Sometimes laziness wins… 28. January 2017

 Tom yum flavoured instant noodles with sour cream

 Vanilla quark with a banana

 Red curry with tofu and mushrooms with rice, chicken and veggie fresh spring rolls from a place called Konteiner

 Tea and Kalev Musi chocolate (dark chocolate with strawberry and chilipepper)

Sometimes I get days when I feel good, but I simply don’t want to do anything. Today was one of these days. I forced myself to get some things done, even went out and got groceries for dinner, but when it was time to cook said dinner I was all ughhhh nope, not today, don’t wanna! So, we ordered food from a restaurant. I felt guilty about wasting money on take-out, but at the same time I was so relieved I didn’t have to cook xD

Simply a good day… 17. January 2017

 Morning coffee and 7 grain porridge with khorasan wheat (kamut), some peanuts, chia seeds and blueberry jam

 Some carrots

 Unplanned café time @ Gustav Café. We shared a slice of Napoleon cake and I had a Vienna coffee.

 Sausage sandwich and some cheesy veggie (carrot, potato, zucchini, lettuce) soup with noodles

Not all good days are somehow extraordinary. Some good days are simply good because they are ridiculously ordinary. Like my day today: I slept late in the morning which was fine. When I got up, I cleaned a bit, did the dishes, did some laundry; went out for a walk and popped into my favourite second hand store (got two shirts and a book for 4.50euros) and got groceries; later in the evening accompanied my bf to town while he ran some errands and then we stopped for a bit for some cake and coffee; Got back home, made dinner, played a bit of computer games. The day was pretty ordinary, but since my last thought before falling asleep that night was: “wow, today was such a good day!” then I guess it actually must have been a really good day 🙂 Sometimes ordinary and even a bit boring is the best.

TV Tower and ilness… 26-27. Dec 2016

26. December

 Coffee, scrambled eggs, potato salad, some cucumber

 Napoleon’s cake and coffee

 Bouillabaisse @ Teletorn Restaurant. I’ve never had bouillabaisse before, but I always thought it was a seafood stew soup with more seafood in it. It was still good, but not what I expected. The piece of crab on top of it was really good.

 Sous vide roasted saddle of lamb, deep-fried thymus, vegetable gratin, baby vegetables and rosemary sauce. The roasted thymus had a very weird texture xD

 Daim McFlurry

We visited the Estonian TV Tower in the evening and had dinner in their restaurant. The view from 175m to the evening Tallinn was beautiful. The restaurant meal was probably one of the most expensive meals I’ve ever had and it all was… okay. I mean, the food was good, but nothing special. I always think that if after a meal, I can only think how good everything was, the meal was probably worth the money, but if afterwards I can only think how expensive everything was, then the food probably wasn’t worth the price. So, I doubt I ever want to go back to that restaurant. It was however still an interesting experience.

27. December

 Oat bran porridge with butter and raspberry jam, kefir bread with chocolate spread, coffee

 Pork schnitzels, fried potatoes with eggs, some cucumber and avocado salad

I caught a cold. Probably caught the bug from my boyfriend who started showing symptoms of illness already during Yule. Ugh, sucks so much.

Stuff… 12. Dec 2016

 Oat bran porridge with butter

 Coffee and a couple of vanilla and chocolate chip pastries

 Rice casserole with lots of veggies and come chicken. Also, had some salted cucumber.

Busy day: went out to get the drawing framed for my grandparents. At the framing shop, they asked if it was my child’s drawing. What a burn xD Then I got groceries and went back home to test out the macro lens that Indrek rented for me. I got a couple of cool photos, but mostly it just made me realise how dirty my couch cover is and that I hardly have any proper light in my apartment to take macro photos. It was still interesting to play around with it however. In the evening we took it back to the camera store.

Clean… 11. Dec 2016

 Coffee and a banana

 Spicy coconut milk soup with shrimp, tofu, rice noodles and rice

 Coffee and some orange flavoured Daim candies

 Ham and cheese sandwich

 More of the spicy coconut milk soup with shrimp, tofu, rice noodles and rice

We spent most of the day cleaning our apartment. Having clean surroundings feels so good… but it always lasts only for a hot minute. Just long enough for you to finally sit down to relax with a cup of coffee and spill it all over the clean table cloth… and so the mess begins anew xD

Walking and baking and partying… 9-10. Dec 2016

9. December

 A persimmon for breakfast

 I baked a peanut butter brownie (after this recipe) and had a few slices for lunch

 Spicy coconut milk soup with shrimp, tofu and rice noodles

We went to our local television studio with the boyfriend to rent some costumes for the upcoming Christmas party at his work. The theme of the party is 20’s fashion and the lady working at the costume department found us costumes in a snap. It was amazing how she just looked us up and down and then picked out the clothes from the long lines of costumes and they fit just right. We didn’t even consider trying on anything other than she picked out for us. Must be years of experience dressing people 😀

10. December

 Omelette and salted cucumber

Party foods:

 Crab rolls, deviled eggs, sült (head cheese)

 Veggies and dip

 Meats and sausages

 Sandwich cake

 Meatballs and chicken wings

 Paté stuffed buns

I ate a bit of everything 😛

 Quark stuffed pastry (had 2 of these), a slice of peanut butter brownie and coffee. I ended up drinking about 3 cups of coffee near midnight xD

I slept in in the morning, so I didn’t get much done that I wanted. I had planned to do the dishes and clean a bit, but instead I decided to laze in bed with a headache. Eh. Eventually I got up. Then we went to the store to get some groceries and also bought stuff to donate to the food bank. Back at home, I baked another one of these peanut butter brownies and then my boyfriend’s brother came and picked us up to go shopping for presents for our friends. Going to shopping centres is crazy right now; so many people 😦

It took us a couple of hours to find what we needed (+ I scored a cute candle holder, a new kettle and a hexbug cat toy) and then we headed to the birthday party we had been invited to. The party was pretty fun and we got back home around 3am in the morning.

An interesting meeting… 26-27. November 2016

26. November

 Cereal with milk and a cup of coffee.

 Oven-baked pearl barley with smoked bacon and onion + some complimentary bread and butter @ Kuldse Notsu Kõrts

 Coffee and a slice of pecan tart @ Kehrwieder Chocolaterie

A cup of coffee, polar bread with ham and tomato, mushroom soup

 A slice of apple-halva pie

 Seaweed snacks with olive oil and a cup of tea

I got an unexpected message on facebook a few days ago, that a very long time online friend of mine was in Estonia on a business trip and he asked if I was willing to meet up with him. Years ago, I used to keep a personal journal on a website called livejournal and I think he was one of my very first friends there that wasn’t already a friend of mine outside the livejournal portal. That was maybe 15 years ago now 😀 We haven’t really communicated much after livejournal “died,” but we were in each other’s friends lists and kind of knew what the other was up to thanks to that.

So, we met up and I showed him around Tallinn a bit and helped him find some gifts for his wife and co-workers back in Japan. It was funny meeting a person for the first time that you have kind of “known” for years already :p I hope the terrible weather didn’t scare him off Estonia for good and maybe he will be back one day.

27. November

 Lemon kohuke

 Apple-halva pie and some coffee

 Bread crisps

 Coffee and Kismet wafer

 Minced meat and pesto lasagne with loads of veggies

Lazy day. I think I spent half of the day just sleeping :p It felt good though.