Lots of cake… 13. March 2018

 Coffee, baked vegetables with some egg.

 More coffee and some chocolate.

 Tea and chocolate cake at Josie’s place.

 Omelette with some nori, radishes and tomatoes.

 Honey cake. Ate about half of it.

 Rye bread pudding with milk.

Adorable tea package… 28. February 2018

Coffee, a sourdough bread sandwich with salted salmon and then a cheese cookie.

Sauerkraut stew with potatoes and carrots.

A quark pastry (kohupiimakorp).

Vegan ice cream tasting. I’m not too sure about the ice creams, but that’s perhaps because they were too frozen and hard. The sorbet was delicious tho.

Hot and sour soup with mushrooms and quinoa. A sandwich with feta, avocado and tomato.

White peach tea. It was okay, a bit too artificial flavouring tasting to my likes. The package was cute tho.

Working on Saturday… 17. February 2018

 Coffee and raspberry-black currant yoghurt with quinoa cereal.

 Fresh cabbage borscht with sour cream.

 Rye bread beetroot burger. Yummy!

 Tea and some different Kit-Kat’s: strawberry, dark chocolate, matcha and cranberry-almond. The cranberry-almond one was fantastic. I also really loved the matcha flavour. My least favorite was the strawberry one.

Wigs and make-up… 21. December 2017

 Buckwheat porridge with bacon and onion.

 Baked cheesy klaarsäga (a type of catfish) with potatoes, some veggie wok, white bread and herb butter. Also had some Kuma kombucha.

 Snacks at Josie’s place. Among other stuff: kale chips, ham rolls with garlic cheese, carrots and cucumber with hummus, bread crisps with mushroom salad and beetroot salad.

 Fried honey chicken.

 Tea and a bacon sandwich.

Is this a marker of some sort?… 17. December 2017

We ran some errands with the boyfriend in the morning. Went to an art flea market, so I could buy a cute puppy a gift. Then had breakfast at Kivi Paber Käärid:

 I had a seafood soup and some fries. Boyfriend had a beef burger on a cauliflower steak and also some fries. He looks so happy over his food, doesn’t he? :p

Then we went and bought some holiday presents and… A BLANKET! Are we adults now? We have been living together for over 6 years and we just bought our first blanket. Until then we used a hand-me-down from my parents that is probably older than my sister who turned 18 this year xD

Anyway, dinner was at my parent’s house, to celebrate my dad’s birthday:

 Baked white fish, some boiled potatoes, marinated cucumber, marinated garlic and a sandwich with fish salad.