Final day… 29. August 2014

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Coffee and halvah cake just because

Kefir. I only had about two cups today…

I made tomato soup with chicken and quinoa. Added a dollop of sour cream to it too.

So today was the last day of the kefir detox. My digestion feels better, but otherwise I pretty much failed the thing as I ended up eating too much in the evenings. Though I do suppose that I ate altogether less than I would have usually.

Another thing I learned was that Gefilus kefir is really good and Tere classic kefir is also quite good. However Tere Hellus kefir tastes bland and I had real trouble drinking more than a cup of it… I suppose this is why I barely drank any kefir today, because the Hellus one was the only one left.

The Melancholy of Mechagirl… 28. August 2014

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Had about a litre of kefir during the day.

Sushi and coffee

And some more sushi

Chocolate cake

The kefir detox hasn’t gone as smoothly as I would have liked, but meh, at least it has been good on my digestion so far. Funny thing is that I seem to be too dehydrated… should probably try and drink more water.

My mind is so weak… 27. August 2014

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Drank kefir during the day like a good girl

But then in the evening I was upset and mom bought those wieners, and of course I ate a bunch. That’s my problem, I can’t control my eating when I am upset.

Later in the evening we went to visit Marit and she made us some mashed potatoes with nice cutlets, sour cream sauce and salad.
It’s always awesome when someone cooks for you :)

Later I had some coffee (Nescafe 3-in-1 hisashiburi xD) and carrot cake

We played a Terry Pratchett inspired game called The Withces and drank awesome tea. I adore the tea cups Marit has!
If to count out the little “upset hiccup” I had, it was a really nice evening :)

Lambatatt… 26. August 2014

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Chicken soup and some fried potatoes

A boiled potato with a bit of mushroom sauce

That was a bit heavier dinner than I had planned, but my mom made the mushroom sauce a few hours after I had already eaten and I just wanted to try it. I regretted my choice about two mouthfuls later as that mushroom sauces slimy texture just wasn’t working for me. So I guess so far I like chanterelles, enoki and champignon mushrooms in sauces, but granulated bolete (võipuravik/lambatatik) not so much. I did finish eating my plateful, but I just didn’t enjoy it at all.

Participating in a photo project

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So last month (or was it in the end of June?) Tont got an invitation from his English teacher at work to be a model for his summer photography project. I asked if it was okay to simply tag along to see what they were doing, but ended up being photographed a few times as well. The final photos were lovely and since I got permission, I will share some of them here in my blog:

 photo fto1.jpg

 photo fto1.jpg

 photo fto1.jpg

 photo fto1.jpg

 photo fto1.jpg

 photo fto1.jpg

All photos by Mike Andrew Dawson. Check out his awesome flicker stream here-

Detox?… 25. August 2014

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Kefir and salad

I am attempting a sort of a detox/diet thingy for a week where I only drink kefir during the day and then have a lighter dinner in the evening. I’ve simply been eating too much lately, so I hope this will do me and my body some good.

Woozy… 24. August 2014

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Pancakes with strawberry jam, coffee

Coffee, a wrap with ham, eggs and potatoes

Halvah cookies

Grilled sausages, beef fajita wrap


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