Street food festival… 15. June 2014

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Some rice with four different curries: chicken curry, beef curry, lentil curry and chickpea curry

Watermelon lemonade, fried chicken in chili sauce with rice and a rice cake

Kimchi fried rice

Grilled corn and a chicken enchilada

Cappuccino and limoncello cremé

Kirju Koer candy. These were so disappointing :(

I baked another of these amazing rhubarb tarts. I love it! Recipe here.

Cauliflower soup with chives and sour cream

A piece of the rhubarb tart


Oh fruits, that was so much food! 8D

PlayStation 3… 14. June 2014

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Mozarella sandwich

Cauliflower fritters with sour cream, fried eggs, sausage, rucola salad

Yakisoba with sour cream and rucola salad

Salty… 13. June 2014

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Some sausage sandwiches, a smoothie made of apple, banana, milk and maccha powder

Had some honeycomb covered in chocolate

Rucola salad, cauliflower fritters, sausages

Added some sour cream to the fritters as well

Smoothies are awesome… 12. June 2014

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A banana

Smoothie made of avocado, banana, peach, plain yoghurt and milk


Curried rice and miso soup with eggs and wakame

Blending… 11. June 2014

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Piece of rhubarb tart. Recipe here.

Pumpkin soup

Some Tõmmu candy

A smoothie made with peach, apple, maccha powder and milk

Pancakes with ham and cucumber

Then had a couple of pancakes with strawberry jam as well

Rhubarb tart… 10. June 2014

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Kama with a banana

Vanilla kohuke

A sandwich with sausage and avocado

Pumpkin soup with sour cream

Tõmmu candy

A piece of a rhubarb tart and coffee.
I used this recipe to make the rhubarb tar. It was super easy an good.

Not good lettuce… 9. June 2014

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Rhubarb kissel with vanilla kohupiim

Rice cake with cream cheese and crab sticks

We had dinner @ Gotsu

Spicy rice noodle soup


Cookie milkshake with maccha ice cream

Hot sammiches with sausage, tomato and cheese


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