… 11. May 2018

 Porridge with pumpkin seeds, beef jerky and butter. Also had a cup of coffee.

 Chili sin carne with brown rice and some carrot.

 Coconut-banana pastry.

 Lay’s oven baked yoghurt and herbs flavoured potato chips.

 Chili sin carne with brown rice and sour cream. Had another cup of coffee.

I made a mistake… 19. April 2018

 Gyudon from Washoku Story.

 Sour juice and few bites of this pomegranate-raspberry yoghurt.

In the morning I felt completely fine, so I took a shower and went to work, thinking that the food poisoning or whatever it was had ended. I was completely okay (a bit weak yes, but otherwise fine) until I had lunch. Then I was back to the cold shivers and vomiting D: I think I made a mistake of eating a heavy lunch perhaps?

I had to leave work and spent another day sleeping and shivering in bed 😦 Before I got home, I saw my doctor and got a leave from work as it became obvious it was no mere food poisoning after all. Very very very lame all of this.

There is an angry Russian boi in my tea… 17. April 2018

 Coffee, potato-carrot soup with sour cream.

 Chickpea-lentil curry with yoghurt.

 A grilled sandwich with ham, cheese and tomato; chickpea-lentil curry with minced beef and sour cream.

 Tea, Cadbury Dairy Milk Daim eggs, a maple biscuit and a tea flavoured biscuit. The chocolate eggs were a bit meh, but both of the cookies were delicious.

Working on Saturday… 17. February 2018

 Coffee and raspberry-black currant yoghurt with quinoa cereal.

 Fresh cabbage borscht with sour cream.

 Rye bread beetroot burger. Yummy!

 Tea and some different Kit-Kat’s: strawberry, dark chocolate, matcha and cranberry-almond. The cranberry-almond one was fantastic. I also really loved the matcha flavour. My least favorite was the strawberry one.