Second day… 28. June 2014

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Instant noodles. The hot bouillon and the noodles were a blessing, because we were so wet and freezing.

Chocolate kohuke

Oatmeal porridge with jam

Sausage sandwich with some cucumber

A waffle


Shared an ice cream with boyfriend

Rice cake with sausage and cucumber, macaroni casserole

Vanilla kohuke

Some wieners

First day… 27. June 2014

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Banana kohupiim, coffee

Potato salad with sausage


Limoncello candies that were awful. Only had one.

Some kohupiim pancakes

Had a few bites of this pancake with strawberry jam


Wiener pastry

Had some bites of this chicken fajita

Priimus… 26. June 2014

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Smoothie made of avocado, banana and milk

Grilled cheese sandwich with sausage

Pelmeni with sour cream

Such mess… 25. June 2014

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Quinoa chili and fried eggs

Some chocolate

Smoothie. Probably had avocado and banana in it with milk.

Grilled cheese sandwich

Relief… 24. June 2014

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Pancakes with ham and tomato

And a couple of pancakes with jam too

Potato chips

Salad, boiled potatoes and grilled lamb

Midsummer’s Eve with grandparents

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We spent this year’s Midsummer’s Eve with my grandparents In Uulu. It was a windy and cold day, but we decided to sit outdoors anyway. The bonnfire and the grilled food was lovely.




Grandmother preparing sausages






Our tiny bonfire


Midsummer’s… 23. June 2014

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Coffee, quinoa chili with sour cream

Green smoothie. Can’t remember what was it it.

Cinnamon cookies

Grilled sausages, pickled cucumber, fresh cucumber salad, green onion salad, cheese with bits of mango in it

Some grilled meat too

Coffee, gin and tonic, a piece of very disappointing rum cake

Tosca cake


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