Vet… 1. February 2018

 Quinoa cereal with milk.

 Boiled egg, rye bread with butter and ham.

 Tomato and red rice soup with sour cream. Also drank some kombucha.

 Okinawa style brown cane sugar flavoured potato sticks. Shared wit boyfriend, they tasted okay.

My poor kitties have been to the vet several times for the past two weeks for a check-up and some procedures.

Loki had surgery on the left side of his neck and behind his ear. He had a strange lump on his neck that seemed to be growing over the years. We did try to get a sample from the growth some time ago to determine what it was, but failed, so the doctor decided that the best option was to remove it just in case. During the surgery it turned out that there were altogether three strange lumps on his neck, plus a tumour behind his ear D: Poor Chernobyl kitty! The growths and the tumour were sent in for further analysis.

He was groggy for the first couple of days but seems to be doing better now already. He managed to scratch open the stitches behind his ear at some point though, so we had to take him back in. This time they clamped the wound shut with metal clasps D: He is the Terminator kitty now. Anyway, he is healing now as well.

Kohuke needed her first vaccines and then she got sterilised. No kitty babies for her. There are way too many unwanted kitties out there already, her having been one of them at some point, considering she was thrown out of a car to a farm yard. She is doing fine already, recovering quick and being her usual little rascal.

Totoro went in for a check-up, because she has licked away so much fur from her legs and tummy. The doctor got a blood test done for ailments that could cause this, but all was clear. We would need to send in a urine sample, but that is just mission impossible… we have her locked up for the second day in a row in the bathroom with the special kitty litter and a bowl of water, but she just refuses to go and pee D:

If we manage to get a pee sample and nothing wrong is found with it, then it’s either a) the food she is eating or b) stress. In any case, I hope we will figure out the cause, because SHE UGLY right now and of course, I don’t want my sweet cat to be in distress in general.

A snowy trip

So the other day we went for a small dive and a walk, because I wanted to get out of the apartment for a while. It was all snowy and nice! We also built a snowman 😀 I haven’t done that in ages.

I don’t go outside near as enough as I should these days :s I should really try harder to do more of that again… and mostly because it’s just so damn nice to be outdoors.

 We took Loki outside for a bit. He didn’t like the snow and escaped quickly indoors again XD

 Throwing snow balls

 Oops! A direct hit!

 Making it snow

 Our snow man

 Making a small adjustment

 Work complete


 Making it snow again

 My turn to throw snow balls

 A lost elf :p


Blurry bits and pieces

Birthday gifts I got from my lovely friends 🙂 So many cool things like sweets and snacks, a painting of Spock, a Dir en grey album, foodie gadgets and a bath toy, also a candle and some nice smelling soap 🙂

I also got this panda shaped onigiri making kit 😀

Some serious onigiri making. My boyfriend always takes such blurry photos for some reason xD

Sadly this time there are no photos of the actual finished onigiri as I got a terrible headache in the middle of making them and had to go lie down. Boyfriend ate the ones I managed to make.

Totoro in her usual “feed me nau, hooman” position

Loki licking all the things

I was also given a chatty bath toy for my birthday. Loki came to investigate it while I was testing it out, so I ended up with some cute kitty footage to share 🙂

Trips and company and cats

 Visiting a church tower in Rakvere

 This is where spiders live

 View from the tower

 This place feels haunted

 Then we went back to our place and Liia made us pancakes

 Bubble fun

 Totoro waited for us indoors

Tanel took some amazing photos of Loki:

 A majestic beast roaming in tall grass

 Pretty kitty

 Climbing some trees

 And playing with bubbles

 The dramatic nom of a piece of grass


 He is so pretty. Stupid… but pretty

 Move now, you stupid cat!

 And then he got stuck in a tree and Tont had to go rescue him