I am sorry that you got my order wrong… 12. August 2016

 Some leftover pelmeni fried into an omelette.

 Coffee and potato pancakes with sour cream @ Kohvik Narva. The pancakes were a tad bit too oily for my likes 😦

A funny story with the potato pancakes is that I didn’t actually order potato pancakes. I ordered potato pierogi (or vareniky/vareenikud as they are more commonly known around here), but somehow they got it wrong in the kitchen. I actually heard the cashier telling the kitchen staff that there was an order of vareniky. I was surprised when they propped the potato pancakes in front of me so told them that there must have been a mistake- I ordered potato vareniky not pancakes. The waitress huffed and took the pancakes away, but a minute later the cashier was back with them and basically yelling at me that she charged me for the pancakes and what is she supposed to do now, do I want the pancakes or not? I’m not good in such situations and freak out when I am being yelled at, so I apologized (!) and accepted the pancakes instead of the vareniky… I mean, that sure is some skill, making people feel bad and apologize for the mistakes that they didn’t really make. Eva had a nice culture shock that’s for sure 😛

But yeah that café is rather notoriously known for such behaviour. I know of several people who will never step a foot in that establishment again because of the rude way they were treated there. It’s such a shame though, because their baked goods are really good.

 A banana.

 Coffee and a wiener pastry.

 Beef chili over rice with sour cream and some avocado.

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