Friends… 20-21. Dec 2016

20. December

 A slice of mushroom and ham quiche and a cup of coffee @ Gustav Café. The quiche was not good at all, I only ate half of it. It had too much seasoning which made it very unpleasant to eat.


 Chicken curry @ Little India. Very good stuff for a lunch  menu offering. Yum!

 Potato paratha

 Ham sandwich and coffee

 Pelmeni with sour cream and some kimchi

 Tea and a rum pastry

Shopping is hard. I spent the day with Maarja, walking around in a local super market and trying to find myself a new coat or something else to wear outside, because my only jacket was falling apart. According to my pedometer I walked 22km that day; also, I got a blister under my foot, I lost my lip piercing, a button from my old coat and broke two nails xD At least the company was good ♥ and I eventually did find a suitable parka to wear… at the very last store I went to xD

21. December

 A couple of rum pastries and a cup of coffee

Glass noodles with wakame and sour cream

 I had a beer and some deep fried potato peels with Anna ♥

 Chicken kimchi stew with some rice

I spent the day running errands and organising Yule presents. In the evening I met up with Anna for a few hours to grab a beer and to catch up. Was lovely!

Calm days… 11-12. November 2016

11. November

 I turned the hemp seed yoghurt I didn’t like into yummy pancakes.

 Sauerkraut soup and a sandwich with cheese.

 Apple crumble with ice cream.

12. November

 Coffee, a couple of delicious rum pastries.

 Sauerkraut soup.

 A gummy candy kit where you could assemble your own gummy candy figurine. The idea seemed good, but sadly it didn’t work, as I couldn’t get the candy out of its mould very well and then the candy was too sticky, so it just stuck to my fingers instead of sticking to the other pieces of candy. Meh.

 More sauerkraut soup.

 Apple crumble with ice cream and some tea.

 Another rum pastry that I snagged off from my boyfriend.

Rock bottom and starting to climb up again… 9-10. November 2016

Photobucket still doesn’t work for me, so I am trying out flickr for now. Flickr is a bigger hassle when it comes to linking photos to my blog, but at least it’ll hopefully work. Eghhh… so annoyed how many services are not functioning properly for me these days (that includes: Viber, Skype, tumblr among others)  😦 Please let me know if you are having any issues seeing my photos, I don’t quite trust flickr yet.

9. November

 Sausage sandwich.

 Beef chili over rice.

 Wakame miso soup over rice.

 Baked apple with sugar and cinnamon.

I had a panic attack the night before and the bad feeling from it never really went away. I woke up feeling anxious and since I didn’t manage to anything productive for the first half of the day, I ended up crying most of the rest of the day. I think this was one of the worst days I’ve had this year. By the very late evening I finally managed to drag myself out of bed again to make us some dinner. I also wrote to school asking what would be the ramifications if I postponed my graduation to the spring semester. I need more time to sort myself out.

10. November

 A baked apple with cinnamon and sugar; also, some spoonfuls of yoghurt with hemp seeds. I didn’t enjoy that yoghurt much.

 Cocoa puffs with milk.

 Coffee and Milka Waffelini wafer.

 Popcorn and Fanta we shared at the movies with my  boyfriend.

 Fried potatoes, blood sausages, some salad and sauerkraut.

It was a better day for sure. I had coffee in the morning with my mom and then spent most of the day cleaning our apartment. In the evening boyfriend took me to the movies to see “Doctor Strange,” which I enjoyed a lot. I am usually not very fond of 3D movies, but with this one I feel that it’s essential to watch it in 3D. It was visually an extraordinary experience. Also, Benedict Cumberbatch, hot damn!

I did have a couple of anxiety attacks during the day where I was either shivering uncontrollably or couldn’t breathe, but they passed quite quickly and didn’t develop into anything worse.

I also got a letter back from school, saying that I could graduate in spring with the same terms as now, so I guess I will aim to do that. It will give me more time to attempt to get my anxiety and other issues under control and finish my thesis. I hope I can do this.

On drinking alone… 17. October 2016

 Coffee, Greek yoghurt with a banana, some oat cereal and chia seeds.

 Instant noodles with sour cream. Too many instant noodles, Annika! I’m really having trouble controlling my eating these days :/

 French fries and some fried wieners. Also beer. I drank about 5 bottles in the evening, because it was just that kind of a day. I didn’t get as drunk as I would have liked to which was disappointing.

I started drinking over Skype with Eva, who lives in Japan. It was pretty fun, but then eventually it became bed time for her, so I had to continue drinking alone. I haven’t really been drinking home alone for a very long time now. I used to do it a lot, but now I am more of a social drinker. For a while I had a beer or two during our rare raid nights with the guild on Rift, but I guess that counts as social drinking, because we were always chatting away over voice chat during it. We haven’t really had a raid night for over half a year now too, because everyone got busy with real life. Eh. Don’t you just hate it when real life gets in the way of gaming? :p

Things I hate… 13. October 2016

 Greek yoghurt with banana, epically sour kiwifruit and some oat cereal.

 Kefir bread with butter and elk sausage.

 Japanese style tofu curry with rice, some tomato and avocado.

 A couple of sesame mochi ice cream balls.


I hate vacuuming the floors with a passion. I also hate dirty floors that are covered in dust bunnies and cat litter. I also hate that whenever I pull myself together and clean the floors it doesn’t stay that way for very long. It’s not a good feeling when you get out of the bed in the morning, knowing you cleaned the floors last night, and the first thing you feel under your toes is cat litter or some other crap. EUGH. I wish I had self-cleaning floors.

Two pages… 5. October 2016

 Lemon-melissa yoghurt. Had the typical yoghurt problem of being too sweet and not tasting enough like lemon.

 Kefir bread with butter and avocado + a cup of coffee.

 Rice with tuna, potato, furikake and mayonnaise.


I managed to write two pages of my thesis. However, the two pages felt really incoherent and I am not sure if they made any sense. So realistically, I made a two pages of progress, but emotionally I feel I accomplished nothing. Odd day.