd song to exercise to xD

Also with exercising more I have to take more showers and it has sort of become a problem for me. Usually I shower fully about twice a week, other times I just wash parts of myself in the sink every morning and/or evening depending on the need. It’s pretty normal, because our climate is rather cool. However, it would be unthinkable to go home without a shower after exercising because I am sweaty and gross. Now taking a shower isn’t the problem itself, but it’s my hair, because the more often I wash it the quicker it starts getting dirty. After I started taking a shower every two days or so, I’ve noticed my hair is already getting greasy and dirty looking by the end of the next day after a shower. Before that it was okay for me to go three days and up without my hair starting to look and feel like it could use a wash. I was thinking that perhaps I should get myself a shower cap so I wouldn’t have to get my hair wet every time I shower after working out… but would that be weird? I don’t know, I’ve never seen anyone with a shower cap in the sports club. I’m pretty darn self-conscious with some odd things.

Angry at this illness… 24. August 2016

 Bran crispbread with avocado and tomato; a cup of coffee.

 A slice of white bread with avocado and tomato.

 A motivational smoothie from Boost: watermelon-strawberry smoothie with chia seeds.
I wasn’t feeling too good, but I decided I should go for a walk anyway, so I promised myself I’d buy myself a smoothie from Boost if I went out anyway. I managed to walk to the town centre, but took the bus back home, because by the time I got my smoothie and wanted to head back I was feeling pretty dizzy. I’m usually all for properly sitting out all the illnesses and recovering before becoming more active again, but I guess I am just so angry at this Lyme disease that I just don’t want to give in to it. What do you mean my joints hurt and I start feeling out of breath and dizzy when I walk? Fuck this, I’m going for a walk anyway! It’s how this entire thing feels.

 Dinner was roasted tomato soup with sour cream and grilled cheese sandwiches with pesto, tomato and avocado.

 Black tea and about 3 of these lemon cookies. The lemon cookies tasted so much better than the cocoa ones we had the day before, but they still had a very strong and annoying artificial smell.

Well there goes the detox… 8. July 2016

 Kefir with kama flour

 Saku Manchester beer and a peach

 Food: salads, carrots, potato chips, different types of cheese and some ham, cheese pastry, veggies for grilling…

 Some cheese pastry, boiled potatoes with dill, salad and a freshly pickled cucumber

 A couple of beef sausages

 Had half of this grilled beef slice

 Campari with orange juice 😀

 Grilled sweet potato and zucchini

 Another sausage and I ate about half of that chicken piece

 Cake, whipped cream and strawberries for dessert


Soooo… I am a weak human being obviously 😀 Anna was in Estonia so she invited us for a garden party at her mother’s house and of course I couldn’t not eat :p The evening was awesome though with good company, a sauna interlude and great food 🙂