Lazy Saturday… 28. April 2018

 Beetroot burger with rye bread.

 Baked strawberry chocolate. This was super yummy. Shared this with hubby.

 A crispy wafer with vanilla whip. Also shared with hubby.

 A banana.

 Egg noodles with veggie-smoked chicken sauce and some salad.

Good times… 10-11. June 2017

10. June

 Coffee and three strawberry kohuke

 Magus Mull apple-lemon lemonade

 Pancake with banana and chocolate syrup

 Churros and cold brew coffee by Café y Churros at Tallinn Street Food Festival. So good! One churro was with dulce de leche and three with spicy cheese sauce. It was my first time trying churros, I am in love.

 Crispy chicken by Gostu, Kyuho’s Kitchen. Nom!

 A waffle cone with kama fluff by Vahvlihaldjad

 Bacon pizza by Street pizza

 Some grapes and pastries @ Ebe’s birthday

Foodgasm! I was at work in the morning and afterwards we popped by the Tallinn Street Food Festival. My intial idea was only to get churros, but there was so much tempting food that we ended up eating a lot xD Later in the evening we went to Ebe’s birthday party, so yeah, we totally overate xD But all was fantastic.

11. June

 Coffee, bacon-potato pastry and apple-cinnamon pastry that I shared with my bf

 Pancake with banana and honey

 Oven baked potatoes, cutlets, some salad

 Nettle marmalade. It sadly tasted mostly like sugar.

 Water kimchi! I used this recipe to make it. Turned out great, however I think it needs to sour for another couple of days.

 Potato-barley curry with mayonnaise

Boyfriend was a sweetheart and came to work with me in the morning. We had coffee and pancakes ♥ After work I popped by @ Koht. Elvira treated me to some fantastic passionfruit beer.
When I got home, boyfriend had cleaned the apartment floors. Bless him! I hate vacuuming so much. We had dinner and watched “American Gods”. Good day, good day.

End of the trip… 26-27. May 2017

26. May

 Breakfast at the hostel: waffles with peanut butter and Nutella, sausage sandwich, some cheese, a boiled egg and a cup of coffee

 More waffles and some fruit

 Iced lattes

 Chocolate-coffee cake

 Some sandwiches for dinner


Second day in Uppsala. We did more walking around the town and visited The Uppsala University Palaeontology Museum, which was awesome. All these old animal and dinosaur bones and fossils were fascinating… and also really really scary to me xD History frightens me and I get scared in museums, even though I absolutely love visiting those places.

In the evening, we caught another overnight boat back to Estonia. It was a great trip, I loved it a lot. Sweden is a beautiful country and I am absolutely in love with their nature and landscape.

 Birdie caught a wormie

 Mummified cat O_O

 How cute is that depiction of the fossil?

 This is why I am afraid of the water

 A dragon skull from Russia

 What dinosaurs actually looked like

27. May

 A banana and a coconut bar in milk chocolate

 Porridge with honey and some coffee

 Pelmeni in chicken bouillon with some sour cream

 Delicious raspberry juice I bought in Sweden


We got back home and unpacked. I took a long nap and then I spent the rest of the evening baking some cakes for the open gardens café event during the Pelgulinna street festival the next day.

 Also, Loki helped me unpack

The first food disappointment of the year… 1. January 2016

So basically the first thing I ate, no, tried eating this year, was disgusting. I hope this won’t set a trend for the entire year.

 I was so excited when I spotted this cocoa kissel (Tere Kakao Kissell) in the store, because I love cocoa kissel, but I am bad at making it… so I really hoped this would be amazing.

 A glass of cocoa kissel and a cup of coffee. Sadly the cocoa kissel was absolutely disgusting as it had a weird bitter-ish aftertaste 😦 And it wasn’t just my overly picky tastebuds, my boyfriend and my friend, who had breakfast with us, thought the same and also couldn’t drink the stuff. We sadly had to throw the entire thing away.

 Miss K shared a couple of her stroopwafles to go with the coffee instead. These were yummy.

 We had nabe for brunch: glass noodles, shimeji mushrooms, champingon mushrooms, chicken, carrots, cabbage, tofu, cauliflower, tomato and leek.

 Good semi-healthy stuff

 Crabbie’s Raspberry Alcoholic Ginger Beer. This was way too sweet for me, so I only managed to finish about half a bottle.

 Disney themed Pakkincho chocolate filled cookies. These were cute and yummy.

 Collon waffle rolls with matcha-cream filling. These were good too.

Second day… 28. June 2014

Instant noodles. The hot bouillon and the noodles were a blessing, because we were so wet and freezing.

Chocolate kohuke

Oatmeal porridge with jam

Sausage sandwich with some cucumber

A waffle


Shared an ice cream with boyfriend

Rice cake with sausage and cucumber, macaroni casserole

Vanilla kohuke

Some wieners