Dooger coffee… 26. October 2017

 Nuts and berries in dark chocolate and a cup of coffee.

 Solyanka soup.

 Rice with cabbage, tuna, soy sauce and sour cream.

 Buckwheat pasta with vegetables.

 Dodger Coffee Co. coffee 😀 I mean when your favourite youtuber/streamer creates her own coffee company, then you naturally buy the coffee and make your poor cat pose with the pack xD


Mushroom hunting… 23. September 2017

 Skyr with cherry jam

 Coffee and cookies

 A really crappy ham and cheese pastry. This was awfully dry.

 Brioche with honey

 Omg, look at this chicken!

 Stewed chicken and vegetables with some tomato salad

 A yummy rum pastry

 Rye bread with butter, some sült and tomato

We went to Southern Estonia for the weekend. When we got to our destination, we were greeted with a delicious chicken dish for lunch. After the glorious meal we went to the forest to hunt for mushrooms. I think we spent over 4 hours in the forests… sadly we didn’t get as many mushrooms as I had hoped, because the season for them is over, but it was still great as a long hike.



 A funky mushroom growth

 Looks fluffy, but it was not

 Old stump

 Fly amanita

 Look out?

 A drop of red

 Gloopy looking

 Mushrooms up a tree

After the mushrooms adventure, everyone else went to a party nearby, but I was too exhausted to join them, so I took a nap on the couch. Later when they were back from the party, we went to sauna which was really nice…. I’d say it was a day well spent.

Getting things off my chest… 14. September 2017

 Salmon and egg bagel and salted cucumber from a convenience store and a cup of hot lovely coffee.

 A couple of tangerine candies. I got these from Candy Japan and I was absolutely thrilled about how cute they were and how good they tasted.

 Beetroot latte.

 Clear vegetable soup with minced meat and a dollop of sour cream + some coriander bread.

 A couple of apples.

 Dinner with boyfriend. I had another beetroot latte and we shared some sweet potato fries.

 A pancake with honey.

 A chocolate pastry.

I have been unhappy with my work lately. I mean, I still enjoy the actual work part, I am just tired of running against walls and minor problems not getting solved for months and then us, the people behind the counter, getting blamed for things going wrong even though we have no control over any of it. It has been frustrating and stressful. I got the owners involved now, so hopefully all parties will get their proper say and changes will be made. If not, then… I will be very very sad.

Sometimes the cup drips full and overflows… 12. September 2017

 Coffee and some lingonberries

 Original Captain Kombucha. I didn’t like the first couple of sips I took, but then the drink really grew on me. Not one of my top favorite kombucha’s, but a lot better than most of the stuff I have tried.

 A cutlet with a fried egg, buckwheat, sauce and some salad.

 A pancake stuffed with banana and drizzled with honey

 Spicy tomato soup with assorted veggies, mushrooms and egg noodles

I am back… 1. September 2017

I found myself a new place to host my photos and even though I haven’t restored all my blog posts yet, I thought I could continue posting new things while working on the backlog. For a while I was so angry at the entire Photobucket bullshit that I couldn’t even read anyone else’s blogs without becoming upset again. I didn’t take any photos of my food either.

Anyhow, I’ve found motivation again to continue my project. I think the small break did me good actually.

 Rice with tuna, assorted nuts and seeds, and soy sauce

 Cardamom biscuits

Rice with chicken sauce, beef sauce, vegetable sauce + some spring rolls @ Josie’s place. There was board games and food. I watched others play as I am not too fond of playing board games, especially games like Catan etc. I was also a bit out of it, feeling tired, because of the two 15h shifts I had pulled on the previous days. It was fun though just watching others play while I sipped my beer (of which I forgot to take a photo).

 Blueberry cake


How have you been, dear readers, while I was gone?

Sometimes laziness wins… 28. January 2017

 Tom yum flavoured instant noodles with sour cream

 Vanilla quark with a banana

 Red curry with tofu and mushrooms with rice, chicken and veggie fresh spring rolls from a place called Konteiner

 Tea and Kalev Musi chocolate (dark chocolate with strawberry and chilipepper)

Sometimes I get days when I feel good, but I simply don’t want to do anything. Today was one of these days. I forced myself to get some things done, even went out and got groceries for dinner, but when it was time to cook said dinner I was all ughhhh nope, not today, don’t wanna! So, we ordered food from a restaurant. I felt guilty about wasting money on take-out, but at the same time I was so relieved I didn’t have to cook xD