Suddenly ramen… 7. September 2014

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Oven cooked chicken and potatoes

Berry kissel with kohupiim
(also pictured is my amazingly clean stove!)

Akamiso ramen & Calpis @ Tokumaru

The last photo was taken with my Canon EOS 70D. Usually I use Canon PowerShot SX130 IS for my food photos as it is small and thus easier to carry around. The quality difference is quite noticeable, isn’t it?

Huh… 6. September 2014

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Fried eggs, sausage and cucumber sandwich

A banana

Oven baked chicken and potatoes with some cucumber

Fell down a hole… 5. September 2014

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Rhubarb-oats yoghurt, also had a cup of coffee

Barley groat and potato milk soup, sandwich with sprats in oil, some cucumber

Tuna pizza

釜どおこげ… 4. September 2014

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Coffee and some Okoge Senbei (釜どおこげ)

Barley groat and potato milk soup

More barley groat and potato milk soup + a couple of sandwiches with sprats in oil

Boyfrend made me some hot cocoa :)

Eyes hurt… 3. September 2014

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Potato soup with sour cream

A banana

Barley groat and potato milk soup and a couple of sandwiches with tomato, sausage and cheese

I was in a “bad mood” for the past few days so yeah daily updates didn’t happen again. I am a slave to my moods.

First day back to school… 2. September 2014

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Some sort of energy bar. Meh.

Tuna and bean pastry with some coffee

Meet Octeapus- my new cute tea strainer that Eva got me from Japan :)

Had some peppermint tea and a banana

Potato soup with sour cream, tomato and cheese sandwiches

Peanut halvah

First day of school for my little brother… 1. September 2014

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Squid salad (that my mom made) and a couple of Kamado Okoge Senbei (釜どおこげ) that Eva brought me from Japan

Bacon-wrapped jalapeno poppers (I had one, it was delicious!) @ Mack Bar-B-Que

Beef in smoky sauce with fries and creamy corn.

The first bite was super delicious. The meat was super tender and tasty… but the colder the meat got and the more I ate, the sweeter it started to taste. Now I have heard that the American people prefer their meat in sweet sauces etc, but I didn’t like it very much to be honest. I like my food not sweet unless it’s dessert and I don’t even like overly sweet desserts either. I guess a sweetened meat dish could be interesting on an occasion, but that dish tasted as if someone had accidentally dropped an entire bag of sugar into the sauce :( The food wasn’t bad per se, it just wasn’t my taste.

Mom desperately wanted to get some cake and coffee afterwards, but the shopping center we were at didn’t have much of a choice. She wanted to go to a place called Brezza and I warned her that it was the same chain that offered that terrible conveyor belt sushi at Kristiine, but apparently she didn’t pay much attention to what I was saying, so we ended up staying there. Big mistake.

Both of our coffees were ice cold when they arrived (mom got hers exchanged, but I was too tired to make a fuss) and my cookie cake (the seemingly safest cake I picked out) tasted like a refrigerator and generally bad. I only had a couple of bites of it before I gave up on ever enjoying it. Mom got some sort of Pavlova dessert that tasted awful (confirmed by me, my sis and mom) and the macroons my sis got tasted mostly of food colouring. I haven’t had a café experience this bad for a long time.

Boiled potatoes with mushroom sauce and cucumber that Liia made

In other news, it was my little brothers first day of school. Since my own school ceremony felt so pointless, I attended his instead. The ceremony was lovely and my little brother looked so adorable in his brand new suit, but the entire thing made me feel so awfully old and sentimental.
School is weird. I have spent 20 years of my life in different schools. Not sure how much good this has done me… but then again, can’t say it has done any harm either.


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