Buying cloth… 17. October 2014

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Chicken-buckwheat casserole and some salad

Strawberry cheesecake

Bread with cheese spread

Veggie and wiener soup with sour cream

PressHeart… 16. October 2014

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Fried meat with eggs and some cucumber

Milka milk chocolate with TUC crackers

Chicken-buckwheat casserole and salad

Dundundundun… 15. October 2014

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A couple of bananas

Instant noodles with sour cream

Fried meat, salad and fried egg

A tuna pastry and a pistachio pastry

Did I leave my camera somewhere?… 14. October 2014

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“Butter roses” with sausage

Chanterelle pasta @ Vapiano

The guy who prepared this for me seemed to be pretty ill :s He was quite out of it and this is why he probably served my pasta into a takeaway box as well instead of a normal plate. Somewhat funny, but I felt sorry for him that he had to work while ill… also it’s worrisome that people are made to/let work while ill and that especially in a food establishment.
To his praise, my pasta still tasted really good and yay, I didn’t catch whatever he had :D

A banana

I don’t know what happened to dinner :S

Curry time… 13. October 2014

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Hazelnuts in dark chocolate

Buckwheat porridge with butter


Rice and curry

Wakame-licious… 12. October 2014

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Coffee, buckwheat porridge with butter

Kalev’s milk chocolate

Rice with carrots and wakame

Bucky buckled a bucketfull of buckberries to his beltbuckle… 11. October 2014

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Pelmeni and vegetable soup with sour cream

An apple

Geisha chocolate

A grilled ham and cheese sandwich


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