Pumpkin mania… 27. October 2014

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Apple pie

Fried eggs, salad

Caramel kohuke

Pumpkin and smoked ham risotto with some cucumber and sour cream

Long car rides… 26. October 2014

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Rye bread crusted pork, salad, cottage cheese

Happy birthday grandfather… 25. October 2014

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Semolina porridge with strawberry jam

Home made white bread with salted salmon + a cup of coffee

Home made bread with bits of roast meat

Oven baked potatoes and carrots, roast pork, sauerkraut. I also had some gin & tonic.

Chocolate cake, coffee

Uulu… 24. October 2014

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Apple pie and coffee

Miso soup and salad

Sült that my grandmother made

Indian food… 23. October 2014

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Apple-pear-raspberry juice

Boiled sausages and salad

Dinner @ Maharaja: masala tea, fried salmon

Tandoori chicken in tomato-cream sauce with vegetables, potato-cauliflower curry, pullao rice, garlic naan and raita

Also had a banana lassi

Gulab jamun

Winter food… 22. October 2014

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Fried eggs, sausage and bacon with some tomato and cucumber

A banana and a brioche bun

Blood sausage and salad with sõir

Coffee and zephyr in chocolate

Happy birthday, darling… 21. October 2014

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It was my boyfriends birthday, so I made him a surprise breakfast.

“English breakfast” – Fried sausage and bacon, beans, fried eggs, some cucumber and tomato with toast and coffee

Sandwich with sausage and sõir

Dinner @ Gotsu: Kimchi stew and lemonade

Strawberry mousse cake for the birthday boy. Sadly this cake looked better than it tasted :(

Cake and tea

Pistachio macaron


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