So much baking… 20. October 2016

 Instant miso soup.

 7 grain porridge with khorasan wheat (kamut). I boiled in a banana with the porridge and added some chia seeds. I also had another banana on the side and a persimmon. Yay for persimmon season!

 Steamed rice with sprats and soy sauce + some tomato, cucumber and avocado.


I baked a pear-chocolate cake, a cheesecake with berries and a quiche Lorraine for my boyfriend to take to work on his birthday. I managed to mess up the quiche crust twice D: I have no idea what I did wrong, but yeah, it was kind of a mess. I’m pretty happy I eventually got it right… well semi-right, because it was still a bit off in the final version. But they were all good tasting, so all well in the end 😀

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