Working on Saturday… 17. February 2018

 Coffee and raspberry-black currant yoghurt with quinoa cereal.

 Fresh cabbage borscht with sour cream.

 Rye bread beetroot burger. Yummy!

 Tea and some different Kit-Kat’s: strawberry, dark chocolate, matcha and cranberry-almond. The cranberry-almond one was fantastic. I also really loved the matcha flavour. My least favorite was the strawberry one.

Noms in Stavanger day 4… 2. December 2017

I have been ill twice over the past two weeks and I have been busy with work, so I have been super tired and haven’t gotten to blogging. *sigh* I’ll try to catch up…

 Passionfruit-melon yoghurt and more lefse flatbread with butter and cinnamon


 More coffeeeeh

 Frannziskaner Hefe-Weissbier Naturtrüb. Good beer.

 Creamy shellfish soup with shrimps and fennel; Duck terrine with beets, cherries and green stuff. We shared these between myself, Indrek and Anna.

Traditional Norwegian Christmas foods at N.B. Sørensen:

 I ate lutefisk: lye fish with steamed peas, potatoes, bacon and mustard sauce. This fish was good. I did the mistake of smelling it xD It smelled really bad, but the taste was great. The texture of it was mighty weird.

 Indrek had pinnekjøtt: lamb ribs with mashed swede, potatoes and gravy. This was also interesting as the ribs were dried first and then rehydrated for the dish. A tad bit salty for my taste, but pretty cool.

 Anna had ribbe: roasted pork with Christmas sausage, red cabbage, Brussel sprouts, potatoes and gravy. The pork was so crispy and nice!

 Good times ❤

 Dessert was rice pudding with raspberries and caramelised almonds. This was so delicious, holy milky way!